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    My Post-Combine 2007 Mock Draft (Round 1)

    I'll post my round 2 and 3 sometime in April too, but let me know what y'all think of this:

    1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell - QB LSU
    The Raiders franchise is a mess and they need to start over.
    Their offensive line is horrendous and their WRs are underachieving.
    Their biggest problem is at Quarterback, however, and JaMarcus Russell is just what the doctor ordered.
    Poised in the pocket,
    Russell can make all the NFL throws with excellent accuracy and can take off and make plays with his legs.
    His weight is an issue but he dropped pounds for the combine and if the Raiders are that worried they can have him lose more for training camp.

    2. Detroit Lions - Brady Quinn - QB Notre Dame
    Quinn had some excellent workouts to take away any anxiety about drafting him high.
    It is my personal opinion that Brady Quinn is going to be a bust and I think that fate will be sealed when the Lions take him.
    The Lions could also go after Joe Thomas but why trade for George Foster if you are still going to go looking for a tackle.
    Matt Millen is there GM so they could always reach for Alan Branch or take Calvin Johnson.

    3. Cleveland Browns - Adrian Peterson - RB Oklahoma
    The Browns spent a lot of money on upgrading their offensive line the last two off seasons but a good offensive line doesn’t help if you don’t have a running back that can hit the holes they open up.
    Cleveland did sign Jamal Lewis but he is worn out and was only signed to a one year deal.
    He would also be the perfect guy to split the load with the oft-injured Peterson in his first year.
    Peterson has that rare blend of size (6’1, 221) and speed (4.38-40) that, combined with excellent vision, produces a franchise running back. They can get Peterson later in the draft so a trade with Minnesota, Atlanta, or another team coveting Calvin Johnson isn’t out of the question.

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Calvin Johnson - WR GT
    6’5, 239lbs, 4.35-40.
    Enough Said?
    Johnson is a physical phenom and he has a great attitude to go along with solid hands.
    He probably is the WR prospect to come along since Randy Moss and it will be fun to watch him dominate in the NFL.
    The Buccaneers need a new infusion of youth and talent to their WR corps and the only thing that might stop them from taking Calvin Johnson is the fact that Joe Thomas will still be available here.
    They could very easily tempt Arizona into swapping picks and get Calvin Johnson at a lower price and pick up an extra second day pick in the process.

    5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas - OT Wisconsin
    Joe Thomas is considered by many to be the surest thing in this draft.
    He doesn’t have injury problems and is just about as solid as they come.
    This a dream scenario for the Cardinals and they should make him the fifth overall pick in 10 seconds or so.
    Thomas technically brilliant and should be able to switch to Right Tackle without a problem (Matt Leinart is left-handed so Thomas will be protecting his blind right side).

    6. Washington Redskins - Jamaal Anderson - DE Arkansas
    Anderson tallied 13.5 sacks in his final collegiate season.
    He has a non-stop motor and is a very fluid pass-rusher.
    Gaines Adams is better at getting to the quarterback but Anderson is a quality run defender whereas Adams isn’t.
    Anderson also has a few more moves at the line than Adams.
    He is a bit of a risk because he doesn’t have a lot of starting experience but upside is tremendous. Alan Branch could also go here.

    7. Minnesota Vikings - Gaines Adams - DE Clemson
    Adams is the best pure pass-rusher in this draft and that is saying something.
    Adams isn’t going to help a whole lot with run defense but the Vikings had the second best run defense in the modern era last season so they would be happy to give up a little run defense to put some pressure on the quarterback. Adams is tall and can disrupt passing lanes from the line and is fast so he can get to the quarterback in a hurry.
    The Vikings secondary was bad last year so LaRon Landry is a definite possibility.
    Alan Branch could conceivably go here too as Pat Williams is no spring chicken.

    8. Atlanta Falcon - LaRon Landry - S LSU
    It might have been necessary for the Falcons to move up and grab the 6-foot, 213-pound, hard-hitting safety.
    Landry has a nose for the ball and can really make a receiver pay for catching a ball in his territory (and with 4.35 speed, he can handle a mighty large territory). Landry’s production in college and his workouts definitely warrant his being selected at 8.

    9. Miami Dolphins - Adam Carriker - DE Nebraska
    Carriker is the definition of a DT/DE ‘tweener.
    He can play either position in the 4-3 and is a prototypical 3-4 DE.
    He is tall so leverage is a problem but a small one. He is a solid pass rusher (7 sacks last year and 9.5 sacks the year before) and can play the run well.
    He isn’t flashy but is the solid defensive end the Dolphins need and they really like him.
    He has great intangibles.

    10. Houston Texans - Alan Branch - DT Michigan
    In this scenario Branch kind of reminds me of Jimmy Kennedy a while back.
    Kennedy was invited to the green room and had to wait, amid worries about weight and work ethic, to be the last one picked.
    He hasn’t turned out at the pro-level (at least not yet).
    The same worries follow Branch but I think they are unfounded. He has no business being around at the 10th pick in a normal draft but this draft is very, very deep and just keeps getting deeper the more scouts get to see of players. Branch is big (6’5, 324lbs) and sometimes doesn’t get good leverage but can still penetrate into the backfield and disrupt the run.
    He notched 10 sacks in ’05 and 6 in ’06 so he can get after the Quarterback but isn’t really a pass rushing DT like a Kevin Williams.

    11. San Francisco 49ers - Ted Ginn Jr - WR OSU
    Alex Smith took a big step forward last season and the next step is to live up his number 1 overall status.
    In order to do that he needs to have a weapon at Wide Receiver.
    Ginn can stretch the field and be the weapon on the outside Alex Smith and the 49ers need to make another step forward.

    12. Buffalo Bills - Patrick Willis - LB Ole Miss
    The Bills took a major hit at running back, cornerback, and Linebacker when they lost London Fletcher, Nate Clements, and Willis McGahee this off season.
    I’m going to rule out Cornerback because there isn’t an elite Cornerback that would be worth picking here. I’m going to rule out running back because there is quality depth that reaches into the second round at that position (Kenny Irons, Mike Bush).
    So I am going to predict Patrick Willis here. Willis had 137 tackles in 12 games last season and won the Butkis Award.
    Has a very high-quality character with a mean streak on the field.
    He can play sideline to sideline very well but does tend to get engulfed by bigger blockers.
    he could bulk up a little bit.

    13. St. Louis Rams - Amobi Okoye - DT Louisville
    The Rams were horrible against the run last year and losing Ryan Pickett was a big part of that.
    If the Rams want to upgrade their rush defense they need to start with repairing their defensive line and Okoye would be a great start.
    The 20-year-old has top intangibles, a good burst off the line, and a lot of poise and class.
    He could anchor that line for 15 years before becoming to old.

    14. Carolina Panthers - Jon Beason - LB Miami
    Some people would say that this is way to high for Beason but I obviously disagree.
    Beason is a great leader on the field and has top intangibles.
    He plays great sideline to sideline and while he doesn’t have great speed or size he has a motor that never stops and very solid tackling abilities.
    He plays bigger than he is and while he gets fooled sometimes he has very good instincts.
    The Panthers are kind of starved for Linebackers and Beason knows all three positions.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jarvis Moss - OLB/DE Florida
    I actually want to surprise everybody and pick Ryan Khalil here but, while I think he could be the Steelers pick, I don’t think the Steelers would take him as high as 15.
    Moss is kind of a reach here but they lost a premiere pass-rush guy in Joey Porter and Moss has the skill set to replace him.
    Moss played DE at Florida but it won’t be hard for him to make the transition to 3-4 OLB in the pros and if the Steelers go to a Cover-2 4-3 then he would be the kind of 4-3 end Mike Tomlin likes (Slimmer, pass-rush ability).

    16. Green Bay Packers - Marshawn Lynch - RB Cal
    Ahman Green’s departure left the Packers in dire need of a running back and Marshawn Lynch in the workhorse that Favre and the Packers need.
    Lynch is of the Laurence Maroney mold.
    He will pound the ball and is good for a big play or two a game.
    A slashing back that should fit well in Green Bay.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Paul Posluszny - OLB Penn State
    The Jags have a very good defensive line and they need more talent at linebacker to help use that line to it’s fullest extent.
    Clint Ingram was okay last season but can he improve to be the guy the Jags need him to be?
    Regardless, they at least need some talented depth at the position.
    The “Puz” might be a bit of a reach here but the Jags don’t mind reaching.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals - Levi Brown - OT Penn State
    This would almost a dream scenario for the Bengals.
    They would get to pick from Leon Hall and Levi Brown.
    The Bengals have been trying to solidify their line for about a decade and a half now.
    Levi Brown, a top-10 talent, would go a long way to that end.
    He can play right or left tackle, has a good first step, but has great size.
    The Bengals would be very happy to have him fall into their laps.

    19. Tennessee Titans - Leon Hall - CB Michigan
    But they need a Wide Receiver!!!
    Well, they also need a cornerback (see Court Record under Adam “Pacman” Jones) and Leon Hall is the best corner in this draft.
    Has very good timed speed (4.39-40) and just seems to always know what is going on with the football.
    Robert Meachem or Dwayne Jarrett are both possibilities here but I think the Titans will opt to take a Wide-out later on day one and grab a top CB prospect here.

    20. New York Giants - Darrelle Revis - CB Pittsburgh
    Revis only had two interceptions last year but he has caught scouts’ attention nonetheless.
    His lack of production in college is what is keeping him (maybe) from being the top corner on this board.
    He is instinctive, athletic, physical and can play the run too.
    He gets penalized a lot but his upside is great and could turn out to be star cornerback and return man in the pros.

    Denver Broncos - Robert Meachem - WR Tennessee
    Meachem has sub-4.40 speed, great hands, and can run a polished route.
    He was productive in college (but not overly so) and I think he will make an excellent pro.
    The Broncos probably don’t have WR as a need but considering the age of Rod Smith and the investment they made in Jay Cutler, I think this will be Denver’s pick.
    They could go with another WR or reach for an OT.
    If they think highly of LaMar Woodley or Quentein Moses then they could go here too.

    22. Dallas Cowboys - Aaron Ross - CB Texas
    Yesterday I would have called Reggie Nelson a lock here but the Cowboys just signed Ken Hamlin so their Safety position is settled.
    Now they need to settle the Cornerback position.
    They have WRs, they improved their offensive line, they have a quarterback, two running backs, a defensive line and a Linebacker corps.
    A CB the calibur of Ross could be the missing piece.
    Ross has great recovery speed, excellent size (almost 6’1) and can make a big hit.
    He is a little raw and only had one productive year at Texas.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs - Joe Staley - OT Central Michigan
    I know the Chiefs could use a WR like Bowe or Jarrett but they can win games without a top-tier WR (mostly because of an awesome running game and Tony Gonzalez) but they need a good offensive line.
    They have a hole at tackle since the mediocre Kyle Turley was cut and Willie Roaf isn’t coming back.
    A WR isn’t going to help them as much as having a solid offensive line.

    24. New England Patriots - Reggie Nelson - S Florida
    Nelson is quite an athlete and can play any position in the secondary.
    His timed speed is upper end of good.
    What will attract the Patriots to him is his versatility.
    He can get overmatched in the box and he doesn’t have a lot of starting experience (1.5 years) but
    is aggressive and a ball-hawk who has really good instincts.
    He is a Bill Bellichek player.

    25. New York Jets - Tank Tyler - DT North Carolina State
    DeMarcus (Tank) Tyler has 323lbs on a 6-foot-2 frame.
    He gets great leverage and has excellent penetrating ability.
    A weaker lower body makes him inconsistent against the run but he can eat up blockers and move quickly in small spaces.
    He will do well for the Jets in their 3-4 scheme as a nose tackle.
    He is probably the best nose tackle prospect in this draft because of his ability to eat up blockers and free linebackers.

    26. Philadelphia Eagles - Michael Griffin - S Texas
    Griffin covers and runs like a cornerback and hits like a safety.
    He will be a nice upgrade over Sean Considine, which is what the Eagles are looking for.
    He doesn’t have ideal height and can get man handled in the box but he’ll be able to hold his own and more in coverage.
    If Griffin is gone (or the Eagles are more sold on Considine than I think) look for the to go for Lawrence Timmons or another linebacker.

    27. New Orleans Saints - Chris Houston - CB Arkansas
    Houston was a workout warrior and has soared up draft boards because of that fact.
    I think he has a good chance of a being a bust. He is short (5’9) but has long arms and knows how to use his hands. He ran a 4.32-40 but only had 3 interceptions in his entire college career.
    Still, the physical numbers are there and if New Orleans can polish his raw technique then he could end up really impressing in the NFL.

    28. New England Patriots - Ben Grubbs - OG Auburn
    In my opinion Justin Blalock is a better offensive guard and so it hard for me to predict Grubbs ahead of him, but Grubbs is a more intelligent, more fluid, more athletic player than Blalock and is the type of player that the Patriots go after.
    He could be a solid part of their offensive line while having the ability to play multiple positions.

    29. Baltimore Ravens - Dwayne Bowe - WR LSU
    Personally, I don’t think Bowe will be anything special in the pros and if I were a GM I wouldn’t use a first round pick on him but a lot of teams like what they saw from him during the Senior bowl.
    He doesn’t run great routes, drops a lot of passes, has average speed at best but he is tough as nails and is the best (and most willing) blocking WR in the draft.
    I think the Ravens take Bowe over Jarrett because while Bow doesn’t have the skills Jarrett does he has a stronger work ethic and is willing to do dirty work.

    30. San Diego Chargers - Dwayne Jarrett - WR USC
    In my opinion the Chargers are getting the second most talented WR in this draft and an absolute steal at #30.
    However, Jarrett shows signs of being one of those drama divas the WR position is known for.
    Mike Williams’ lack of effort and unfortunate landing place didn’t help either.
    Jarrett knows how to take over a game and that is a very special thing.
    He has great hands and plays a lot faster than he times.
    If the Chargers can keep him happy and out of media trouble they will have themselves a heck of a player.

    31. Chicago Bears - Greg Olsen - TE Miami
    Olsen ran a 4.51-40, which is impressive for a TE but it doesn’t give him elite speed.
    He doesn’t have great bulk and is kind of a shady blocker.
    He will be a good target for whoever quarterbacks the Bears because he has great hands and can run a much more polished route than Desmond Clarke.
    After his combine performance (which was impressive) many people have him in the top-15.
    I think that would be a reach and with all the talent in this draft I don’t see why a team would waste a mid-first round pick on a TE who only caught 1 touchdown pass last year (4 the year before).
    Still, this would be a good pick for Chicago.

    32. Indianapolis Colts - Lawrence Timmons - OLB Florida State
    Timmons can take over for Cato June whom the Colts lost to the Buccaneers. Timmons has one of the highest ceilings in this draft.
    If he had a chance for more experience he could have worked his way into a top-10 pick.
    He is a great natural athlete but needs refinement.
    Tony Dungy can do the refining and turn a raw player into a dominant force in the NFL.
    Timmons is malicious when he tackles and he play sideline-to-sideline very well.
    Only time will tell how good he can get.

    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Re: My Post-Combine 2007 Mock Draft (Round 1)

    I dissagree with us taking a DE with that high of a pick...maybe in a later round. I think we are set with that position. We have James as a sure pass rusher, and Edwards and Mitchel showed flashes of brilliance last year. And we have Udeze for run plays, and you never know, he may have just had a bad year like Freeney and could end up being the pass rusher we drafted him as.

    Thanks Josdin00 for the sig!

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    Re: My Post-Combine 2007 Mock Draft (Round 1)

    I was conflicted with that pick.
    I really wanted to project LaRon Landry to us but I don't think he would come in and start but rather be a player for next year.
    Erasmus is questionable at best right now as far as injuries and production goes so I figured the player that could come in and help us the most would be Adams.
    If I predicted trades I would have us out of that pick and taking Jarret later along with extra picks but I don't and if we stay put Adams is the best option for us.
    Mitchell was okay last year and Edwards showed some signs but Adams would be better than either one.
    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Re: My Post-Combine 2007 Mock Draft (Round 1)

    Guess we will see on draft day eh?

    Thanks Josdin00 for the sig!

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    Re: My Post-Combine 2007 Mock Draft (Round 1)

    In your assessment of Chris Houston, you forget that he shut down Dwayne Jarrett when USC played Arkansas this year.
    I totally disagree that he is a workout warrior and I feel that he is a better CB than Leon Hall (who got toasted by USC in the Rose Bowl).

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    Re: My Post-Combine 2007 Mock Draft (Round 1)

    19. Tennessee Titans - Leon Hall
    way too low for this stud.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: My Post-Combine 2007 Mock Draft (Round 1)

    Athletic D-Ends are plentiful in the draft, so I don't see us taking one in round one.
    Also, I think the coaches will go with Udeze, Scott, or Edwards who looked promising last year, along with Jaymie Mitchell who also showed promise.
    I really think we will look wide out or offensive line.

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    Re: My Post-Combine 2007 Mock Draft (Round 1)

    Looks pretty good.
    I like the way you try to validate your reasons behind your pick.

    Couple of things:

    a. I think you have both DE's backwards.
    Should highlight why Wash will pass on the best pass rusher in the draft a little bit better.
    I believe it will be the other way around if the draft goes without any trades.

    Key here is I believe also that Wash (because they don't have another pick until the 5th rd) will trade down with possibly Atlanta.
    Atlanta is a bit worried that we will take Landry at 7.

    I like where you put the much loved Ted Ginn Jr.
    Should be a good fit.

    I agree that this might be a bit of a reach for Beason at 14.

    I don't think Levi Brown will be there at 18.
    Additionally, I think that the Bengals will go DT again this year.

    Do you really think Nelson will go before Griffin.
    Tough call there.

    Overall pretty good attempt.
    Looks like you put a bit of work into it.
    I would however, take a look at what the teams (i.e. Denver) have already done in FA.
    You will probably go a different way.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: My Post-Combine 2007 Mock Draft (Round 1)

    Leon Hall is not a stud.
    I think he will make a very good number 2 cornerback in this league if he is in the right system. Since he is the top player at his position he could go earlier to a team in need of a cornerback.

    Over his entire College Career Chris Houston has 3 interceptions.
    He has talent but is raw and the only reason he is going to go in the first round is because of his workouts.
    I'm glad he had a great day against one of the most talented WR in college football, shows he has a lot of potential.
    However, if he goes in the first round it will be because he did very well in workouts not because he had a solid (albeit, rather unproductive) year in college.

    Athletic D-ends may be plentiful in this draft but there reasons why they last until the second round.
    Adams has a great burst off the line and can really find the quarterback and close in a hurry. I honestly don't know who y'all want me to project here... Levi Brown?
    I would be pissed if we wasted our #7 pick on a right tackle.
    Even so, Ryan Cook showed some promise there last year.
    LaRon Landry?
    But we've got the injury prone Tank Williams, the promising Greg Blue, and a relatively solid Dwight Smith at safety.
    Yet, the reasoning for not drafting a DE is because we've a promising DE in Edwards and a huge question mark in Erasmus James? Oh I forgot that all of a sudden Jayme Mitchell is has the potential to be a dominant DE and Kenechi "I can start every game and not get a single sack" Udeze is there. Edwards shows promise as an 11 play per game pass rush guy (like Lance Johnstone). Mitchell shows promise as a spell guy.
    Udeze might benefit IF Erasmus turns out to be as good as we hope.
    I'm sorry, but without a trade (and I don't predict trade) DE makes the most sense.

    Every year there are some players that have no business being around when they are picked and some players who get take a bit too early.
    I'm going with Beason and Brown being in those categories.

    I think I said Washington will pass on Adams because Anderson can play the run better (not in those words).
    It could very well be that Adams goes first though.

    I have Nelson ahead of Griffin because Nelson is a better natural athlete.
    Also because he fits in with the Patriots better and they just happen to pick before a team that I think would
    go after Griffin.
    I don't think it is much of a tough call.
    I mean, you never know with the draft, but I think the general consensus among teams and experts is that Nelson should go before Griffin.
    I really like Griffin though, he is going to make for a good safety.

    Of course I looked at what teams did in Free Agency before projecting picks!!
    Denver signed Brandon Stokely to a 1 year contract.
    that is the only thing they did to their WRs in Free Agency and it hardly stops them from a picking a WR in this draft.
    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Re: My Post-Combine 2007 Mock Draft (Round 1)

    Perhaps DE isn't a strong need for the Vikes to take one in rd 1?

    Due to the injury to EJames, Udeze played 2006 at the opposite end spot from where he is most effective.

    If James returns and is effective, Udeze returns to his prime position, and the pass rush may improve significantly without replacing any current starters.

    Only if the top 2 QBs, CJohnson, APederson, and OT Thomas are gone should the Vikings consider drafting a DE.
    If so, they should trade a current roster vet DE to enable a trade up from rd 2 to the middle or end of rd 1 to acquire one of the quality remaining WRs.

    When we stop to think about it, most folks behavior isn't perplexing after all !

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