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    Re: Offseason opinions: Vikings fans weigh in

    will know by preseason how the season will be just looking at how we do vs run and pass and how energized we are

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    Re: Offseason opinions: Vikings fans weigh in

    Well, lets examine the roster a bit.

    Our quarterback situation is probably the worst in the league right now, and if not the worst, then at least the most uncertain.
    A VERY inexperienced quarterback playing behind half a line with a bunch of receivers who have issues catching the ball.
    There's a tight end who is really quite green and a rookie running back with injury concerns splitting time with a servicable but unspectacular starter.

    It's a dreary summary, and I do realize that AP has amazing potential (moreso than Brown, Benson or many of the backs taken in the more recent drafts) and that TJ has great physical gifts.
    the injury bug is something to be wary of with AP, and TJ is very raw.
    He may Culpepper us with his first season as a starter, but it's really unrealistic to expect him to drive us home and into the playoffs.

    The defense is solid against the run, but we have a bunch of defensive ends who can't rush the passer, linebackers who are poor in coverage (which Greenway should help) and a disgruntled stud at cornerback.
    The other corner position is kinda iffy with me, but at least the free safety slot is held down.
    Doss struggled in Indy quite a bit, but some part of me thinks that the change of scheme will let him play like the animal he was in Ohio State.

    The bashing of Childress is somewhat deserved, but mostly unfair.
    Yes, he was conservative last year, but it's not as if he could open up the playbook and magically create points.
    The few times he tested the waters on deep throws, our receivers dropped the ball (literally).
    We had a running back who is very steady, very solid, but by no means a home run threat.
    There just weren't enough playmakers on the offensive side of the ball to run a high octane offense. . . hey guys, the days of Daunte to Moss are long gone.

    Peterson will bring us that big play capability, but I'm not too confident in Rice as our savior, nor do I feel confident in Nike magically fixing Troy's drop problems.

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