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    Re: MY 2006 Mock Draft

    RB or LB should be our 1st and 2nd round targets..nothing else in those rounds
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    Re: MY 2006 Mock Draft

    "napo58" wrote:
    V unit, I have all the answers to your questions.

    Yes, once the o line is fixed, our running game will be too. Their are alot of capable backs in the fa if benett and moe are gone. Onterrio will also be back. The offense's success is based on the o line. With that, any back with speed will look good in our system. Marcus Johnson is going to be the right tackle next year, with Jabaril Levy coming in to add depth and talent. Jermaine Wiggins shall be a backup and play in sparing situations. Kleinsasser should be moved to fb again, where he is clearly most effective and is a great J blocker. How could you not be upset at Chavous. Every single game this year he has been schooled. The play he made against Detroit was because Roy Williams turned around too late to look for the ball. Chavous is older, is getting slower and slower, and he can not deliver the big hits, something a Strong Safety should be able to do. HE would be a great draft analyst, however. We need some young talent at safety, since Darren Sharper is going to be 31 and has about 2-3 more years in him. IF we can get Willie Offord back along to team up with Darnell Bing/Greg Blue/ Bernard Pollard, we will have a scary safety tandem, much like Dawkins and Michael Lewis in Philly.
    yeah i think chavous wasn't a very good tackler or hitter. tackler i guess he is pretty good but receivers arn't scared to run up the middle on us and we need someone to knock some sence into them.
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    Re: MY 2006 Mock Draft

    17. Minnesota Vikings – LenDale White*, RB USC
    The Vikings need to settle the running back position once and for all. Michael Bennett will probably be gone next year and Onterrio Smith can’t be counted on.

    This is from about

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