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    Pass Rushing Defense

    So far this offseason I will give the Vikings a C for their offseason moves.... I really like some of the moves that they have made, however the Vikings have not addressed the biggest need this offseason, that would be DE, or some kind of upgrade in their pass rushing defense....

    I'm not sure if the Vikings got the flier, but Udeze has cancer of some sort (he will be in all of our prayers, I know he'll beat it).. The Vikings will need some sort of veteran leadership in their pass rushing defense.... The will probably need to make a trade, and draft at the DE position. What they have now is just not going to cut it. I really like the other moves that
    the vikes have been making, however u have to address ur teams biggest need in the offseason... The NFC north has no great passing team, so they will probably make the playoffs, but they will loose in the first round!! MUST IMPROVE PASS RUSHING!! This is a problem that is 10 years and counting, is it possible that the Vikes have simply forgot how to pass rush?? If Jason Taylor wasn't prancing around of stage I would say he would be a good fit, but I'm not so sure. do we have any options left, or are they gone?? Maybe make a trade for Peeppers. What would u do if u were GM?

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    Re: Pass Rushing Defense

    I'd say we make a play for Warren Sapp.

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    Re: Pass Rushing Defense

    ...and convert him to DE of course.

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    Re: Pass Rushing Defense

    Welcome to the site, ndobney. Please take the time to introduce yourself in the "Free Beer" forum. As to our DE situation, we already have a speedster & the makings of a great DE in Robison & I fully expect to see him on the field a lot more this season.

    I agree the Vikings seemed to have dropped the ball on bringing a DE in here & making it their priority to sign one after signing Berriman. You can't expect the better players to still be available almost a week into FA, which is what they have done. Ultimately the player & his agent decide the pecking order of the teams they visit, but I think the Vikings could have done a better job of getting the DE FA's they wanted to look at in here a lot sooner.

    Have they been secretly working behind closed doors to make a trade for one, such as Jason Taylor? One could only speculate, but the latest ramblings are Taylor is headed to Jacksonville.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Pass Rushing Defense

    Welcome brother.

    I do not think we need a stud DE as bad as most think.

    Take the time and look through some of the threads on the DE situtation, it's been a hot topic.

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