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I like how they ran down the off season acquisitions

Jared Allen - Best NFL player to change teams
Bernard Berrian - Best WR to change teams not named Stallworth
Madieu Williams - Best Safety to change teams
Tyrell Johnson - Best Safety in the draft not named Phillips(according to some rankings)

That spells a successful offseason.
We had a great offseason. However, lets not stretch the truth just yet.
I don't think thats strectching the truth. Either way these players where best at what they will do for us. Thats exactly why they are here. Its been an outstanding offseason. We get an All Pro DE in the prime of his carear by trading our first rounder but still get mid first round talent in Safety Tyrell Johnson.

JA trade was a genious move, Berrian was the #1 WR on the market, Williams was obviously the #1 safety on the market, and Tyrell will show why he is the best safety to come of the 2008 draft.

There's no doubt in my mind this offseason has put us in position to contend for a Championship, not only this season but for coming years.
Berrian may have been the best on the market, but he was the best out of a receiving class that sucked @ss... He's not a top 25 receiver in this league... does't have a 1,000 yard season to his credit.. he's by no means the savior of our receiving core...


We had the worst receiving core in the NFL last season... BWade was our top receiver and he's not a top 50 receiver in the league... honestly!!!...
We are/were waaaay more than 1 receiving upgrade away from a decent core..

We will be better, but Rice and Allison have some improving to do... we should be better but by no means are we set at receiver....
once again we get caught up on the is BB the savior of our WR? NO, he is not, and i guarentee u the team isnt expecting him to have a 100 catch 1400 yd season. The dude is here to have a nice 1-2 combo in BB and Rice, i actually think Rice can mature into the #1, u gotta remember, the dude is still 21 years old. BB also came in the stretch the field as a distraction for safeties so AD and CT can have less men in the box.

And u talk about him not being a top 25 WR and he hasnt had a 1000 yd season, look at the offense around him, Grossman/Greise and a non existing running game for last year, and BB is still young, he should be coming into his prime now, im not worried about him not being a top 25 wr now, but im pretty confident he will turn into one.

And we did not have the worst WR core, the Titans did.
I don't agree with that because the titans let Bobby Wade go, and he was our #1 receiver last year.. thats why i think ours was worse...

Besides, say your right, we're really splitting hairs aren't we!!!...
whats the difference between 31 or 32nd worse???.. not much!!!!

how do you or me know if was let go, or didnt wanna re-sign with them?

They made no effort to re-sign him.. HOnestly, if he was that good don't you think they would have either tendered him, franchised him, or tried to re-sign him.... It's not everyday you let quality talent go in FA, especially if he's your best receiver or is a quality player, especially if that's your weakness!!...

The Bears couldn't resign Berrian bc he cost too much and they have cap issues due to all the players on Defense they have to resign... but may also call into question whether the bears thought berrian was worth the money!!...

either way, Wade is not a #1, 2 or 3rd guy... he should be a 4th receiver at best IMO... def. not a #1..

More of the #1 , #2 talk.
It doesn't apply in this scheme.


Our WR's have all been a pile of #2