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Thread: NFL Draft Blitz

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    NFL Draft Blitz

    An interesting article on possible draft choices.

    I'll admit that I'm not up on a lot of the college players but it did get me thinking about the issue of grooming up and coming talent. Rather than try and reach for a higher spot in Round 1 how about we stay as we are and take a DB with the #17. At the moment we are not in desperate need with DBs, but why not draft one now with a view to them learning behind our current starters. Then when they are ready they can be eased into the starting lineup in a year or so- that way we may avoid getting ourselves into previous years situations with having to throw rookies in straight away or playing converted WRs/practice squad players.
    This may not be the most obvious choice to be looking at - especially as everyone is getting high on QBs, LBs etc that they'd like to see here. However something like this may just indicate that the Vikes do have long term plans in terms of team building.
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    Re: NFL Draft Blitz

    As i looked at it there are some logical pics..

    the draft though is still sooo unpridictable!!

    who knows who's looking @ who and where everyone is @ other peoples boards..

    can't wait till we watch the draft, then i'd give my 2cents on our selections.


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    Re: NFL Draft Blitz



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    Re: NFL Draft Blitz

    I hate the guys picks and his evaluation of players:

    He has us taking Antonio Cromartie Florida State with the 17th pick.

    The guy may have a lot of potential but he has started 1 game in the last 2 years, and was hurt with a serious knee injury all of the 2005 season. I might risk a 3rd round pick on Antonio, but no way do I risk the 17th pick in the draft on somebody that can't stay on the field.

    This reporter is a band wagon jumper, he takes what ever names are hot and doesn't look beyond it. I bet last year he was all over Mike Williams being the 2nd best receiver in the draft and we all know how that turned out for Detroit, Williams is so slow he might have to switch to TE.

    Greenway is the 2nd best LB in the draft and is by no means a reach at 17, he is a gamer and on Saturday's was a better palyer than Sims. When Iowa played Ohio people were saying that the best Linebacker on the field was not AJ Hawk, but Chad Greenway.
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