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Okay, let's say that you get a DE like Jamaal Anderson.
So the defense is then pretty much set accept for MLB.
It is not going to make a bit of difference if your offense can't score any points.
What good does it do you to have the #1 defense in passing and run defense if your offense only scores 7 points every other game.
Doesn't that sound familiar like last year.
Without a doubt, you have to go after Calvin.
Sydney Rice is not going to be there in the second round as Kansas City has been eyeing him for weeks now.
I for one don't trust this eye thing with Troy.
He has got to really show me this year that he won't push the ball away from himself when it is thrown to him.
We will be looking to the defense to score the majority of points if we don't get that WR we need.
Sorry, we have put ourselves in this situation.
Time to do the right thing.
Example: First start of TJack. @ Green Bay. How many 3 and outs there. Our defense dominated. Only points were by Smoot. We held them to 3 field goal one of which was game winning. But we lost because our offense couldnt get a frickin first down. Even if our defense is so superior like that every game we'll still lose because we dont commit with our offense.

Wait I get it now.
im sure Childress talked with TJack on their strategy. By getting so many 3 & outs and keeping that time of possession on there side we keep the offense on the field and they get tired and makin stupid errors.
It all makes sense now.
: : :
Your point is made defunct by your overuse of
no no its all good. the first
: shows that the last paragraph was sarcasm. the second
: shows that the sarcasm is sarcasm which of course is wrong so he had to put in another
: to show that he was being sarcastic about the sarcasm being sarcasm. now if he had put another
: in there it would be a whole different story.
Let's not count the fact the Green Bay game was Tjacks first start.
It was at Lambau field with a very slippery ball and ice cold weather.
I don't think that had anything to do with the Vikings troubles that game
??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Your sounding ALOT like Nadak Paul right now. Its not even funny how uncanny it is
What about against the Rams. Well it was bad whether. No wait it was in a dome. Umm Maybe the sun was in his eyes. No wait dome again. then maybe the lighting was wrong or maybe it was too loud. ;D

Or maybe the fact the rest of the team didn't play well because they were ready for the offeaseon.
Maybe it was that most of the starters weren't playing the entire game.
I don't know.....