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Marrdro wrote:
EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Every team has its own approach to offseason training, organized team activities and expectations for established players. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Minnesota Vikings are on the lower end of veteran participation this spring in the NFC North.
A lack of veterans at Minnesota's OTAs
I promised Proph I wouldn't say anything about the staffs approach this year.....So I won't..... :P
You have to, it is part of gearing up for the regular season. All injuries in the first 4-6 games can be blamed on the soft camp. That is a solid argument, especially if you want to throw in some high-graded statistics to support it. I'll help you out....a guy I was fishing with the other day said, after his 8th beer, that soft training camps are why guys get injured at the beginning of the regular season. He was a DI player and made the practice squad for the Ravens as a lineman a few years back. That must be a good enough stat for a thread to go 30-40 pages. N=1 is good enough for pp.o replication.
Nope, not gonna take the bait my friend, unless of course we are going fishing. (Flounder and Stripers tommorow for me)......

On a side note, would have been fun to suds, fish and talk ball with a cat who played at the next level.