"cajunvike" wrote:
"Del Rio" wrote:
My ultimate trade chain for the Vikes:

Vikes send Pat Williams and a cheesburger to the Dolphins in exchange for Zach Thomas and a Ticket to the Epcot Center.

The Vikings then give the Ticket to the Raiders in exchange for Warren Sapp, The Vikings then turn a round and trade Warren Sapp to the Center for Disease Control for human testing purposes, the CODC, sends a herpies remedy to Atlanta and in return Atlanta sends Crumpler to the Vikings.

The Vikings send Crumpler and a Gordita to the Lions in exchange for Matt Millen and a bottle of wine.

The Vikings then send Matt Millen to the moon in exchange for cheese. We package the cheese and wine in a deal to the Dolphins for Pat Williams.
For some strange reason, I'm getting hungry... :lol:

Good one, Del! YOU THREAD HIJACKER!!! :razz:
That's an ultimate trade chain...... that included Vikings players. I think you misunderstand the definition of a THREAD HIJACKER :grin: