This video site has probably already been posted, but I wanted to throw my take on the new guys.

Yahoo Player Videos

Greenway - Monster... looks awesome.

Blue - Hard hitter! Hope he makes the team... could be starting safety in a few years.

Jackson - Definately a project. Seems to have the arm. Could be good if developed right. We'll see...

Mathis - Reminds me of Westbrook, catches the ball well out of the backfield. Hope he makes the squad.

Henderson - Could be good. Yahoo guy compares him to Mewelde. Kinda hope they keep him around too.

Griffin - Should be a solid nickel corner, seems to be a ball hawk. If he plays anything like the highlights, we won't miss BWill.

Edwards - Could be a nice replacement for Johnstone, this kid can get to the QB. Quick too. Might have taken him a bit early, but remember, Randle went undrafted....

Baskett - Looks solid. Hope he makes team. Could be future replacement for MRob.

Gordon - Could be the steal after the draft. This kid looks great. WR... CB... I really like him. Fast as heck.

Cook - Don't care... not a good pick. Bitter about this one...

Overall, I'm a fan of the draft. Seems as if we solidified our roster pretty well, as well as brought in some possible future studs.