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    Re: New Espn Mock Draft 4.0

    "kevoncox" wrote:
    "dcboardr41" wrote:
    "kevoncox" wrote:
    "dcboardr41" wrote:
    "kevoncox" wrote:
    [quote author=dcboardr41 link=topic=42807.msg731585#msg731585 date=1204325996]
    McFadden is the most over rated player in this draft
    Why? Wa sit his 300 yard games last year?
    in college?
    ron dayne also holds the record for most career rushing yards in the NCAA
    he is a pretty good back isnt he?
    What did Dayne run for his 40. And Dayne is a solid back.
    oh now u wanna talk bout 40s eh?
    what did twill run?
    what diid jerry rice run?
    what did emmit run?
    40s are as overated as Darren McFadden, put some pads on and take the track shoes off
    McFadden will be average, wont be able to carry the load himself
    Lets not talk 40s. I mentioned it in your comparisom to Ron Dayne. I don't believe he was fast enough to transerfer to the speed of the Nfl. Don't get me wrong I think
    Mcfad will be solid even great but i think your silly to say he won't be in the top 5. Scouts love rbs and speed.
    Put the two together and you have a Gm's wet dream.

    i never said he wasnt gonna go in the top 5
    im saying he is over rated
    like a cedric benson/reggie bush

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    Re: New Espn Mock Draft 4.0

    Limas Sweed, i sure hope not. This mock will completely change after FA is over.

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