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    My Draft Strategy

    I would trade down if CJ is not there.
    I would only trade though if we got a second round pick and it was between Miami (41), Atlanta (44), and SF (42).
    We would still have a choice IMO between LaRon Landry, Jamaal Anderson, And either Adrian Peterson or Brady Quinn.
    We would pick up a draft choice and pick up one of those players that we need.
    Why pick one of them at 7 when we could still get one of them at 11.

    I think that Miami might move up to get Quinn.
    Atlanta might move up to get Landry.
    SF might move up to get Anderson.

    I say that if we move down our most likely draft choice would be Landry. Safeties usually do not go that high in the draft and we would be sitting pretty if we ended up with him. If that is the case then we would get hopefully (40) from Miami.

    (40) With our second round picks I would obviously take the best WR left at that point which could be Sidney Rice -SC, Dwayne Bowe -LSU, or Anthony Gonzales - OSU.
    I wouldn't mind any of them.
    AG got a bad rap about being slow.
    He has great hands and can run in the 4.4 -4.45 range.
    That is decent for a slot receiver and finally we would have a WR with some hands.

    We have a few options now.
    I like Brandon Siler out of Fla.
    He is fast and fills a need at MLB.
    I do no tlike the idea of putting EJH back into the middle he doesn't seem to be a natural fit there, he seems to get lost in pass coverage.
    David Harris ILB - MICH might be a good pick but he reminds me alot of EJH.

    We could use another talented RB and there are a few at this spot, you have Brian Leonard - RUTG he is an allaround back that will give us depth and is a perfect fit for the WCO.
    He has great hands, he is allusive and runs hard.
    Kenny Irons - AUB
    He plays well and runs hard also, decent blocker.
    A talented safety like Michael Griffin - TEX should be here and would be a great pick up.
    He is just below Landry and if we don't get landry and get pick up Anderson we would have two talented young people at two spots that we desperately need.

    MY opinion on how it would go down if we traded down would be

    1 - Laron landry S

    40 - Anthony Gonzales WR OSU
    (Bowe will not there)

    42 - Brandon Siler ILB FLA
    (If he is gone Brian Leonard -highly underrated, he

    will start somewhere)

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    If we were able to get another second round pick I would take Michael Bush from Louisville he was considered the best running back going into last years college season, but he broke his leg in the 1st game and is still considered the 3rd best running back in the draft without playing last year.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    I almost don't see us getting a WR at all, we already address that need. Even though our WRs are crap we still got enough, please NO MORE!

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    If you want a 2nd rd pick added for trading down, the drop from 7 to the pick received in the first round has to be significant to warrant adding the 2nd rd pick.

    If so, then Quinn, etc. wouldn't likely be available when the Vikes make their first round selection.
    In other words, the Vikings would have to drop too far to get a 2nd rd pick to also ensure they could still draft Quinn, or whoever you targetted.

    I like the idea of taking the best player of value and need at #7 to preserve the ability to draft a player likely to make an impact in an area of need; i.e. a DE, WR or QB to upgrade one of those positions.

    The trade out of the 7th slot (down or up) scenarios require finding a WILLING trade partner who is in need of moving up for a coveted player, or moving down due to a perception of reaching for a player of need at their current draft slot, or perception that they need more draft picks to 'fill out' their roster.

    So, to move down to #14 to add a 2nd round pick as compensation for the drop down, you need to convince the team selecting at #14 to trade up to #7.
    That doesn't always work.
    When we stop to think about it, most folks behavior isn't perplexing after all !

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    Whack - while I agree that Bush is a great RB I don't think he will fit into the WCO.
    He seems more like a bruiser and I haven't seen him cathing passes out of the back field.
    I would be in favor of Leonard if we were to get another pick.

    mystykoekaki - I don't see where you would think we are done at the WR position.
    I am almost certain we will take a WR in the second or third round.
    Especially with the depth at this position in the draft.

    Purplexing - I agree that those teams would have to give up more than it is worth.
    But I wouldn't trade below those teams.
    So if one of those three teams really wanted and coveted a player they would give up more to get them.
    Example is free agency- Most free agents are way overpaid but teams know they are in competition with each other for their services.
    Our position could be like that if a coveted player falls to our slot.
    Obviously if we don't get the scenario I envisioned then we keep the pick and choose between those players I suggested would be there for us.

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    Tark: very sound reasoning for your strategy.
    I don't necessarily want to see the Vikes draft a Safety in the first round.
    However if he is the BPA i can live with that.

    I have no doubt in my mind that Speilman and Chilly have worked through a scenario just like this.
    Really, our strategy goin in needs to have a lot of flexiblity.
    Like you said, we should be prepared to pull the trigger to move up if its possible (Did you see CJ's pro workout numbers? OMG); we should be prepared to move down (and what we want for compensation) if someone proves to be interested enough; and we should be prepared to pull the trigger or not on any of the top 6 guys in the draft if they fall to us.

    Flexibility is the name of the game.

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    seaniemkk7 - I agree that we need to be flexible, that is key to drafting.
    I really didn't write about a trade up because IMO the only one we would trade up for would be gone.
    I think GB and Oakland are going to make a trade and Oakland is going to get Rogers.
    If they get Rogers the Raiders will absolutely draft CJ because no one is going to trade up to the #1 spot, just costs too much.
    That means our other option is to trade down!

    Also taking a safety is a little high for seven that is why I would like to trade down for Landry or even DE Jamaal Anderson.
    One of them should be there.
    I think if Landry can play like Sean Taylor from WASH. I would risk drafting a safety that high.
    Who cares what position he plays if the player we take is a playmaker.
    I would rather reach a little and get a playmaker than draft a DE like Udeze.
    I don't like reaches like last year though T. Jackson was a tough draft choice IMO.
    Even though he may pan out we wasted picks.
    If Chilli wanted to draft him he could have with our third round pick!!!

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    As the combine has moved on, the only thing from draft day to now is speculation. In all honesty i would love to have quinn over anybody right at #7 right now. And I'd assume the Vikings take Quinn if he is available especially over a safety. Tank is coming back, Sharper is getting older but still able, Greg Blue who has showed ALOT of promise, and Dwight *i had fun in a stairwell* Smith. That's four above average safeties, so taking one doesn't seem to be too high on my priority list over WR, QB, OL, DE.

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    I think what we`re all failing to realize is that this current Viking team is not gonna put butts into seats come regular season.
    We need a superstar, and in my opinion thats either Brady Quinn or Calvin Johnson.

    there was an article on espn that the Bucs were negotiatiing with New Orleans Franchise player Charles Grant.
    The compensation for a 1st rounder is a 1st and a 3rd.

    Dont just think both Calvin or Brady Quinn will both be gone by 7.

    As for WR, I really think they feel Williamson is going to break out.
    I think there wrong, but hey who agrees with Childress?

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    Re: My Draft Strategy

    vikes09 - I agree with that but Smith is gone, Tank is coming off an injury, Sharper would be playing free safety and Blue while capable and could be a good one is not comparable to Landry.

    that would be my pick if we traded down,
    If we keep the #7 pick I would be agreeing with you unless Peterson is there also.
    Then I would flip a coin.
    Peterson is a more sure fire pick in my mind as far a talent is concerned but he is a question mark because of injury concerns.
    Quinn while looking like a top five pick is a QB, that position and WR are one of the biggest crap shoots in the draft.
    Just ask WASH. And SD do the names Heath Shuler and Ryan Leaf ring a bell.

    I would tend to agree with you though, if we keep the #7 pick and Quinn is there unless we get a great trade we should pull the trigger.

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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