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The Brett Favre speculation took an interesting turn Thursday, as Viking Update has been told that Favre may have already had the ankle surgery needed to return to the Vikings for the 2010 season.

A fellow professional athlete, whose family requested that he remain anonymous, is a patient of Dr. Andrews and has had surgery performed by the famous surgeon, who has been the go-to doctor for athletes in all major professional sports. The player, who has had a prolonged relationship with Dr. Andrews and his staff, called his Alabama clinic Thursday morning to set up an appointment.

He was informed that Dr. Andrews was out of town this week and, as part of that conversation, was told that Dr. Andrews was “in Mississippi working with an old quarterback” this week to perform a procedure on a client.

While no confirmation was provided on the Favre side of the equation, the timing of the surgery would make sense if it has happened this week. Dr. Sachin Patel, an orthopedic surgeon at the Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation in Pomona, Calif., was a guest on the NFL Network earlier this month to discuss a potential timetable for any surgery Favre might seek to have on his injured left ankle.

Dr. Patel admitted that he hasn’t seen Favre’s medical records, but going off media reports that claimed (including Favre’s official website) that the ankle wouldn’t require major surgery to repair the injury, there is a relatively standard timeline for recovery from such an operation.

“The assumption is that (procedure) is a washout,” Patel said. “It’s an outpatient procedure typically and the recovery for it is really four to six weeks.”

Patel added that it would take another month for Favre to “be aggressive on his ankle.” If proved accurate, giving a six-week recovery timeframe, Favre would be able to fully test his ankle in late July. Such a timetable would have Favre on track to return to the Vikings in mid-August, as he did last year.

This may end up being just another in the long list of rumors and potential stories on this matter, but few people have the access to the inner workings of Dr. Andrews office as the athlete who was the source of this information. He knows what he was told, but we may have to wait some time to get official confirmation.
Talk about a huge HIPPA violation...whomever released that is courting a HUGE lawsuit...

LOL. I always wonder how the NFL gets away with reporting medical issues about the players without violating HIPAA. Especially hte new laws passed in February of this year.

They must have something in their contracts that states they have to. It's the only thing I can think of.