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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    "rosellpe" wrote:
    I think what we`re all failing to realize is that this current Viking team is not gonna put butts into seats come regular season.
    We need a superstar, and in my opinion thats either Brady Quinn or Calvin Johnson.

    there was an article on espn that the Bucs were negotiatiing with New Orleans Franchise player Charles Grant.
    The compensation for a 1st rounder is a 1st and a 3rd.

    Dont just think both Calvin or Brady Quinn will both be gone by 7.

    As for WR, I really think they feel Williamson is going to break out.
    I think there wrong, but hey who agrees with Childress?
    Superstars on loosing teams don't put butts in seats either.
    What puts butts in seats are wins. That only comes from a team effort.
    To many posts on here to validate the results of teams that go out and spend on "Big Name" "High Profile" free agents.

    Another aspect that you failed to mention a team uses to put butts in seats is a marketing plan.

    Didn't I see a bunch of posts from season ticket holders on this site that aludes to that being used?
    Seems something along the lines of a pole and reduced tickets etc?
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    The latest Viking Update (received yesterday) has us taking a DE named Jamaal Anderson...
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    Do not worry about that.
    He is the most complete DE in the draft.
    I believe he has the best first step, some believe it is Gaines Adams.
    While Adams may have a slight edge by some I think he is not that motivated (may take plays off, does that sound familiar.) We may actually get some pressure on opposing QBs should this happen.
    So Anderson would be a good pickup, again I would hope someone would trade with us because he and several other prospects should be available at ten or eleven.
    I think Quinn and maybe even Peterson and maybe even both.
    So while some think we may take him, I think someone is going to drop to us and we will take an offensive player if WE STAY AT #7.

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    I kindof like the guy.

    NFL Network Guy, Mayock has us taking him also. Here are a couple of links/scouting reports that I stuck in another thead talking about him.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    "tarkenton10" wrote:
    vikes09 - I agree with that but Smith is gone, Tank is coming off an injury, Sharper would be playing free safety and Blue while capable and could be a good one is not comparable to Landry.

    that would be my pick if we traded down,
    If we keep the #7 pick I would be agreeing with you unless Peterson is there also.
    Then I would flip a coin.
    Peterson is a more sure fire pick in my mind as far a talent is concerned but he is a question mark because of injury concerns.
    Quinn while looking like a top five pick is a QB, that position and WR are one of the biggest crap shoots in the draft.
    Just ask WASH. And SD do the names Heath Shuler and Ryan Leaf ring a bell.

    I would tend to agree with you though, if we keep the #7 pick and Quinn is there unless we get a great trade we should pull the trigger.
    If we traded down i would hope we pick up Justin Blalock from Texas, but that's just a personal preference.
    I feel we were where we should be on defense, but just needed a solid pass rush. Our new defense, while still being the tampa 2 will be more blitz oriented and rely on pressuring the QB. That, in theory, will decrease the lack of time the opposing QBs had to throw. It will be interesting to see that style of defense this year.

    I haven't looked at any recent mock drafts, but i think that the "experts" tend to focus too much on a team needs rather than the B.P.A. Childress and Co. will make the right choice when the time comes, and i trust what our personel are capable of.

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    New England may be interested in trading #24 and #28 to move up.
    I looked at a couple of draft value charts and the #7 pick is about equal to #24 and #28 combined.
    (One showed #7 = 1500 and 24 +28 = 1400 and the other had 1600 vs 1500.

    Also, our 2nd and 3rd round picks equal either 745 or 760.
    This would be worth the 25th or 26th pick.
    If a move down could be made with New England to 24/28, and a move up with Jets/Eagles/Saints to 25 or 26 or 27, we could have 3 first round picks between 24 and 28!

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    i dont really feel like mlb is a need.
    you got ej, ben leber who can play there, and dontarius thomas.
    not to mention this carolina guy who i believe is an inside linebacker.
    ej had a great year last year and hopefully that carries over.
    maybe none of them are mike singletary but they are serviceable and there's enough of them.

    i believe trading down is the best option if the oppurtunity presents itself.
    i dont really care to draft quinn.
    like i've said in other post, i think tavaris is a better athlete, and drafting another young guy to compete with tavaris doesn't really help either one.
    i think we have to see what we got in tavaris and if he turns out to be a bum than we attack qb next season through the draft or getting a unrestricted free agent like matt schaub.
    i am not that enamoured with quinn, in the sense that if we pass on him we will kick ourselves for years to come.
    i think he may be solid, but i dont think he's the next marino or something.

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    I say trade down and take a wide receiver (Jarrett? Bowe? Meachem?) and then pick up Drew Stanton as well.

    Stanton is one of the most underrated quarterbacks of this draft. He had a pretty good career in the Big 10 and possesses good size, good athleticism and has a great arm as well. I really think he could challenge Tarvaris/Brooks for the job in training camp if he's drafted (not because he's that good, but because they're that bad).

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    bigbadragz - I think MLB is a huge need.
    EJH played great but that was at the WILL position.
    He was horible at the Mike two years ago.
    He does not have the cover skills IMO to play a MIKE in the Tampa two.

    Again I wouldn't trade all the way down to NE's picks but if we did some interseting options would be available to help our team.

    I do want want Jarrett or Ginn, I don't think they will excel at the next level.
    We should be able to draft two of these available players at 24 & 28.
    Greg Olson TE (Big NEED), Adam Carriker DE - He is a UDeze type player but is more of a pass rusher.
    Meachem and Bowe WR -I would prefer Meachem he has good size and hands but better speed.
    Jarvis Moss DE- He has a great upside and could help with our pass rush.
    Beason LB - We do need at least one more impact LB and Beason may be there.
    Arron Sears OL - For those of you who feel we need to address the right side of the line.
    He very versatile and can play several postions on the line.

    #24 Meachem WR -TEnnesee

    #28 Jarvis Moss DE - Florida

    #41 Drew Stanton QB - Michigan State

    Obviously if Greg Olson is there we take him.
    A very athletic TE who can give us a weapon at that position we haven't had in years.
    This is obviously if we trade with NE, which I am against trading down that far.

    Ltrey - I like the idea of Stanton but he would be there with our 2nd round pick I think.

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    The closer we get to the draft, the more
    I believe A. Peterson will be available when we select at 7.
    More talk of the Raiders selecting CJ is the reason that I think he will be there.
    If CJ goes #1, that will put a lot of pressure on Detroit and Cleveland to pick one of the QBs and Thomas is still there as well.

    If Cleveland passes on Peterson, I have little doubt that he is on the board at #7, and I think we should take him.

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