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    Re: Order of Buisness this Offseason....

    As with every team come evaluations, needs, desires, etc., and the Vikings are no different. The draft is at the end of April, and in football, from now until then, that is an eternity. [size=10pt]We will see surprises and disappointments, but one thing is certain, this sure is fun. What pro sport generates this kind of off-season action and excitement?[/size]
    PPO makes the off season fun!!!

    First order of business is C.
    Got to determine whether Birk might sign a reasonable deal, or if we even want him...maybe Sullivan is ready?
    If we can't keep Birk, we still likely need some depth at C.
    Jason Brown of BAL might fit the regime's form...ending his first contract with 4 years of experience and the potential to improve.
    Plus he's huge, 6'3" 320 lbs.
    Chances are, with BAL in the AFC Championship game, that they'll sign this guy before we have a chance.
    Could also look to the first round of the draft, Max Unger looks like a good prospect...depending on how Sullivan is looking, Unger could play some RT, or RG and backup C.
    I also like the idea of a first round pick on a dominant RT...especially if Birk would stay for around 10mill over 3 years...?

    2nd, if we are going to change C and/or RT, we should definitely keep the Kleinsaucer to help ease the transitions!

    3rd, My guess, is Sharper is gone.
    That leaves us with Madieu and Tyrell who I am mostly happy with.
    However, TJ is young and MW has a history of injuries and we've little depth behind them (Abdullah, Frampton and possibly Boulware?)
    Boulware may be worth resigning if he can get healthy.
    I'd like to see one of the top S brought in to solidify the position.
    Philips has the Tampa2 exp but has been dinged up.
    I'd rather see one of the younger guys, Oshi Atogwe or Sean Jones...they've both got 4 to 5 years exp, lots of tackles, average 4 to 3 INTs/year, and have multiple years with double digit passes defended.
    Oshi has better stats in less years, but Sean has a bit more size...either way, top notch top 3 competition for starting and good depth/ST!

    I really think we need one more playmaking WR.
    Since we've already got some decent potential in our youth developing there, I'm leaning toward one of the 2nd tier, as fast as possible vet guys...Lance Moore of NO as a RFA, Nate Washington of PIT is UFA, or maybe Devery Henderson.
    Wade back in the slot, Rice is our Red zone/possesion guy, with two deep threats in BB and ??
    Maybe, depending on how the draft and FA falls, if our guys are gone, we go with a guy like Percy Harvin or Darius Heyward-Bey.
    DeSean Jackson and Eddie Royal made great rookie debuts...?

    And, of course, some better competition at QB.
    I like TJack's progress.
    I think he needs more experience to grow his confidence and leadership skillz, but might, someday, be a legit starting option IF we can give him just a bit more help, by fixing the issues mentioned above.
    Gus is OK, but has historically always thrown too many INTs.
    I'd give a guy like Garcia a shot, or possibly another 2nd or 3rd round pick.
    Seems to me, our system needs a mobile guy who can pass and run.
    I know a bunch of people don't think Tebow will make in in the NFL, but if he falls to us in the 2nd or 3rd, I think he could be a great fit.
    Plus, from what everyone says, he's a great guy who really wants to lead and thrives in that role...the religious/thankful guy who'd fit right in our locker room.

    We'd still have mid and later picks available for trading up and/or DT, CB, LB depth etc...

    Well, there's my off season plan...what do ya think?

    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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    Re: Order of Buisness this Offseason....

    "Rambro" wrote:
    First RT, then maybe a new center, Im convinced Birk threw the game because he didn't get a contract extension.
    Then pick up one of the QBs in free agency this offseason, any decent QB would have a field day with Peterson in their backfield.
    WOW!!!! I don't Believe Birk would throw the game. He is worth more coming off a Championship team and having everyone watch him vs at home.

    The rigors of Spartan life. Leonidas is cast out into the wild, and survives the harsh winter to return to his home, when he is crowned King ....a Viking!


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