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    Re: Punt returner remains up for the taking

    I'm a Jaymar fan and expected him to come in and put up a fight for the Punt Return position but I think he has some things going against him as he's a rookie and catching the football on Punt Returns is very important. I watched some of Jaymar's return footage from college and believed he was the best option we have for the that position. Although its tuff to judge him off of 3 or 4 returns I like what he's done with whats been available in terms of blocking. I think he does s fantastic job at setting up the defenders in order to make a cut up field and gain as many yards as possible. I think he's very smooth and natural for the postion unlike Allison who I see fit as a full time WR. Allison is fair in the return game but I don't see the naturaul instincts, although he is far better than Troy W.

    I think there are some very tough decisions as WR Nance is fighting for a job along with Furgeson. Jaymar has had an up hill battle but I think he belongs on this team and hope he can clear waivers for the practice squad in the event.

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    Re: Punt returner remains up for the taking

    "HEY" wrote:
    This is a tricky situation!
    Here's my opinion:
    Aundrae Allison has the speed, hands, quickness, agility and elusiveness to be a punt returner, but he lacks the vision. Plus, he was not a good punt returner in college (as I have heard).
    Jaymar Johnson also has the speed and quickness to succed as a punt returner, but I'm not shure whether Johnson or Allison got the best tools (if I have to choose one, I'd go for Allison. I'm a big fan of him!). Jaymar seems to have the right mentality (I remember one good interview about playing special teams) and from what I've heard, he did pretty good returning punts in college.

    Consequently: I think Jaymar should return punts (please God, don't make Wade return the punts another year!!!!!)

    As for returning kicks, Allison should be our number one guy. He performed superb last year.
    jaymar hasnt even made the team yet, and likely wont with how well nance has depends on what they decide to do with ferguson, but im guessing johnson ends up on the practice squad
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    Re: Punt returner remains up for the taking

    I'm a little disappointed Reynard didn't get more chances.
    At KR and PR.

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