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    Offseason Plan 1.0

    Arif Hasan's Daily Norseman Offseason Plan 1.0

    One of the more complete articles I've seen on potential moves for the Vikings this offseason. Addressing everything from managing the salary cap and impacts of particular players to a positional breakdown and FA/draft choices.

    Kind of a long read, but a pretty good one.

    Key cuts recommended: Guion (4.5M), Charlie Johnson (3M) , Mystral Raymond (500K), Michael Jenkins (2.5M). Mostly due to their cap hit vs. value. Cutting these four guys equates to $10.5M of additional cap space after you net everything out.

    Wants to restructure KW to reduce the cap hit by $4M.

    Trades: JA (17M), Toby (1M)

    Between the cuts, restructuring and trades it would add $32.5M in cap space.

    You can read justifications for each, perceived trade value and who he would pick up to replace them.

    FA's for the cutting block: Jasper Brinkley, Devin Aromashodu, Marcus Sherels, Marvin Mitchell and Troy Kropog.

    FA's to resign: Loadholt, Felton, Erin Henderson, Sanford, Simpson (another short term, minimal value contract), Berger, AJ (low dollar contract), Sendejo.

    Of the above list, the only one that tears at me is trading JA. Restructuring would be great, but not sure he would need to. Pretty much everything else I can see.

    He has a lot of interesting pickups in FA and the draft as well along with how it fills out the cap space he created. Check out his roster at the bottom of the article to see how it all nets out.

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    I was in a "Mock" draft with several bloggers who acted for GM's for teams. Arif was one of them. If you have the time, take a look at the work he's done on the different Tier Levels of the WR's.

    I don't agree with everything he says, but it is nice work none-the-less.
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