Please stop talking about a DE at #7. Our D was ranked 8th last yr. I don't care if the pass rush wasn't up to par, it is not a need considering the dysfunction we have on offense. Besides, we have TWO #1 picks in Greenway and James coming back next year.

We need Studs on offense. Peterson would be great if we could land him. Another option would be to trade down, pick up another pick, and draft Greg Olsen or Jarrett.

Point is we need weapons on offense. If Jackson is going to be the man he has to have some fire power. Right now he has NOTHING. Chester is nice, but with the D focused on him, he is only good for 3 yds a carry. That is bad as your only option on offense.

We need two starting offensive weapons to come out of this draft or else we are looking at another brutal year.