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    OFFICIAL 2009 Mock Draft Thread

    (Created for Zeus and Proph)

    I saw that we have an "offseason dream" thread that deals with both FA and the Draft, and a thread about the Vikes' 23rd pick, but I didn't see one dedicated to mock drafts.

    Sure, the Super Bowl isn't over yet, but the Vikings are out and it is time to pick up the optimism for next season.
    Everything changes after free-agency, but these are purely for entertainment purposes anyway, so try playing the role of GM/scout and make one!

    Post your mock drafts here!

    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: OFFICIAL 2009 Mock Draft Thread

    My favorite "Offseason" thread..... ;D

    Gimme a month or so.......I still gotta get through the Vikes roster analysis.
    Haven't even started on the other 31 teams.

    If I was to project a guy, I would automatically plug in Tyson Jackson.
    Ht: 6-5 Wt: 290.
    Perfect fit at LDE.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: OFFICIAL 2009 Mock Draft Thread

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    My favorite "Offseason" thread..... ;D

    Gimme a month or so.......I still gotta get through the Vikes roster analysis.
    Haven't even started on the other 31 teams.

    If I was to project a guy, I would automatically plug in Tyson Jackson.
    Ht: 6-5 Wt: 290.
    Perfect fit at LDE.

    Yes, mine too, along with booty and boobies...should be a fun offseason.
    Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood. - H.L. Mencken

    Come from the land of the ice and snow...

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    Re: OFFICIAL 2009 Mock Draft Thread

    *This draft order will change according to playoff results.

    Detroit Lions- Congratulations to the Lions for being the worst team in the history of the NFL.
    Your reward?
    How about the first pick in the NFL draft, another first rounder from the Cowboys, a new coaching staff, and oh yeah, NO MORE MILLEN!!!
    The bad news: the rest of the FO is still around.
    They say they know what not to do from watching Millen...guess we'll find out pretty quick.
    I think they copy the blueprint made by the Falcons this year and go QB then OT.
    That being said, it comes down to either Stafford or Bradford.
    The combine and personal interviews may change this pick, but as of now I have to think that Bradford is the better prospect.

    The Pick: Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma

    St. Louis Rams- Not far behind the Lions as the worst team in history were the Rams.
    This team needs help everywhere, but I think the Rams make a safe pick here and plug a hole in their offensive line while making plans for Orlando Pace's impending retirement.

    The Pick:
    Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss
    [img width=450 height=525][/img]

    Kansas City Chiefs- A lot of draft experts think the Chiefs want to go for a QB here, but I think that the Chiefs like Thigpen more than they let on.
    They were talking about changing up the offense to play to his strengths (take note Childress!!!).
    I think they try to trade back a bit and pick up another pick or two.
    If not, I look for them to improve the defense.
    Brandon Flowers played pretty well for a rookie, other than him, the secondary is quite pedestrian.

    The Pick:
    Malcolm Jenkins, CB Ohio State

    Seattle Seahawks- One of the more intriguing picks IMO.
    Many people think they might go with Stafford here since Hasselbeck has been a bit injury prone as of late and is getting a bit older.
    They have needed help at WR for years now, and I don't think they can pass on the next "can't miss" WR.

    The Pick: Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech

    Cleveland Browns- I cannot believe how fast the wheels fell of the Browns this season.
    I'm glad to see Mangini landed a job so quickly.
    I don't think he is a bad coach.
    Cleveland's offense could use some help in the running game to take the pressure off Brady Quinn, but their defense is pretty atrocious as well.
    If there is one trend I've noticed with the coaches that run a 3-4 defense, they love drafting linebackers.
    I think they look for a rush LB to replace McGinest and compliment Wimbley.
    Without a true rush LB worthy of a pick this high, they go for a smaller DE that is known for terrorizing QBs.

    The Pick:
    Brian Orakpo, DE Texas
    [img width=450 height=325][/img]

    Cincinnati Bengals- It is usually the same story every year for the Bengals: horrible defense.
    This year their offense was horrible too.
    A lot of that had to do with injuries and lack of a running game.
    It is hard to say which way they go with this pick right now.
    They could go RB, OT, or any defensive position.
    I think they will go with a pretty safe pick and a guy that plays in state.

    The Pick: James Laurinaitis, MLB Ohio State

    Oakland Raiders- Al Davis is known for taking flashy players, and his recent draft history (McFadden, Russell, etc.) has proven that.
    With an OT that probably should have been drafted in the top three falling right into their laps, I don't think the Raiders (especially if Cable retains his coaching position) can pass on a franchise LT.

    The Pick:
    Andre Smith, OT Alabama
    [img width=450 height=416][/img]

    Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jaguars rank up there with the most disappointing teams of the season.
    They could go several different directions with this pick.
    Don't be surprised if they take a long hard look at Matt Stafford.
    Garrard looked pretty average this year.
    I think the Jags are usually pretty conservative when it comes to the draft though, so I see them making a boring but smart pick.

    The Pick: Eugene Monroe, OT Virginia
    [img width=450 height=332][/img]

    Green Bay Packers- The land of fudge and furry animals is in need of defensive help.
    Many folks are speculating that the Packers will use this pick on a DT.
    I thought they drafted one a couple of years ago...a guy by the name of Justin Harrell aka Pee Pee Face.
    Honestly, this has to be one of the weaker DT classes in recent years, and I don't think any of the available run-stuffers are worth a pick this high.
    What the Packers can do is plug another hole left by KGB.

    The Pick:
    Everette Brown, DE Florida State

    San Francisco 49ers- A new regime in San Fran might mean it is time for a new QB too.
    Without Martz around to slurp losers like J.T. O' Sullivan, the 'Niners have a chance to get a real NFL QB.

    The Pick:
    Matthew Stafford, QB Georgia

    Buffalo Bills- Trent Edwards was always on the injury report this season.
    Time for an upgrade on the offensive line.
    Rather than go for a top OT, the Bills go with a guy that is almost a sure thing.
    Crazy to draft a center this high?
    This guy is the most heralded center to play the game in quite some time and the Bills have pressing needs on their interior line.

    The Pick: Alex Mack, C California

    Denver Broncos- The Broncos struggles this season mostly came on the defensive side of the ball.
    Specifically, they can't stop the run.
    Time for a defensive upgrade, but I'm still not sold on a DT this high.

    The Pick: Rey Maualuga, MLB Southern Cal

    Washington Redskins- Wow!
    How lucky would the Redskins be if this scenario actually happened?
    Rumors that they will be releasing Marcus Washington means there will be a need at OLB.
    It just so happens the BPA is also the best OLB in this draft, and maybe the best defensive player period.

    The Pick: Aaron Curry, OLB Wake Forest

    New Orleans Saints- How long have the Saints had a huge need at CB?
    It seems like they have been lacking in this department for a while now.
    They finally add a lockdown corner through the draft.

    The Pick: Vontae Davis, CB Illinois

    Houston Texans- The Texans are turning into a decent team under Kubiak.
    I don't doubt that Kubiak wants a WR threat to take some pressure off Andre Johnson, and I think there is a chance they take Maclin here, but their needs in the secondary are just too great.

    The Pick: William Moore, S Missouri
    [img width=450 height=342][/img]

    San Diego Chargers- What happened to LT this year?
    I'm guessing a lot of people lost money in their fantasy leagues because of his lack of production.
    I am tempted to have the Chargers take a RB here, especially if Sproles leaves via FA.
    With no MLB worthy of a pick here, it makes sense for the Bolts to beef up their Oline.

    The Pick: Duke Robinson, G Oklahoma
    [img width=450 height=386][/img]

    Second half coming soon...

    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: OFFICIAL 2009 Mock Draft Thread

    The conclusion:

    New York Jets- Hmmm...I wonder if Brett Favre is planning on returning to the Jets this year, or if he is going to stick with his original plan of playing there for a year and then move on to the Vikings.
    The Jets have a pretty solid squad, but they could really use some younger talent along the defensive line.

    The Pick:
    Tyson Jackson, DE LSU
    [img width=450 height=573][/img]

    Chicago Bears- They were licking their chops at the chance of landing Stafford.
    Ahhh...that's too bad. :'(
    Looks like the Bears will try to address their passing woes by drafting a decent WR for once.

    The Pick:
    Jeremy Maclin, WR Missouri
    [img width=450 height=540][/img]

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers- You know Buccaneers fans have been waiting for that first round WR to replace Joey Galloway for quite some time, so they are really excited that Heyward-Bey and Nicks are still around.
    Instead of going with the need pick, the Bucs do what they normally do and stick to their board.
    With Dunn about done (hehe), and the Caddy back in the garage, this pick makes a ton of sense.

    The Pick:
    Knowshon Moreno, RB Georgia

    Detroit Lions (from Cowboys)- Now comes the second half of the Falcons' blueprint for rebuilding a fallen franchise.
    Wonder if it can work for the lowly Lions.

    The Pick:
    Jason Smith, OT Baylor

    Arizona Cardinals- The Cards need help on the Oline so they can get some semblance of a running game going.
    Can anyone name the Cardinals' center without looking it up?
    They draft a guy that can start and play well at any Oline position.

    The Pick:
    Max Unger, OL Oregon
    [img width=450 height=298] 9343A7C5B91993BDB0257AD8D7905D630C284831B75F48EF45[/img]

    Philadelphia Eagles- Nobody will argue that Westbrook is a great talent, but the Eagles need somebody that can pick up chunks of yards and move a pile.

    The Pick:
    Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB Ohio State

    Minnesota Vikings- Now comes the moment you have all been waiting for.
    The Vikings could go a few different directions here.
    I know some want to take a chance on Tim Tebow, but I feel that Childress and Co. would not like Tebow as a first round talent.
    The Vikings could look at a safety if they do indeed let Sharper go.
    Taylor Mays is a real possibility if he can run a sub 4.5 40.
    That would give us the big hitting safety this team has lacked for quite a while now.
    The darkhorse pick could be a TE if Kleinny isn't resigned.
    The consensus seems to be that we need to draft a RT to replace Cook, and with a couple first round possibilities on the board, I think the Vikes pull the trigger on one.

    The Pick:
    Ciron Black, OT LSU

    New England Patriots- I suspect the Pats will be looking for a LB to replace Bruschi.
    Vrabel is getting a bit older, but probably has some good years in him still.
    Either way, they are going to need help at LB so teams can't focus in on stopping Mayo and Thomas.

    The Pick:
    Brian Cushing, OLB Southern Cal

    Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons amazed me with their turn-around this season.
    I was not expecting it at all.
    The offense seems to be deadly, but the D needs some help up front.
    They have good bookends with Abraham and Anderson, but Grady is old and Babineaux is nothing special.

    The Pick:
    B.J. Raji, DT Boston College
    [img width=450 height=302] 939847EC77F5F8D1CE5F44C0A37223A9FBA40A659CEC4C8CB6[/img]

    Miami Dolphins- I'm amazed the Dolphins did as well as they did with the roster they have.
    Pennington proved once again that you don't need a rocket arm to be a winner in the NFL.
    I think the Dolphins got some good production from Fasano this year, otherwise I have Parcells going after a TE this year.
    However, with Ginn and Camarillo starting at WR, I think it is clear they need help at the receiver position.

    The Pick:
    Hakeem Nicks, WR North Carolina

    Baltimore Ravens- It seems as though the Ravens entire LB corps is up for FA.
    They may be able to retain a couple of them, but money will prevent them from resigning all of them.
    I think they will replenish through the draft.

    The Pick:
    Brandon Spikes, LB Florida
    [img width=450 height=320][/img]

    Indianapolis Colts- The Colts could not stop the diminutive Darren Sproles with there undersized DTs.
    Time to Super Size the Dline a bit.

    The Pick: Peria Jerrry, DT Ole Miss
    [img width=450 height=299][/img]

    Philadelphia Eagles (from Panthers)- What a luxury to win playoff games and have two first round picks.
    Look for the Eagles to draft Brian Dawkins' heir apparent.

    The Pick:
    Taylor Mays, S Southern Cal

    Pittsburgh Steelers- A running team like the Steelers can always use first round offensive line talent, especially since Big Ben suffered another concussion.
    Don't be surprised if this guy is picked by the Vikings over Black.

    The Pick:
    Eben Britton, OT Arizona

    Tennessee Titans- I know, this pick doesn't belong here, but I don't feel like changing it at the moment.
    The Titans are much like the Bucs in that they both seem to pass on drafting WRs in the first round.
    This year may be the exception since they lack a deep threat that could open up their ground game even more, and they could use the special teams help.

    The Pick:
    Percy Harvin, WR Florida
    [img width=450 height=458][/img]

    New York Giants- The Giants might reach for a WR here (Kenny Britt) since Plax is out of the picture indefinitely.
    Kevin Boss is serviceable at TE, but he and Eli don't have the same chemistry that Shockey had.
    I look for the Giants to use a lot of two TE sets, which means Boss should have a pass-catching buddy.

    The Pick:
    Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma
    [img width=450 height=423] o_id=2463207[/img]

    Well, there it is.
    Feel free to state your opinions.
    Don't bother mentioning the draft order, because that is obviously changing as we go.
    I will change it up after the SB and FA.
    Things are bound to change.
    Hope you enjoyed the read!
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: OFFICIAL 2009 Mock Draft Thread


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    Re: OFFICIAL 2009 Mock Draft Thread

    I shudder to think about Bradford going to the Lions.

    That o-line is...well...not very good, and Bradford was sacked less than once a game this year. I see images of David Carr.

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    Re: OFFICIAL 2009 Mock Draft Thread

    I get into the draft during the senior bowl and then after the pro bowl. i am sure I will post huge amounts in this thread
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: OFFICIAL 2009 Mock Draft Thread

    "V4L" wrote:
    Geez, can't I enjoy some playoff football without slaving over my computer?

    It has been completed for your viewing pleasure.

    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: OFFICIAL 2009 Mock Draft Thread

    If you new you would be hte #1 pick could you refuse to go to the Lions?

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