"Garland" wrote:
"marstc09" wrote:
I know I might be a homer but we should really look at this guy. He was a beast at Wisconsin. Turn him into a WR. Remember he did this with a nobody at QB.

Travis Beckum

As a sophomore he caught 61 balls for 903 yards with 5 touchdowns.
With offenses keying on him his junior year and no other vertical threat present, Beckum raised his level of play and caught 75 passes for 982 yards and 6 touchdowns.
[size=12pt]His greatest attribute is his [/size][size=12pt]route running[/size].
He has good speed and he has extremely good quickness, body control and football intelligence.
Simply put, [size=12pt]this kid knows how to get open[/size] and make plays.
So baically if he came here nothing would change.
We could possible gain 982 yards and 6 TDs.