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    Post your Vikings pick predictions

    Let's see if anybody can get even one pick right come draft day.. here's what I'm going for.. don't know if it's ideal, but I think it fufills our needs.

    1 (17) Devin Thomas WR Michigan St. - I don't think Derrick Harvey will be here, so I would rather not reach for Phillip Merling.
    Matt Ryan will be gone as well, so we pick Devin Thomas, who's been a workout warrior and proved himself in college.
    In workouts he's been catching everything thrown in his direction, so he's not Troy Williamson.
    And NFL Network seems to think he's the most explosive WR after the catch, that's what we need for our WCO.
    Thomas, Rice, Berrian, and either Wade or Allison would be very nice 4WR sets.. our offense would be outstanding once they gel.

    2 (47) Calais Campbell DE Miami - The opposite of Devin Thomas, his workouts have been disappointing, but you can't deny his size and potential.
    If he would have run better he'd be a first rounder, luckily, we get him in the 2nd now.
    Played mostly RDE at Miami, he can only help our injury depleted line.
    The fact that he still has good upside helps.

    3 (73) Duane Brown OT Virginia Tech - 6'4" 315, his stock seems to be rising, and I like the athleticism he brings to the table.
    He was a 2nd team All ACC LT last year, and the year before that he was an All ACC RT, so it's good to know he can play both positions for us, fixing our problem there.
    I like that he can step in for Ryan Cook if he's struggling, or we can plug him in for when McKinnie is suspended.

    3 (82) Kevin Smith RB Central Florida - I know we don't need a RB, but we really only have 2 real RB's on our roster, in AD and Chester.
    The depth this year is so good at RB, that we need to get one in the 3rd to solidify our future there in case Chester ends up leaving.
    I prefer Kevin Smith over Steve Slaton and Mike Hart in the 3rd round due to his superior size and strength.
    And at his pro day he proved he's faster than both.

    4 (116) Colt Brennan QB Hawaii - I think the Vikings would have gone with Matt Ryan had he lasted until 17, or Brian Brohm if he had lasted until 47, but with neither of those working out, we wait until the 4th to pick up Colt.
    We need another QB to groom for the future, and I think he offers great value in the 4th round, being overshadowed by the other QB's this year.
    The fact that at the combine he showed pinpoint accuracy put him over the top to me, completing all the throws.
    The fact that he was up to 207 pounds at the Combine alleviated my fears about his size as well.
    That and I have a big mancrush on him, but that's another story.

    5 Trae Williams CB South Florida - We need depth at CB, throwing in Williams with McCauley and Gordon can only help our nickel and dime packages.

    6 Frank Okam DT Texas - We definitely need a backup DT, seeing as Spencer Johnson left.
    Okam has a questionable motor and poor leverage, but I think we can work on that.
    Besides, he's built like a beast.

    6 Jacob Hester FB LSU - This is probably a luxury pick as we don't need another back, but Hester is one of those guys that every Super Bowl contender needs.
    With our extra 6th rounder we can get our x-factor, and you know he gets the job done.
    He never, ever, fumbles, and can get the tough yardage for us.

    7 Chris Horton S UCLA - Don't know much about him, but we need a backup safety after Sharper, Williams, and Boulware.

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    Re: Post your Vikings pick predictions

    Sorry if this has been done before, but I really have nothing better to do, working from home.

    What do you guys think?
    Bring on the hate.

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    Re: Post your Vikings pick predictions

    1st round- phil merling DE from clemson, we take him for obvious reasons, we need a very nice pass rushing DE. lets just hope he comes of that surgery well

    2nd roundd-Dre Moore Dt from Maryland, we need a successor to phat pat, and here he is.

    3rd round-Donnie Avery WR from Houston, the ferg re-signing was iffy, i would rather have Avery than him on the roster

    3rd round-JerMichael Finley- TE from Texas, No one really likes shank, Finley should come in and battle for the starting job right away

    4th rd- Mike Pollack C from ASU- Matt Birks Succesor right here

    5th rd- Kevin O'connell QB from SDSU- will come in and be the back up to tjack, and if tjack gets hurt he should see some playing time.

    6th rd-DJ Parker FS from VT- we need more depth at FS to go along with Madeiu

    6th rd-Justin Forsett RB from Cal-Will fight it out for the last RB spot

    7th rd- Marcus Walker CB from Texas- Adds a little more depth to our secondary

    6th rd- DJ Parker-

    Pissing on the Pack since 08'

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    Re: Post your Vikings pick predictions

    A WR in the first round is not going to happen.

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    Re: Post your Vikings pick predictions

    1. Derrick Harvey-it's possible
    2. Sam Baker-fills a depth and suspended idiot need
    3. Martellus Bennet- our TE's leave something to be desired, like a good tight end
    3. Xavier Adibi-we need LB depth sorely
    4. Andre Fluellen-athletic DT that could develop
    5. Mike Pollak-birk is getting long in the teeth
    6. Dennis Dixon-good athlete and developmental QB
    7. Xavier Omon-workhorse back who would be a good insurance policy

    Disclaimer- after the first 3 picks i have no idea if we could get those players there.

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    Re: Post your Vikings pick predictions

    1. DE or OL
    2. DE or OL
    3. QB, I would love Henne here

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    Re: Post your Vikings pick predictions

    Brian Brohm, QB

    Competition and insurance policy for TJack.
    Instantly upgrades our QB corps to the best it has been in years.

    Gosder Cherilus or Sam Baker, OT

    Need to find somebody for depth and possibly a replacement for BMac

    3a. Donnie Avery, WR, Houston
    Steve Justice, C, Wake Forest

    Avery gives us some major speed and good hands.
    Should compete for playing time right away.
    Justice will eventually replace Birk and gives us insurance there if Birk goes down this year.

    Brian Johnston, DE, Gardner-Webb

    A stud LDE that weighs over 270 lbs and runs a 4.68 40.
    A disruptive force in the backfield that we need.

    Bobbie Williams, S, Bethune-Cookman

    Hard hitting safety that could eventually take Sharper's spot.
    He is a monster athlete with a warrior's mentality.

    6a. Craig Stevens, TE, California
    b. Antwuan Molden, CB, Eastern Kentucky

    Stevens is a very good blocking TE that could develop into a receiving threat as well.
    He runs a sub 4.6 40, so if he develops his hands, he should be able to stretch the field.
    Molden probably goes sooner as he has the potential to be a shutdown corner.

    7a. Eric Foster, DE/DT, Rutgers
    Xavier Omon, RB, NW Missouri State

    Foster is a high-energy team leader that is lightning quick.
    He will play with a chip on his shoulder.
    He played DT at Rutgers but is only 270, so he'll be an end in the NFL.
    Very disruptive in the backfield.
    Omon has never had less than 1500 yard rushing in his 4 years in college.
    Good quickness for his 230 pound frame, he also will run defenders over.
    A good third stringer that could eventually step up to AD's primary backup.
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: Post your Vikings pick predictions

    1 17) Harvey DE (If gone, Merling if he's even their).
    2 48) Andre Woodson QB (Successful and TJack needs young competition)
    3 73) Anthony Collins OT (Need depth here especially if McKinnie gets a few games and Cook...well yeah nuff said, question on if he'll fall this far)
    3 82) John Carlson TE (Don't think Shancoe is the answer. He can be effective, but we need a young TE that has a chance to be great)

    Yeah I don't feel like going on from here lol...maybe later!

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    Re: Post your Vikings pick predictions

    1) Phillips
    2) Campbell
    3) Moore
    3)Barry Richardson
    4) Johnson
    5) Bowman
    6)Tommy Blake T.C.U.
    6)Allen Patrick
    7) Joey Haynos

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    Re: Post your Vikings pick predictions

    "marstc09" wrote:
    1. DE or OL
    2. DE or OL
    3. QB, I would love Henne here
    1. Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida
    2. Carl Nicks, RT, Nebraska
    3. Chad Henne, QB, Michigan

    I would be happy with this!

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