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    Re: One Final Vote: Trade up?

    "PurplePeopleEaters89" wrote:
    this is seriously amazing!!! Everywhere i look on here all i hear is: we should trade up!!! We need a QB!!! I think we should go after Leinart!!! I can't believe this voting is so lopsided!!! I like it, but amazed!!!

    Not with me my friend.

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    Re: One Final Vote: Trade up?

    "jhirchak1" wrote:
    The draft is too much of crap shoot for us to give up some of our picks. The fact of the large amount of picks we have could be an awesome thing for us.
    Why don't we just trade our first day picks for tons of second day picks then?...because the best players, who are more LIKELY to be NFL stars get picked first. It isn't like craps because you don't have the same odds of success with a 5th rounder as you do with a first rounder.

    Its like trading the opportunity to win a million dollars with a coin flip for 1000 6/49 tickets. Which one are you most likely to win? (Yah so what if its an exaggeration :P)

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: One Final Vote: Trade up?

    If we can get Schaub for only our 1st, then absolutely no way should we trade 2 or 3 first day picks for Young,Cutler or Leinart. But, if Atlanta is crazy enough to want more then our 1st for Schaub, then I would be willing to move up for either Cutler or Leinart. I'd only want Young, if he fell to us at 17, and even then I would only take him if Ernie Sims was gone. For Cutler, I would only move up to 10 or 11 to get him, meaning we probably only need to give up one of our 2nd rounders to get him. Anything more to get Cutler is too much. Leinart, if he falls down to 6 or 7, meaning that Tenn took Young, and meaning that the Jets decided to pass on a QB and stay with Ramsey and Pennington, then I would absolutely try and get up to SF's #6 spot and get Leinart. I think he is an absolute stud and Tenn(and any team after them) would be making a HUGE mistake passing on him. Leinart is a guy I would trade a lot more for, then Cutler. I wouldn't mind if we tried to give up our 1st and 2nd this year, and then some picks from next years draft, to move up to #6 and get Leinart, if he fell.

    I wouldn't be shocked if Jimmy K was used in trade bait also, to move up in the draft.

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    Re: One Final Vote: Trade up?


    Thanks to PPE for the awesome Sig.

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