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    Negotiating table is a tough place to sit at in the NFL
    By Pat Kirwan

    The more I watch the ripple effect of some of the factors creating stress on player negotiations these days in the NFL, the more I feel for team contract negotiators.

    There are some external forces that make it close to impossible for a team to get one of their good, young veteran re-signed if he is approaching free agency.

    In the next few days, we will hear which players are going to be tagged with the franchise designation, and that will set into motion an incredible amount of pressure on signing other players.

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    Re: Negotiating table is a tough place to sit at in the NFL

    Very interesting read my friend.
    A couple of take aways for me......

    I don't see any Vikings worrying the staff about thier current pay scale and asking for more.
    I also don't see the team running amuck trying to re-do contracts so that they can find money to fix holes/sign rookies.

    Hats off to Bryzcheapski (I pick on him but like him alot).
    He does a marvelous job of working the budget allowing for Spielmen and crew to get the best guys (that our money can buy) at a decent rate without overpaying for shitty talent.

    As all of you look at these guys coming into FA and start saying things like "If we don't get this guy or that guy, I am gonna shoot someone", take a look at what they are gonna get and remember that our CAP space is about $15 Mil (new number out there today says $17 Mil).

    Some of that has to go to signing our Rookie class this year, to sign a S, and to sign a DE as those two positions have at least 2 players not gonna be on the field this year.

    If we go out and get FA's in these areas like most of you want, there sure isn't any left to do that now is there.

    DT $6.36 million
    TE $4.5 million
    DE $8.06 million
    OT $7.45

    Long story short, when this staff doesnt' sign the FA you thought we can't live without, remember, there is a budget, it isn't as high as most think, and the staff will use that budget for players that are really needed and not on positions just because some guy isn't as big a fan favorite as Wiggo.

    By the way, I have been looking, anyone know on average, what it takes to sign a rookie class?
    Seems to me that it should be around $5-7 Mil in the middle of the draft with a full compliment of picks but I can't find anything to verify that.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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