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[size=13pt]Wide Receivers: Ranking[/size]

[size=13pt]Limas Sweed[/size]
Limas Sweed has many of the qualities, that NFL-teams looks for when they want to find a no. 1 receiver. He is big, strong and flexible, and he catches the ball real well. On the other hand it's a problem, that he is not very fast, and then the injury that ruined his 2007-season, will effect some of the scouts' view of him, but that doesn't change, that he should be a factor in the NFL. He is described as a bigger and stronger version of the former Texas- and current Lions-wide receiver, Roy Williams.

[size=13pt]DeSean Jackson[/size]
DeSean Jackson is a fantastic playmaker, that is extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands. His ability to plant his opponent - either by his speed or by quick footwork - makes him a player that can make big plays, every time he has the ball, and because of that he is an attractive talent on draft day. On the other hand his build is a minus, when he is to catch balls as a wide receiver, where he can on the short end of matchups with physically bigger, and in many cases quicker NFL-cornerbacks. But that doesn't change, that DeSean Jackson is a playmaker, that everyone would like on their team.

[size=13pt]Early Douchet III[/size]
Doucet III looks like maximum a no. 2 receiver and will probably have the greatest chance of playing time as a slot receiver, where he will compete less against press coverage and can be used in special packages. Is not at all in the same class as Dwayne Bowe and Craig Davis, that both were chosen in the first round of the 2007 draft.
I saw both Seed and Doucet on TV yesterday briefly.
Look like my kindof guys.
I'd be okay with Limas.
Seems like big strong fast receivers are the way to go for a #1 receiver such as a TO, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, Chad Johnson, Andre Johnson, etc etc.