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    Re: *the official* send T-Will packin thread

    "Overlord" wrote:
    "C" wrote:
    Why not just make him a corner... or a waterboy?
    Let's say the team keeps him as a waterboy and pays him $10/game or something.
    That means that everytime you buy a ticket, merchandise, or even watch an ad, you are helping to support Troy Williamson financially.

    Do you really want to be a part of that?
    Plus he would probably keep dropping the water

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    Re: *the official* send T-Will packin thread

    I don't really blame him for being picked #7 in the draft and I don't blame him for not living up to those expectations. He just went out and did the combine and it was our staff that selected him at that spot and made him the official whipping boy for every fan that was ticked about the Moss trade. If anything blame the Vikings draft team for caving in to pressure to replace moss right away and coming up short.

    He certainly hasn't lived up to the expectations one would have for the #7 pick but there is always going to be a Ryan Leaf,Tony Mandarich,Todd Marinovich,Brian Bosworth or Akili Smith that just doesn't pan out the way the team hoped when they drafted them.

    The sad part is how much money these guys are guaranteed before ever taking an NFL snap that should be the concern. Let them sign one or two year deals for the league minimum and prove their worth and then come back and ask for high compensation.

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