As to any free-agent players out there who currently are considering offers from NFL teams, we've got a few words of advice.

Get paid. Now.

This year, like every other, the money is rolling out of the pockets of some owners in the early stages of free agency, and within the next couple of days the big money will be long gone.

Until next March.

As one league insider told us on Monday, "Get that f--king money and move because it will dry up as the hours go by."

Just take a gander at some of the big deals that already have been executed. A $10 million signing bonus for Brian Williams? Bonuses of $11.5 million for a No.3 wideout who returns kicks and periodically throws the ball?

Seven years and $49 million for an interior offensive lineman?

So why all of the money now? There are various things at play here. The Cardinals are opening a new stadium and trying desperately to sell tickets. The Vikings are trying to get that new stadium, and Zygi Wilf 's Triangle of Authority definitely needs to break from the poor image created over the past few years by Red's Axis of A$$holes.

With the games still months away, the only way for any team to energize the fan base is to spend the money.

As to the Redskins . . . well, they're just the Redskins. They decide that they want a given player, and they'll overpay to get him.

But after landing defensive end Andre Carter, the 'Skins are now shutting off the faucet, and in other cities the free flow will soon be a trickle.

So get paid, guys. The best offer you can get now might be less than you wanted, but it's more than you'll get if you wait much longer.