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    My Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    I usually think that pre-combine mock drafts are a waste of time but recently I have had a lot of time and nothing to do but waste it so I made one, let me know what you think...

    2007 Pre-Combine Mock Draft
    1. Oakland Raiders - Jamarcus Russell QB LSU
    This franchise is the laughing stock of the league and there biggest problem is on offense where they cannot seem to get anything out some very good offensive weapons like Randy Moss, Jerry Porter, and Lamont Jordan.
    They need a quarterback who is mobile and can big plays down the field.
    Russel has an arm and body like Daunte Culepper and some of Randy Moss’ best season were with Daunte. Russell dominated in his bowl game and will further impress in workouts with his freakish physical skills.
    His stock will rise more, and that is impressive considering he is already a top-3 pick for sure.

    2. Detroit Lions - Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
    I hear lots of talk that Joe Thomas is a lock here but Jon Kitna is old and isn’t very good.
    Quinn is going to remind a lot of people of Joey Harrington only Quinn intangibles are better.
    The Lions biggest problem with Harrington was that he didn’t have a mentor and had to start in his first year. With Jon Kitna, Quinn will have both.
    The Lions just cannot pass up a franchise quarterback for an offensive lineman.

    3. Cleveland Browns - Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
    Can they pass on Joe Thomas?
    Yes, they can.
    LeCharles Bently is coming back from injury and that is the same as adding a free agent.
    There is offensive line talent later in the draft
    and they need a running back to help out Charlie Frye and the entire offense, including the line.
    Peterson is a rare talent with the ability to bounce off tacklers and then accelerate down the field.

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Alan Branch DT Michigan
    If Amobi Okoye has dominate workouts he could actually go here but they would have to be dominant. Gruden coached Okoye in the Senior Bowl and is very fond of the young fellow.
    The only other real option is Calvin Johnson.
    Johnson is a terrific talent but the Bucs have two talented WRs in Joey Galloway and Michael Clayton.
    Furthermore, the Patriots, Bears and Saints all have a worse corp of WRs than Tampa Bay and they were 3 out of the 4 teams to play on Championship Sunday.
    The Bucs need someone to replace Booger McFarland and help out Chris Hovan in the middle. Branch can get upfield to the passer and also stop the run and wouldn’t be a reach at #4.
    When it is all said and done, if the Bucs don’t trade this pick, they will take Branch.

    5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
    This is a dream scenario.
    Thomas is better than D’Brickashaw Ferguson and is really a steal at #5.
    The Cardinals’ line is horrible and they need Thomas, and it just so happens that he is available for them.

    6. Washington Redskins - Gaines Adams DE Clemson
    I think it is more likely that the Redskins will not be picking in the first round than it is that they will be.
    With Calvin Johnson still on the board here they will be getting a lot of offers from teams who want Johnson, Adams, or Jamaal Anderson.
    In the end, the Redskins have linebackers, safeties, and other linemen that can play the run and they need a a guy who can rush the passer and Adams is the best pass rusher in the draft.

    7. Minnesota Vikings - Calvin Johnson WR GT
    This, like Joe Thomas to the Cardinals, is a dream scenario.
    Johnson is a beast and shouldn’t be available at #7 but the growing sentiment in the league is that you only need serviceable WRs.
    And every team in the top-6 has a solid receiving corps or one filled with young talent already.
    The only exception being Tampa Bay.
    It is hard to imagine Tampa Bay passing on Calvin Johnson but they have more important needs and there is a lot of quality players in this draft worth taking #4

    8. Houston Texans - Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
    The Texans have two great, young, defensive players in Mario Williams and Demarco Ryans.
    Adding Okoye will help free up both of them.
    The Texans are also in desperate need of offensive linemen and safeties but they seem to have a real building block with there front-7 and it appears that is what they want the strength of of their team to be and it can't be very strong without a high-quality defensive tackle.
    At this point Okoye is probably a reach but I think he will impress in bothe the interviews and workouts so much that the Texans won't have a problem taking him at 8.

    9. Miami Dolphins - Leon Hall CB Michigan
    I want to project Ted Ginn Jr here but I don't think he will overly impress in workouts and I think the Dolphins have bigger needs than a #2 WR, especially when they will be able to get a good one in the later rounds.
    The other options here are Levi Brown and possibly Jamaal Anderson.
    They don't need a defensive lineman with Jason Taylor coming back but Anderson might be too tempting to pass up.
    Right now I think they need secondary help more than anything and Leon Hall is going to make an excellent DB.
    Hall can play Safety or Cornerback so he is flexible.
    He is a very smooth player and has very good (not elite) speed.

    10. Atlanta Falcons - LaRon Landry S LSU
    Lawyer Milloy is in the twilight of his career and Chris Cooker is average when he is playing his best.
    The Falcons desperately need help in the secondary, particularly at safety.
    I am tempted to project Florida’s Reggie Nelson here because he has potential to play cornerback and the Falcons might like that flexibility but I don’t think Nelson is smart enough to switch position and still be worth of a top-10 pick so they might as well go with the more experienced and talented (although less athletic) Landry and commit him to safety instead of going in unsettled.

    11. San Francisco 49ers - Ted Ginn Jr WR Ohio State
    If Jamaal Anderson is still here at this point then I doubt the 49ers will stay put.
    They can get Ginn or Jarrett a few picks back and there are plenty of teams who would love Anderson who is definitely worthy a top-7 pick.
    Here the 49ers get another weapon to aide Alex Smith.
    Ginn has good hands and can stretch the field with his elite speed. He can help them in the return game too.
    He could make their offense complete.
    12. Buffalo Bills - Jamaal Anderson
    The Bills could possible get the biggest steal of the draft in this position.
    Anderson could team up with Aaron Schobel and wreck havoc on opposing Quarterbacks.
    Anderson will also help upgrade a porous rush defense. You could make a case for Levi Brown but if Anderson is avail there is no way the Bills pass him up.

    13. St. Louis Rams - Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss
    The Rams might be reaching a bit here but I think Willis is worth it.
    He won the Butkis award and was the SEC defensive player of the year.
    HE tallied 137 tackles (11.5 for loss) and 3 sacks in his senior season.
    He doesn’t have elite speed but has great instincts.
    He can hold his own in coverage and is an excellent run-stopper.
    The Rams need to up grade their defense and they also need to land a top linebacker to help fill out that front-7.
    He will be an excellent pro player.

    14. Carolina Panthers - Paul Posluszny OLB Penn State
    The Panthers would love to see Willis available here and might try to entice the Bills to give up on Anderson and take Levi Brown so they can move ahead of St. Louis and draft Willis.
    Posluszny is a poor man’s AJ Hawk and might still be recovering from tearing his MCL and PCL in ’05.
    I think he will impress at workouts and prove himself worthy of a top-15 pick.
    The Panthers lost Will Witherspoon last year, Dan Morgan during the season (his career is in limbo), and will probably lose Chris Draft this year so they need to add some talent to that area of their team.
    Right now, this pick is a reach so I am banking on a good workout from “Puz”.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
    I think Carriker is an intriguing option. He is 6’6 and around 300lbs.
    He can play either end or DT in the 4-3 and end in the 3-4.
    The wild card here is whether Tomlin is going to switch to a 4-3 like he is used or let Dick Lebeau continue to use his 3-4.
    Since Dick is still on the staff my guess is that the Steelers won’t be switching to a 4-3 this year but may in future years.
    Carriker gives them some flexibility in that he can fill a need in either scheme.
    His frame is even big enough to bulk up and play nose tackle.
    He doesn’t have good pass-rushing moves or skills but is a beast against the run and Tomlin likes guys that can play the run.

    16. Green Bay Packers - Marshawn Lynch RB Cal
    I talked about Puz being a poor man’s AJ Hawk. Well, Lynch is a poor man’s Laurence Maroney.
    He is a slashing type of runner who can bring fresh legs to the Packers’ running game.
    They can’t afford to pass up on a guy with a lot of upside. Brett Favre isn’t in his hay-day anymore and the Packers will need to rely on the run to win them the majority of their games and Lynch can be a workhorse.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Lawrence Timmons OLB Florida State
    The Jags need an upgrade over Clint Ingram who is nothing better than a talented back-up.
    Unless he dominates or flops in workouts he should be a mid-first round pick. He is 6’3 so he has good size but doesn’t have elite timed speed.
    The potential to be a bust but also has the potential to play like an elite prospect.
    Will be a guy to watch on draft day and beyond.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals - Reggie Nelson S Florida
    Levi Brown is definitely a possibility here as the Bengals efforts to upgrade their offensive line have failed so far.
    In the end they need to upgrade a porous pass defense more than they need to invest into an offensive line.
    Gary Baxter is injury prone and the rest of the secondary is sub par. Nelson would improve their secondary and can also serve as insurance to Gary Baxter because Nelson is athletic enough to play some corner at the next level.

    19. Tennessee Titans - Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
    Yet another dream scenario coming true.
    Drew Bennett is leaving via Free Agency and that is a huge hit to an already lack luster WR corp.
    Jarrett is a big name who runs polished routes and has great hands.
    He can take over a game and will be an asset to VY and (despite not having elite speed) can stretch the field.
    The Titans get a quality player at a position they desperately need.

    20. New York Giants - Levi Brown OT Penn State
    The Giants need offensive line help to protect Eli Manning and aid whoever their running back is going to be.
    Brown has top-10 or 15 talent but needs to develop a mean streak to become a prospect worthy of pick in the top half of the draft.
    He has a wide wingspan and a huge frame and technically sound.

    21. Denver Broncos - Darrell Revis CB Pitt
    The Broncos suffered a horrible loss when Darrant Williams was shot and killed.
    Reivs has size (6-foot) and good speed (4.45-40) and some bulk (200lbs).
    He has great instincts and ball skills and might be the best at mirroring routes.
    The Broncos have a couple good DBs that might be starters on other teams but you need an extremely good cornerback to play opposite Champ Bailey because teams go after that guy a lot.
    Revis can learn a lot from Champ (he is a kick returner too) and it might give Denver the best CB tandem in the NFL for years to come.

    22. Dallas Cowboys - Justin Blalock OG Texas
    The Cowboys need some offensive line help and Blalock impressed at the senior bowl.
    He will make a fantastic NFL Guard or an above average NFL Tackle and the Cowboys could just use some offensive line help. I know Jerry Jones would like a flashy player here but Blalock is good and they need him.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs - Quentin Moses DE Georgia
    The Chiefs defense wasn’t exactly something to be proud of last season and Moses has a ton of upside.
    He had a poor senior season but was one of the best Juniors in the Nation in ’05.
    He needs to show off some work ethic and have decent workouts to stay in the first round.
    He is well worth the risk at this position in the draft.

    24. New England Patriots - Aaron Ross CB Texas
    Ross has a great size at 6’1” and is a very fluid with his hips.
    Considering Samuel is probably leaving via free agency, the Patriots would do well to draft a guy like Ross to come in and play.
    He could start in his first season and the Patriots need a starter.
    He only has one year of starting experience but has played behind many talented players (Cedric Griffin, Michael Huff) and should follow in their footsteps.

    25. New York Jets - Jarvis Moss DE Florida
    The Jets did a lot to improve their offensive line in last year’s draft and now they add a pass-rusher to help out the line on the other wide.
    Moss knows how to get to the quarterback and will help out the Jets immensely, especially against Tom Brady.

    26. Philadelphia Eagles - Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
    Staley caught 11 passes for 130 yards and a touchdown his freshman year as a Tight End.
    He was moved to Tackle in his Sophomore season. He is 6’5”, 300lbs and he knows how to move.
    The Eagles like to address their lines int eh draft and while Staley could start his first year he could also be a long-term solution at Tackle.

    27. New Orleans Saints - Daymeion Hughes CB Cal
    Fred Thomas was absolutely horrible last season and Hughes will be a big upgrade over him or at the very least give them some insurance and add some talent to a not-so-talented group of DBs.

    28. New England Patriots (f/SEA) - Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
    Bowe lacks elite speed but is very physical and has good hands.
    He is a solid WR and, while Tom Brady made due with what he had last season, the Pats need solid receivers. This is a good spot for Bowe and the a good spot for the Patriots.

    29. Baltimore Ravens - Michael Bush RB Louisville
    He is the most powerful back in this draft but can’t reach top speed very fast. The Ravens like big, powerful backs and Bush can learn from Mike Anderson if Jamal Lewis leaves.
    This might be a bit of a reach for Bush, especially if he runs slow at the combine but I think it is the best pick for the Ravens.
    IF Joe Staley were still available they might take him and Arron Sears is definitely a possibility.

    30. San Diego Chargers - Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
    Grubbs is very athletic and is very good in space.
    He lacks a killer instinct but is very smart.
    The Chargers do need WRs so Robert Meachem or Sidney Rice could go here but Vincent Jackson came on nicely last year and they still have Antonio Gates.
    They just need to make sure that Rivers has time and Tomlinson has blocking and they are set on offense.

    31. Chicago Bears - Demarcus Tyler DT NC State
    Tank Johnson is either going to be in jail, on another team, or out of football for next season.
    The Bears are tired of his antics and if they draft Tyler, they won’t miss him. Tyler is a huge run stuffer and the Bears could use help in that area.
    32. Indianapolis Colts - Earl Everett OLB Florida
    The Colts could lose Cato June and Dwight Freeney in free agency and they need to replace one of them.
    Everett has good height (6’3”) and excellent speed.
    He is aggressive and pursues well but isn’t that great of a run-stopper. He has experience as an inside ‘backer and that can only help him as he makes the transition.

    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Re: My Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    WOW ;D

    *Gives a "standing O" to the first good, quality mock I have seen all year*

    Although Calvin and Thomas are stretches, they are possible. Other than that, you nailed this draft on the head. Loved your statement about Bentley (as I have used the same argument many times this week) Thomas would fit in Cleveland, but I think Quinn or Peterson like you said would be ideal. You also picked Michael Bush at #29....In my opinion, he will be the sleeper of the draft. Without the torn ACL, he would be getting a lottery pick. Also perfectly placed and I could see it happening in Baltimore. Willis McGahee effect? We will have to see.... One more thing...Ginn to San Fran is a good pick, but I could see his name getting called at #10. Even though they are pretty much struck out on young bust recievers, Vick was just given more authority in Atlanta and I wouldnt be suprised at all if they make the pick.

    If you would like to discuss further (that goes to everyone reading this thread) I was just about to make a mock of my own and would love to talk draft.
    Retired 12/21/08

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    Re: My Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    wow dude, good work..i understand your thinking for most all of the picks, but you also need to remember that some people wont pick based on need, they will just take the best talent available..i hope to god we can get calvin johnson, but my guess is somebody ahead of us takes him whether they need him or not

    thats a real nice mock tho..u should get a website going for draft coverage..or maybe Webby could find a way to give u a mock draft section
    People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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    Re: My Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    Decent mock.
    When I look at just team needs, I don't think it is much of a stretch to see CJ falling to #7.
    Unfortunately I really don't think it will happen... Somebody in those first six picks will draft the best player available regardless of need, and that player will be CJ.

    Can you imagine the excitement in Winter Park at the Draft Party if we make it through the first five and CJ is still on the board... I know I'd be sweating it, hoping against hope that Washington doesn't trade out!
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: My Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    Great mock except for the fact that unless there is hell freezing over there is no way that CJ & JT fall past # 4! I understand that this is pre-comcine, but if the draft were tommorrow it would still happen that way. Look, I want CJ more than anyone! But the fact of the matter is , unless we trade up on draft day it will NEVER happen.And if it meant giving up our 1st & 2nd rouders than so be it!

    THING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

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    Re: My Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    "Tom2Bucs" wrote:
    Great mock except for the fact that unless there is hell freezing over there is no way that CJ & JT fall past # 4! I understand that this is pre-comcine, but if the draft were tommorrow it would still happen that way. Look, I want CJ more than anyone! But the fact of the matter is , unless we trade up on draft day it will NEVER happen.And if it meant giving up our 1st & 2nd rouders than so be it!


    THING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

    And you can take that to the bank!
    We WILL have to trade up to get CJ...and he will be worth it if we do!

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    Re: My Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    Great Mock.

    I would love to see CJ fall to seven but think someone might move up to get him.
    Additionally I have the WR's a bit different but to the same teams taking WR as you based on anticipated combine workouts (11. Bowe, 19. Jarrett, 28. Ginn).
    Still might swap Jarrett and Bowe but don't think Ginn is that great a WR.

    Your pick at 21 is excellent.
    I completely forgot about Williams death.
    Gotta rethink my bottom picks now.

    Again, great job.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: My Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    Thanks for the positive comments, guys.

    I don't predict trades but if I had I think I would have other teams in the #4 and #6 slots and one of those teams would be there to get CJ.
    It is also extremely hard to predict which team is going to throw caution to the wind and just pick up a guy because he is so talented. There are a lot of extremely talented players in the the top-7 meaning that teams can pick an awesome player that fills a need for them which is always preferred over taking an awesome player that doesn't.

    One of those other teams at 4 could be the Vikings.
    We can move up to number 4 for a 3rd round pick and the Bucs (If they draft #4) could still get Branch, Adams, Anderson, or Amobi Okoye at #7.

    The reason I didn't predict Ginn to the Falcons is because he isn't a big target.
    He can stretch the field but that is why Atlanta has Ashley Lelie.
    I think the Falcons need a WR but they don't need Ted Ginn.
    If Dwayne Jarrett impresses in workouts and interviews he could go #10.

    I would love it if Webby gave me a draft section!
    It would be like a dream come true.
    We've got a lot of good people around this site, though, and they might be more deserving.
    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Re: My Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    Wow, Joe Staley in the first round!
    I didn't think he would be going that high!
    Watch out NCAA here comes CMU!

    Lefevour is my man crush.
    MC's run away when I kick it
    They act so chicken, they should come with a large drink and a biscuit

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    Re: My Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    I think Joe Staley has enough talent to go in the first round and I think his athleticism will earn him big points at the combine.
    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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