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    Re: My Perfect offseason Moves..

    "ancoin" wrote:
    Noway we should fire Childress! Man it takes time to develop a team and a coach. Man he has develop good this year. And you know what... He know a lot more about football and this team than any of us.

    I agree, do not fire Brad.

    However, I know more about football than him.

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    Re: My Perfect offseason Moves..

    "ancoin" wrote:
    Noway we should fire Childress! Man it takes time to develop a team and a coach. Man he has develop good this year. And you know what... He know a lot more about football and this team than any of us.
    Zygi needs an excuse to move the the team to L.A. anyways

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    Re: My Perfect offseason Moves..

    "vikes09" wrote:
    "PurpleHornsOfDestruction" wrote:

    I dont like getting McNabb. He's washed up. Injury prone. Complains too much never takes responsiblity. Blames everybody else for his bad performance. And cost too much. Fitz cost too much too. You have us trading away our draft picks until the 3rd round. no. Tahi was brought in to replace Tony Richardson.

    this seems fun though. Heres my realistic perfect off season for me I think is happening. I think its very possible.

    In free Agency:
    1. Sign Jim Sorgi QB in FA (Josh McCown or Todd Collins would both be great too. I'd want any 3 of these guys)
    2. Sign Bennard Berrian WR in FA (Brandon Stokley or Bryant Johnson would be ok but I'd want Berrian of the three)
    3. Sign Terrell Suggs DE in FA
    4. *BONUS* - Sign Marcus Trufant CB in FA

    In the draft:
    1. Draft Colt Brennan QB Hawaii (Matt Ryan is out of reach)
    2. Draft Frank Okam DT of Texas A&M (Phat Pat is old)
    3. Draft
    Mike Pollak C of Arizona State
    (Birk is old)
    4. Draft Bobbie Williams FS of Bethune-Cookman (A ball hawk who will be a dominant replacement for Sharper when the time comes. Breaking records left and right for tackles and interception. Hes going in the fourth because of the competition level but the bust who come out of I-AA chools are guys who were average. This guy is a star at that lvl)
    5. Draft Gregg Carr WR of Florida State (Amazing hands and is 6'7! Not great speed but Im thinking a great Red Zone threat. My steal of the draft)
    6. Andre Callender RB of Boston College (I know what your thinking "RB!?! With Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson?!?" I think we could use this guy though because he's not that great at running the ball but he is one of the best receiving running backs in the draft. Great addition to our team IMO.


    1. Troy Williamson WR (Too much pay for too little play. Injury. Has come a long way and iI want to keep him but I dont think we will. He ha improved but can't be a big play maker. He will be a good number two someday but for us at the #7 overall we wanted a elite #1.
    2. Mywelde Moore RB (I like MeMo. Doesnt look like Chilly does though. Tried to trade him. Put in Tahi of BYU when Peterson was out before he had Moore in there. Put Wade to return punts before MeMo. Make room for Callender. I just dont think we'll keep him.)
    3. Mike Doss SS (He hasnt done enough IMO. And if we bring in Bobbie Williams we'll need to drop somebody at Safety. Guys need to be dropped. I just dont think Doss makes the cut.)
    4. Brooks Bollinger and Kelly Holcomb (With the addition of Sorgi and Brennan we cant keep 5 QBs)
    5. Chase Johnson (To make room for the rookie center. Somebody has to go and Chase doesnt make the cut.)
    6. Jeff Dugan (I havent like him since he threw u the game againt Chicago last year. Bounced right off his chest plate because he tried to catch wit his body not his hand and was picked which sealed the game. Then this year that fumble to Jolly against Green Bay at home which was a big contributer to our loss. PLus we have enough Tight ends and fullbacks.)
    7. Fred Evans (Off the field problems. Cant have 5 DTs with Frank Okam coming)
    8. Rondell Whittaker

    That would make our Dept Chart look something like this:

    Quarterback: Jim Sorgi

    Colt Brennan

    Tarvaris Jackson

    Halfback: Adrian Peterson

    Chester Taylor

    Andre Callender

    Fullback: Tony Richardson

    Naufahu Tahi

    Wide Receiver: Bennard Berrian

    Sydney Rice

    Bobby Wade (in the slot)

    Aundrae Allison

    Ferguson and Carr

    Tight End: Visanthe Shancoe (No we wont drop him no matter how much u want to. Its stupid to think we will)

    Garret Mills (Start using this guy he could be something special)

    Jim Kliensasser

    Linemen: Starters- You know them


    Marcus Johnson RT

    Artis Hicks RG

    Mike Pollak C

    D-Tackle: Kevin Williams

    Pat Williams

    Frank Okam

    Spencer Johnson

    D-Ends: Terrell Suggs

    Erasmus James

    Brian Robison

    Ray Edwards
    I like that. Ray Edwards might be gone. it may be Mitchell or someone else proven.

    Linebackers: You know them. They're the best in the league and young too.

    Cornerbacks: Antoine Winfeild

    Marcus Trufant

    Cedric Griffin

    Marcus McCauley

    Charles Gordon
    Is that dominant or what? Our supposed weakness on defense now looks outstanding

    Safetys: Darren Sharper FS

    Dwight Smith SS

    Bobbie Williams FS

    Tank Williams SS

    Now that is a great team IMO. I think it would be a division winning team. And young so its ready for the future. Has youth in every key position. Colt Brennan to learn behind Whoever is in front of him. That would be my perfect off season.

    Are you serious? Besides being "injury prone", none of those statements carry any logic or have any backing what-so-ever concerning mcnabb!
    it's borderline painful reading those bolded statements. Washed up my jiggly butt! No one seems to remember mcnabbs play before he hurt his groin, or really any other time before that, he was easily headed for MVP of the league. He's far from being washed up.

    and the remarks about him whining? please point this out to me. i thought he handled the T.O. incident (which is a VERY big incident as far as player misconduct goes) with class and was very respectful and respectable.

    Problem is, the eagles feel stronger about mcnabb than i do, and i doubt he'll be going ANYWHERE. if i'm not mistaken, i believe they asked for 3 1st round picks for donovan.... sorry, it's not going to happen.
    hahaha Yes they are. Do you follow the NFL.
    No he never whines. He always blames himself for his bad performance and never the guys around him.
    Hmmmm... I wonder. Maybe the time he went on HBO and said 'Everybody's criticizing me because I'm black. If it were Carson Palmer with those numbers you wouldn't be criticizing him as much a you do me.' If thats not whinning I dont know what is. Are you kidding? Then before the Detroit game he said that of course Kitna looks really good with those receivers. That he wishes he had weapons like Kitna to look good. He gets me so angry. I hope we dont get him. Well he handled the TO thing very well because everybody backed him up. Think before you post my friend.

    Man I tell you it's borderline painful reading those bolded statements.
    "Some Coaches pray for wisdom. I pray for 300 lbs. lineman. They give me plenty of wisdom"
    -Chuck Noll

    R.I.P. Sean Taylor

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    Re: My Perfect offseason Moves..

    I posted this earlier in part of my Postgame observations reply:

    So what would I do if I was in the front office?

    Obviously I do not have intricate knowledge of the salary cap of every NFL team, nor do I claim to know the status of every player's position on their respective team's roster.
    This is simply what I would be attempting to do this spring/summer:

    NFL Draft
    Always draft the best available player, especially on a team that does not have great depth at any position besides RB.

    Maybe a draft day trade or two.
    I'd like to see Smith go with a pick for a higher draft pick.
    A team like the Texans or Bengals need help at safety.

    People seem to be relatively split on whether or not we should trade CT.
    I believe that MeMo can do anything CT can do, and he proved it today.
    CT has ball security issues (also shown today), and rumors flew around about what a jerk he is (fighting w/ James in the locker room).
    I would trade him in a package of picks or maybe w/ Smith for a stud WR.
    Again a team like the Texans (Andre Johnson) or Bengals (C. Johnson) that need help at RB may go for such a trade.

    The last trade idea, which I'm sure will have great opposition, is to trade Antoine Winfield for one of the need positions (DE, WR, OL, QB).
    I know that he is our best CB and a great tackler, but his coverage skills still leave something to be desired and he has been an off field distraction by talking bad about the team.
    Why would you want one of your veterans to have the attitude "I don't wanna be on the team unless we are competing for the playoffs."?
    No pooh a-hole!
    Everybody wants to be competing for a Super Bowl, but what are you trying to accomplish by calling out your young teammates and new coach?
    As far as the trade, he should still have great value on the market as he has been hyped up enough by the media.
    Before making the trade, I would like to make sure that we have a verbal commitment from one of the quality FA corners.

    QB Quandry

    TJack did show improvement this year.
    Will he be able to lead us to victories?
    Well, the last two games did show that he has the heart to put up points when needed, but he needs to have quality targets to be more consistent.
    With some better receivers and TE's, I think he will be leaps and bounds better after another TC.

    For security we will need to go after a proven starter this offseason.
    My favorite is Chad Pennington because he is a smart QB that does not make a ton of mistakes.
    He would be great as a mentor for TJ and be able to come in when called upon and not lose the game for us.
    I think that people think Childress is married to TJack more than he is, but I'm guessing that FA QB's will feel they would have a good chance to be the starter on this team, and competition is what we need.
    The key to signing a QB will be to sign a stud WR or TE first, thus making the job more appealing.


    Childress gets a B from me this season.
    His team exceeded most people's expectations, but there were also some head-scratching moments.
    Overall I thought that the coaching improved this year compared to last but it seemed like the players kept screwing up at key moments.
    I don't know how much of that you can put on the coach, but I'm hoping he uses that creative mind to find ways to eliminate stupid mistakes next year.
    The penalties went down significantly in the last half of the season also, so that is another positive.
    Frazier did pretty well for a first year DC and Bevell also showed improvement.

    The conclusion

    I think with some smart offseason acquisitions and improvement by key young players, we will be a force to be reckoned with next season.
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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