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That is why I don't do mock drafts. What a waste of time.
Depends on your perspective....

If you think that trying to guess at who will be picked and believe you will be right with a good percentage of your picks, then yes I agree. Waste of time as you are fooling yourself.

If you are on the other hand using it during the offseason as a means to learn about the new draft class and what roles they can play in the NFL.
Then it is very rewarding.

Very few players got drafted in the first 4 or 5 rounds that I hadn't researched or read something on (mostly via jkjugaloo) in the last month or so.

Again, really depends on your perspective.
I rarely get more than 10 right in a 2 round mock.

By the way, I'm still waiting on a ruling on the Felix Jones pick for Dallas. I should get credit even though I had them taking him at 28 instead of 22.
I agree. I start learning about the new Draft class when NCAA comes out each year. I learn the names of each player rated high and i tend to run multiple dynasties and I learn most of the players that the game simulates having great seasons. I know it's only a game but by Nov, I have a great idea of the next draft class and I know a bit more about the plays I am watching play each week of the season. Lastly, I dive into the draft and scouting. I live for the combine and I look at projected team needs. It's really all about learning about the Newest group of NFL Rookies. I wish there was a way to translate this to women. I would have better luck.
I like the combine but don't put much stock in the numbers.
I watch it more for the fact that it is the first time I get to see a player instead of a stat sheet some scout magazine put together.