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SS don't have to be slow. Looking at alot of the younger, but still hard hitting SS"s coming out of the draft in recent years

Laron Landry: 4.35
Taylor Mays: Sub-4.3
Sean Taylor: 4.4
Eric Berry: 4.4

I just looked at a few, but all of them are strong, physical players, all of them are very fast.

As for your SLB, Isn't Ben often out in our nickel package?
He is out on them.

Quick question, how many Laron Landry's or Taylor Mays did you see in this draft? If you go through the class this year, you will see most of them are CB/FS kindof cats. Same thing applied last year and the year before.
I'm going to stop you right there and let you know the year before, there WAS a Taylor May in the draft. his name was TAylor May.

Teams at the collegiate level aren't gearing up to stop the run my friend, they are gearing up to stop the pass. I see the same thing happening at the NFL level.
Yes, and that's why a guy fast, physical guy shoudl be important. Do you think the Redskins would rather have Sean Taylor or Darren Sharper? I'd say Sean Taylor, since they went out and drafted a replica right after he died.

A guy obviously needs to be able to cover, since that should be a safety's #1 priority. Reason why guys like Roy Williams aren't very useful in todays game. However, a guy who can get in there and jam a ball loose, as well as step up and play the run is extremely valuable.

Just look at 2009. On defense, we played decent run D, and ok pass D on the outside and short, but where we sucked was when the receiver got past the LB's up the middle. Our Safeties couldn't make a tackle or get in a position to play the ball to save their lives. We let up many huge gains right up the seam because of that. Packers and Steelers games stand out to me, but there were others. Last year it wasn't so bad because we finally got a guy who could play the position.
Its a tradeoff my friend. You either go light and stop the pass or go heavy and not stop the pass.

By the way, if your Front 4 do their damn jobs the S's in the C2 aren't making takles as their first priority. Their first priority is to read their zones, against the pass.
Ah, you mean the front 4 that sacked Rodgers 7 times, and hit him all day, but still gave up 300+ yards easily? the DB's couldnt have had ANYTHIGN to do with that :dry:
Kindof explains why JA was caught upfield so much all the time last year rushing the passer when they ran right through the gap he just opened up.

When that happens, Chad (out of position as he drops to his pass responsibility zone) and the S (out of position as he drops to his pass responsibliity zone) are so late to get to the runner.
Ok, why is it that our run D was so much better 4-5 years ago? Hint, we had a top safety in the league, who although wasn't the best tackler, he kenw enough when to get down and play run, and re-directed the back into Winfield. The S's need to be able to come down and fill in on the edge. 7 guys is enough to keep the middle contained, if it isn't, one of them screwed up, but when the back goes off-tackle, if the TE and OT make good blocks, a CB or S needs to come in and clean up. With Winfield hurt and oru S's scared to hit, that didn't happen.