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    Post-Draft Press Conference

    Some hidden gems in here.

    After that, Denver called us when we were at #121 in the fourth round, and they offered us a sixth and a seventh but a draft pick in 2008, the third round pick for next year, and that was just too good to pass up. We had some other offers where we could have given up that #121 and accumulated more draft picks this year, but it wasn't the same value as getting the first day pick next year.
    Building through the draft (continued)

    Q: How many picks do you have next year as of right now?
    Spielman: I think it's eight right now.
    They must have really watched some tape and dug through stats to come up this this stuff.

    He played a little bit better when he had a little bit better defensive line in front of him,
    Some pretty sound reasoning for taking him were they did.

    Q: Was he a guy that you thought you could get as a college free agent and then became more convinced that you had to draft him?
    Spielman: I would say when you're getting down to that seventh round and again, we were staying true to our board and he was the highest guy on our board at that time. Everyone felt very comfortable with him; Coach Childress feels very comfortable with him. Again, we stayed true to our board and felt like he was a value to get in the seventh round. Sometimes when you get into the free agency after the draft, prices go up pretty high and you're bidding here and you're bidding there. We thought this kid was more than talented enough to get drafted and was definitely worth a seventh round pick to get him.
    Kindof a re-occuring theme here.
    I have seen other quotes were they actually called the coaches these kids played for.

    Q: Some reports had Allison rated higher than Rice. Why did he fall?
    Childress: Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. People saw different things. When we turned him on we saw some of the same explosion from some of those upper-level receivers. Probably because he was a JC guy and didn't establish himself until a little later on. Georgia Military...he wasn't a four-year player there at East Carolina. I know Skip (Holtz) thought very highly of him at East Carolina and Darrell (Bevell) worked for Skip at Connecticut so we were able to kind of fill in the blanks and paint a picture of what kind of player he is other than the tape that you see.
    Spielman: I think the other thing you see is some of the explosive and athletic ability that we saw at the Senior Bowl. We watched a lot of tape on him, but when you actually got down there and watched him play live and practice live and do one-on-one drills he was one of the most talented and just as good or better from an athletic standpoint as anyone down there.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Great find!

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    Re: Post-Draft Press Conference

    At the end of the article Childress said he was going to bring in some FAs....I wonder who he is looking at....

    Thanks Josdin00 for the sig!

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