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    Mr. A's Awesome, Astounding, Amaranthine, Amazing Analysis: 2009 Edition.

    For the past two years I’ve done this. It’s length, span and ability to stimulate is tremendous. When laid down completely it’s as long as a third leg and as wide as a coffee can. I’ve riddled this paragraph with dick innuendo to grab all of your weak-ass attention spans, with all the uniform and dancing with the stars talk I figured that it would do the trick

    I hope you actually continue to read this entire post(or 4). I’m sure some will, I’m sure most who respond will pretend to have, several will respond on something before finishing the read, and most will just ignore the giant wall of text entirely, unfortunately for those people, they’re missing out on what I consider to be a good read. I’ll be editing it frequently, as I’m sure I screwed up some of the links and bolding/underlining, but quote away(in pieces preferably). Click the links, they're fun. Especially the ones in big letters.

    I’m a little later than usual with this post, so I won’t really address Free Agency. I’ve been busy with school. It will cover everything from preseason expectations to off season analysis.

    [size=14pt]The 2008 Season:[/size]

    Going into the 2008 season, I, as well as many media outlets(probably too many), were expecting great thing from the team we all love. We went out and acquired a deep threat who was supposed to free up the box for Peterson no matter who was at QB. And a defensive end who was supposed to greatly improve the pass defense. I expect improvement by leaps and bounds on both sides of the ball with more experience at LB, Griffin at corner, a solid new safety in Madieu William, and one more year of experience with Childress’ KAO(I still laugh every time I write it) and the Tampa 2 under everyone’s belt. Boy was I disappointed.
    Monday September 8th, Monday Night Football against the Packers: Their first game of the first season what feels like 50 years without Brett Favre. Rodgers first real start, Jared Allen’s first chance to come out and tear his head off. The Vikings’ time to shine.
    We come out 100% flat. Imagine a balloon going through a wood chipper, that kind of flat.
    I lost my voice by halftime, sitting on my couch. If I were at lambeau my vocal chords would have been on the concrete at my feet. That first half of offense made me sick. From that point forward, I knew it was going to be a rough year. What did I have to look forward to at that time? McKinnie coming back? Great, a mediocre tackle. Fortunately he played very well upon his return, but that didn’t really make the kind of difference we needed.

    The rest of the regular season is a blur of mediocrity, poor game planning and offensive execution, ridiculous officiating, and injuries to me now. The one thing I could count on was Adrian Peterson, and he proved he was the fucking man. Jackson came back at the tail end of the year and fantastic, I was truly shocked.
    The defense played great despite injuries to several starters.
    Then came playoff time. Take a look at the Eagles depth chart next time you get a chance. Outside of quarterback, do they have a better player at any single position than we do? I struggle to find one, except for maybe Tra Thomas over Ryan Cook at RT, otherwise we have 5x the talent they do, especially on the defensive side of the ball. You may ask then “Mr. A! Mr. A! If we’re so talented, why don’t we win more?” The answer to that would have to be none other than, “Well kids, Brad Childress is what you might call a MORON.”
    I’ve never been so baffled in my life than I was in the second half of that playoff game. We were getting blitzed like The Alamo, it was ridiculous. Their corners were playing with a large cushion, think Paul Bunyan’s couch.
    And what do we do? Run, and throw slow developing routes. How did our “offensive coordinator”
    not make any adjustments? Is Childress so distracted by how far his arm is up that puppet of a coordinator’s ass that he can’t see something that obvious? Throw a god damn slant route, a quick in, something over the wide open middle or in the flat! How stubborn is this man? I’m shocked and appalled by the play calling of this team. Well not really shocked after the first two years, but still appalled.
    Jargo posted something the other day that summed up our offense perfectly the other day:
    "jargomcfargo" wrote:
    You are only as smart as your coach!


    It's third down and twelve because you have run up the middle, 6 of the first 8 offensive plays.
    The best play to call in order to trick the defense would be?

    A) Run up the middle.
    B) Throw the red flag at the ref.
    C) Call an innappropriate time out, then run up the middle.
    D) Any combination of the above are potentially correct.
    That post was great, I snipped out a part, but that doesn’t make the rest out of context, it would have just made the quote confusing.



    As I’ve already mentioned, I hate what he does with the offense. I really like the talent he’s brought in, building the team the right way. He’s been pretty successful drafting. I like the way he is with the media. I like how he deals with the players, there was a bit of an adjustment period, but I think he’s somewhat lost the “Coach Dad” title that PFT gave him. He’s a good balance of player’s coach and disciplinarian. However, I think he’d gain a ton more respect from his players, us fans, and the media if he brought in a real coordinator and handed over the play calling and game management duties to him. He is clearly incompetent on the sidelines.

    Bevell: I firmly believe that the ball-boy at training camp has more influence on the way this team plays than Darrell Bevell does. Notice
    the “offensive-coordinator” is in quotes everywhere in this post. He wouldn’t be with this team if he didn’t have experience with Childress in the past. He’s was under qualified when we brought him in, he’s done nothing(although he lacked the opportunity to do so) to prove otherwise since being here. I don’t understand why we keep him around. He’s completely and totally useless, I don’t think there’s a fan out there who thinks otherwise.

    Kevin Rogers: For those of you who don’t know, he’s our quarterbacks coach. And believe it or not, I think he’s done a damn good job.
    I think the improvement in Jackson’s mechanics really speaks wonders for what this guy has done. Jackson isn’t producing as well as we’d all like, but I’ll tell you confidently it has nothing to do with his ability as a QB. He improved Jackson leaps and bounds.

    George Stewart: Wide receivers coach. Who really knows how much he’s helped us out? The ball rarely gets to the wide receivers. Our offense is too predictable for them to be open, whether or not they run good routes is irrelevant to the offense as a whole. They seem to be pretty good route runners, there seemed to be less drops, even taking Williamson’s departure into account.

    Jimmie Johnson: Don’t get too excited, now. He’s our tight ends coach. Shiancoe greatly improved this season, Garrett Mills appears to be solid. Dugan and Kleinsasser have been around forever, so I can’t give him credit for those guys. But I’ll say he’s coached up the other two, Shiancoe and Mills pretty well.

    Pat Morris & Jim Hueber: Offensive line. This is a very talented group. Hutchinson, McKinnie, and Birk are supposed to be excellent players. And I’ll say they were, despite Birk’s senior moments. Hererra’s play has been tremendous. Cook shows improvement. No regression in offensive line play since they’ve been here, overall a solid job. Pass blocking needs to take another step in the right direction next season.

    Eric Bieniemy Running backs. Well at tailback he has the best combo in the NFL, and maybe the greatest pure runner the NFL has ever seen.
    Our fullback situation, aside of Kleinsasser’s contributions have been ugly at best. Minimal improvement in Peterson’s receiving and blocking skills concern me. You can’t teach NFL running backs much more aside of how to block and how to run routes, but he’s really not doing it that well. Sure Peterson’s numbers make him look good, but honestly, Peterson is doing nothing we’ve taught him, he’s been running like this his whole life. Tahi, lol. Tapeh, :. If Peterson’s not on the field on 3rd downs next season, continuing our trend of predictability Bienemy is gonna be one of the guys I blame.


    Quarterback: Take off your helmets, the sky isn’t falling. People seem to forget just how well Tarvaris Jackson played at the end of the season, against 4 playoff teams nonetheless. He’s showed a lot of improvement. The first two games of the season were not his fault. He didn’t play that poorly, not great, just ok. Childress needed a scapegoat, and Jackson was it. I think the benching was great for him. I really liked the way he handled the benching as well. Active on the sidelines, always had his earpiece in, I distinctly remember seeing him on the 100 yard pass to Berrian, not even a hint of jealousy. I really started to like Jackson. He’s got the athletic ability, arm strength, accuracy, and the right kind of attitude. He’s well grounded, his head’s on straight. He makes one bad play against the Eagles and everyone forgets how well he played at the end of the regular season.

    Running Back: As a runner, no one is on Adrian Peterson’s level. He’ll run by you, run you over, jump over you, teleport, or burrow to get to the end zone.
    What an athlete, what a runner. He needs to step his game up overall, if he improves as a receiver and blocker, no one can touch him in the NFL’s best RB discussion.
    Chester Taylor: What more can we ask for from a backup running back? Not a word of complaint out of his mouth. Comes in, picks up first downs on the ground, catches the ball, blocks, he does it all.

    Wide Receivers: Interesting group. Bernard Berrian signing definitely helped us out, but didn’t impact the passing game quite enough to really let Peterson unleash on 7 man fronts. I’m a bit concerned about what we have here, but feel I can’t accurately evaluate their talent with the offense we run. Combine the vanilla route combos, 3rd down predictability, and limited viewing angles/Vikings coverage and I really can’t judge them that strongly. So I won’t. The jury is out . I think they’re all pretty talented or bring something to the table. We’re missing a big possession guy who can go over the middle and muscle himself off the line of scrimmage.

    Tight Ends: Visanthe Shiancoe made a 180 degree turn-around this season. He played great. Flew down seams of the middle of the field, caught the ball(struggled a little early on), and really opened up some good opportunities for Jackson to get him the ball. I like what I saw from him. Jimmy Kleinsasser is an animal in the running game. He’s one of my favorite Vikings ever. I’d like to see the ball in his hands a bit more, but I understand the opportunities aren’t really there.

    Fullbacks: Terrible. Why didn’t we resign Tony Richardson? Anyone wonder why Peterson had less long TD runs this season? Because we lost a dynamic blocking fullback, and Berrian isn’t as good of a blocker as Ferguson was downfield, but I’ll sacrifice that drop-off in blocking for an actual threat at WR.

    Offensive Line: Good group. McKinnie played above expectations, Hutch is Hutch, Birk dropped off in play a bit, Herrera surprised, and Cook didn’t play dreadfully. I think we have some depth issues to work on. I’m curious to see how Cook plays next season. Hopefully we devote at least 2 picks to the offensive line in this year’s draft.

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    Re: Anderson's Awesome, Astounding, Amaranthine, Amazing Analysis: 2009 Edition.



    Leslie Frazier: The defense was clearly the strong point of this team. We played well despite injuries to our starting middle linebacker, safety, and various other injuries all around the field. How much of the success that can be credited to Frazier is unknown. He’s running a strong system with a lot very talented players. I don’t see much originality. I’ve seen a little too much conservativeness from our defense, but that could be due to the injuries we sustained. I’ll say Frazier’s been doing a mighty fine job IMO.
    Keeping the guys playing well every series despite the offensive struggles must be a tough job.

    Karl Dunbar: He might have the best job in the NFL. Playing with 3 truly outstanding defensive linemen, all of which seem like really great, fun guys to be around. I’d take his job for
    a quarter of what they pay him. Robison is developing into a solid speed rusher, Edwards isn’t living up to the standards he set for himself(sack record
    : ) Let’s see how they progress next season.

    Fred Pagac: I’m proud of our linebackers. They went from a relatively unknown group to a very good one. EJ Henderson has improved more than anyone I can think of over the past 2 seasons. Chad Greenway came motivated off his knee injury as a rookie and lit up the field this year, he was tremendous. Leber’s cover skills don’t fail to impress me. Fred Pagac is certainly earning his paycheck.

    Joe Woods: Cedric Griffin looks great when we play him close to the line of scrimmage, Tyrell Johnson didn’t look like complete garbage, which is more than can be said about a lot of rookies. Madieu Williams stepped in and played well. Sharper isn’t what he used to be, and that showed. I’ll really judge this guy by Tyrell Johnson’s performance next season.


    Defensive Line:

    Jared Allen: This guy is the man. Personality, motor, talent, productivity, toughness, you name the great adjectives that can be associated with a football player and he’s 100%. Started slow, I remember reading him saying something like he didn’t want to step on any toes. Once he was comfortable he was awesome. Pressure all the time, 14.5 sacks. Awesome player.

    Kevin Williams: Kevin Williams is a beast, plain and simple. Bringing in Allen really allowed him to pass rush again, and his sack numbers went up because of it. He’s still a monster against the run, knocks down passes, but seems to disappear at times.

    Pat Williams: What can I say about this jolly, pregnant, gap filling man. He’s a load in the center of the line, whether he’s playing the 1 or 3 technique, he’s gonna wreak havoc at the line of scrimmage and blow up your run play. Getting up there in age, but I didn’t see his productivity slow down at any point in the season. The injury at the end of the year was a bummer, although I don’t think his presence in the playoff game would have really made a difference.

    Ray Edwards: I’m not sold on this guy by any means. He goes out in the offseason making wild predictions for himself and falls more than 75% short. He’s solid against the run, a pretty decent pass rusher, but if you’re going to make claims that you’re coming for Strahan’s record, you’d better back it up with at least 10 sacks.

    Brian Robison: Robison is good for passing downs. If he knows he can just pin his ears back and rush the passer he can be scary. He’s incredibly explosive. He’s definitely the best athlete we have on the defensive line. The closest fit to a traditional Tampa 2 DE, but I remember seeing him get blown up a few times. He’s got some work to do.

    Fred Evans:I think he’s one of the most underrated guys we have. Spells our DTs, and performs. He didn’t have any sacks, but the run D still stayed strong. In the last 2 games without Pat Williams, Evans got the starts and statistically outperformed Pat, but I’m just saying that to make him look good, stats aren’t Pat’s game. He’s a very capable backup.


    Chad Greenway: I think Greenway played on a pro-bowl level this season. His numbers were better than any other 4-3 OLB, and better than all the 3-4 guys(minus sacks of course.) His cover skills could still use some work, but I really like what I’ve seen everywhere else. Great speed, solid tackler, seems to have good instincts, and is always around the ball. Hand could use some work.

    E.J. Henderson: I think E.J.’s injury was the biggest blow to this entire team all season. I heard it was a toe problem and was relieved. Then I found out he was on IR and was crushed. He was quietly becoming one of the NFL’s best linebackers. He was mastering the Tampa 2, this season he was dropping to that deep zone faster than I’ve ever seen him do it before, making reads, and lighting people up. He hits like a ton of bricks, I just hope he can stay healthy *knocks on wood*

    Ben Leber: Another underrated player. His cover skills are really impressive, he’s a good athlete. He’s not as strong in run support as the other LBs, but he’s still a very solid player.

    Vinny Ciurciu was just terrible,

    Napoleon Harris was a solid backup, David Herron?
    I really know nothing about him. I’m intrigued to see what Erin Henderson does next season, but I’m not getting my hopes up. We could work on depth here.


    Cedric Griffin: Struggled a bit early on, but that could be due to lack of a good safety over the top. He was forced to play with a huge cushion frequently. Handled bigger receivers very well. When he was allowed to press he played the quick guys well also. Stepped up his game in the later half of the season, really impressed me.

    Antoine Winfield: One of the best overall corners in the NFL. I think he’s a perfect fit for the cover 2. Smart, great tackler, and physical. No corner is better in run support. I’m proud to have Winfield on the Vikings.

    Sharper: Struggled this season. He’s never been a great fit in the cover 2. Lost a step in the offseason, but for the most part play alright. He’s a ballhawk, but has been criticized over the past few years for being soft. I think he took too many risks this year and blew a few big plays because of it. I’m sad to see him go, as he’s a great personality and really smart guy, he’s good to have around.

    Tyrell Johnson: Started the first 7 games of his rookie season. I was pleasantly surprised by him. Made a few rookie mistakes and blew a couple plays because of it, but overall I’ll say he played well for a rookie. And like Marrdro said in the yell yesterday he “Sure didn't do much to make anyone think it isn't his job.”

    Madieu Williams: Stepped in and played well right away. Made 8 solo tackles in his Vikings debut. Averaged 4-5 tackles per game, played really well. Picked off a few balls, I think he recovered a fumble against Jacksonville. He and Johnson should make a good duo at safety.
    Benny Sapp and Charles Gordon were solid nickel guys. The injury to Gordon was pretty nasty, but I think he should come back strong from it. Marcus McCauley was a major disappointment. He’s a good tackler, and a great athlete with good size, but he just struggles on the field. He looked good as a rookie and just really stunk it up last season.

    [size=12pt]Special Teams[/size]


    Paul Ferraro: I’m embarrassed to say he was a coach on the Vikings and that he’s from the state of New Jersey. Some of the worst special teams play I’ve ever seen.
    Can someone tell me why Wade and Hicks were returning kicks? Allison, Jaymar Johnson, eve Berrian are better options.

    Heath Farwell: Baller.

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    Re: Anderson's Awesome, Astounding, Amaranthine, Amazing Analysis: 2009 Edition.

    [size=14pt]The 2009 Off-Season So Far:[/size]
    We haven’t made much of a splash in Free Agency. We’ve resigned depth, extended Griffin, and brought in Karl Paymah and Glenn Holt.
    We missed out on Houshmandzadeh and some of you are still bitching about it. It’s his loss. We let Birk and Sharper walk. I mentioned my feelings on Johnson above, and I believe he’s going to be just fine next season.
    Sullivan I’m a little more concerned about. He’s got very limited experience, only a second year player, but he’s about the same size as Birk and seems like a pretty bright kid. I’m not overly concerned about anything going into this season.
    The 2009 NFL Draft
    Positions of need:

    Wide Receiver: I’m sure that Jeremy Maclin and Michael Crabtree will be gone before 22, so I will not be evaluating them.

    Kenny Britt: From Rutgers. 6’3”, 220. He’s a big, strong, athletic receiver. Very strong blocker, excellent body control. Not the best top end speed, but I’ll tell you for a fact that his speed drastically improved from 2007-2008, maybe he can do the same over another off season. Great leaping and body control. He doesn’t always catch with his hands, sometimes he’ll let one get to his catch, but always seems to hold onto it anyway. Some mock sites have reported some character issues, but I don’t know where they get that idea. I go to Rutgers and I can tell you that he’s not a diva. I think he’s a perfect fit for our team, we lack a big strong guy who can get beat the press and muscle through coverage.
    Hakeem Nicks: Kind of similar player to Britt IMO, less of a downfield threat though, he’s a bit smaller at 6’1” 210, although apparently he’s gained 15 pounds with his injury and is looking a little sloppy right now. He’s got a bit better hands than Britt and is a better route runner. I wouldn’t be upset if we drafted Nicks, I think he’s a very good receiver, but I’ll be disappointed if Britt’s available and we pass him up.
    Percy Harvin: A hair over 5’11” and 195, he’s a quick explosive receiver. He’s got solid hands, and tremendous speed and athletic ability. I read he’s not much of a route runner, and the Florida offense makes a RB/WR tweener like him look better than he really is. Despite what many people believe, he’s not a return man. I think he timed slower than he plays and will be a good NFL player. I don’t think he’s the type of player we need right now, but is still good enough to make an impact.
    Second Round: I’d like to see us go for Brian Robiskie if we don’t go WR in the first round. Juaquin Iglesias is solid as well. I don’t know a ton about those two, but I hear lots of great things about Robiskie, but that he lacks a ton of upside.

    Offensive Line:
    I’d like to see us go for a tackle in the first two rounds and a center to compete with Sullivan in the 3rd or 4th.
    Eugene Monroe, Jason Smith, Michael Oher, and Andre Smith will definitely be gone before we pick at 22.

    Eben Britton:
    Solid player from Arizona. He’s got good size a 6’6”, but might be considered a little light at 305.
    Not that great of an athlete, he doesn’t really stand out to me at all physically, but is an overall solid player. Knows his game, at the combine drills he really looked good in his pass blocking drills.

    William Beatty: I really don’t know much about this guy. He’s the same size as Britton. I read he’s very athletic, most analysts say he should gain weight and get stronger.

    Phil Loadholt: This guy’s a mountain of a man. He was incredibly slow, and looked terribly unathletic at the combine. I’m not particularly interested in him.

    Jamon Meredith: He blew me out of the water at the combine. I hadn’t even heard of him until then. He looked tremendously athletic. Really quick. Explosive. About as athletic of an offensive lineman as I’ve seen this year. I read he’s a terrific pass blocker, so that’s a major plus. I’d really like us to pick him up to give Cook competition and possibly be his replacement.

    Defensive Tackle:
    I hate it to break it to some of you, but Pat Williams is running out of room. He’s really getting old. He suffered a pretty serious injury at the end of the season. I hope he can play forever honestly, the guy’s great. But, that’s unrealistic, we need start hunting for a replacement and this year has some solid DTs.

    Ron Brace This guy sounds like Pat Williams Jr. 6’3” 330. Great against the run, quick off the snap. Holds his ground well. Not
    a great pass rusher. Sounds like a perfect replacement. We could probably get him in the 2nd round.

    Fili Moala If we don’t go for Brace in round 2, I’d like us to go after
    Moala in round 3. He’s big at 6’4” 305. He’s very athletic for a big guy, plays the line of scrimmage well laterally. He’s got long arms and strong hands to get off blockers. Played on a great defense in college, so he should fit right in here.
    [youtube=217,175] CROiNcTcTBI [/youtube]

    I’m not gonna go in depth here. Later round guys, just for depth here. Camp battles w/ Erin Henderson and other backups.

    We need a real fullback. Someone who’s going to spring big runs for Peterson.
    Quinn Johnson: Powerful guy. Good lead blocker. He appears to be very powerful(watch this video, you won’t regret it.) I see him ranked as a late round/free agent pick up.

    Not a pressing need, but Winfield is coming into his contract year, and has had some issues with the team in the past. And he’s 33 years old. I’d like for us to pick up a corner rather early if there is any doubt about Winfield’s future.
    There should be a few very solid players available at 22.

    Personally, I really like Darrius Butler from UConn. He’s an incredible athlete with elite speed and explosiveness. Great ball skills, he played receiver at times for UConn. He’s not very big or overly physical, but is good enough of a tackler to play fine. The rest of his game makes up for his lack of physicality and he should do just fine in our system. Typically corners are not taken very high by cover 2 teams, but Butler doubles as a kick returner, something we could really use. Despite the Holt signing. He may also be the BPA at #22.

    Alphonso Smith: Mars inspired me to put him in here. He really is an excellent player, and I neglected the cornerbacks in this post. I think Smith is actually a better fit for the Cover 2 than Darrius Butler is, but I believe Butler is the better player overall mainly because of his ball skills. Smith has great cover skills and is an awesome athlete. Not quite at Butler's level, but he's definitely NFL caliber. He's more physical and a better tackler than Butler. Also a return man. I read he's a bit of a gambler, and he struggles a little with big receivers at only 5'9" 190 pounds. Fortunately those things are overcomable in the cover 2 zone scheme with safety help over the top he can afford to take a risk, and NFL strength and conditioning coaches will get him strong enough to deal with those bigger wideouts.He's got better ball skills than Davis, but not at Butler's level. And he's not as athletic as the other two, but in terms of cover skills and instincts he might be the best of the 3.

    Vontae Davis: Another incredible athlete at CB. The biggest and strongest of the bunch at 5'11" 205. He can handle the bigger receivers and can really get a good jam at the line. I read he may have some personality issues like his big bro Vernon Davis, but otherwise he looks like a perfect fit. I believe it was him I watched a bit of in drills at the senior bowl(it may have been a Clemson player, I remember the orange helmeted corner) and I was really impressed by his fluidity, he hardly lost any speed at all transferring from back pedal to a normal stride, really an impressive guy. He gets off of blocks really well and makes a lot of tackles downfield, the more I watch the more I like this guy. Hopefully he won't be a little diva with our veteran leadership on defense.

    Definitely check out the highlights on these guys, they're really impressive. After looking at these 3, I think I want a corner at 22... thanks for opening my eyes Mars. Any of these guys can learn the system from one solid, and one phenomenal Tampa 2 corner as a nickel guy for a year. Then if we lose Winfield after next season we have a talented youngster to step in. And if we retain him, and I assume it would only be another 2 years or so anyway so they know the position will be there for them.

    My ideal mock draft:
    We would need to work out a way to acquire an additional second round pick this season, but we all know Childress loves the second round, 5 picks in two years. They'll find a way to get it done for me.

    1) If Jeremy Maclin is miraculously available take him. If not Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois. Darius Butler, CB, UConn. or Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest.


    A) Trade w/ any team between 33-40 to pick Kenny Britt

    B) Using our original second round pick, select Jamon Meredith.

    3) Fili Moala, DT, USC

    4) Traded for Sage Rosenfels.

    5) Best center available.

    6) Kelly Holcomb.

    7) Quinn Johnson, FB, LSU.

    7) BPA, or use it in the trade for an additional 2nd rounder.

    [size=14pt]The 2009 Season:[/size]

    I predict that we’ll see a lot of the same. Struggling offense, fans blaming the QB.

    The difference this season will be that the defense stays healthy completely shuts teams down. Top 3 defense in the NFL.

    Right now, that’s all I can predict. The draft will change my predictions a bit, as the team will be different.
    We will win the NFC North at 2-3 games above .500, and lose in our first playoff game.

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    Re: Mr. A's Awesome, Astounding, Amaranthine, Amazing Analysis: 2009 Edition.

    Holy post!

    You need to put chapter numbers on that thing.
    I will have to read it more thoroughly when I am not so busy, but from what I read you are pretty much spot on.

    I especially like what you say about TJack.

    Your mock is a little off though.
    We already traded our 4th for Sage.
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: Mr. A's Awesome, Astounding, Amaranthine, Amazing Analysis: 2009 Edition.

    "jkjuggalo" wrote:
    Holy post!

    You need to put chapter numbers on that thing.
    I will have to read it more thoroughly when I am not so busy, but from what I read you are pretty much spot on.

    I especially like what you say about TJack.

    Your mock is a little off though.
    We already traded our 4th for Sage.
    You sire are correct, edited. I forgot all about Sage lol.

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    Re: Mr. A's Awesome, Astounding, Amaranthine, Amazing Analysis: 2009 Edition.

    A lot of good stuf there, Mr A. I like Kenny Britt too, and Kirwan/Rayn are very impressed with him.

    ...and lose in our first playoff game.
    Good, I like that thinking, IMO, we get at least that far and then hopefully we'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Good a term paper.
    Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood. - H.L. Mencken

    Come from the land of the ice and snow...

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    Re: Mr. A's Awesome, Astounding, Amaranthine, Amazing Analysis: 2009 Edition.

    Good stuff bro. Not a fan of Phonso I see.

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    Re: Mr. A's Awesome, Astounding, Amaranthine, Amazing Analysis: 2009 Edition.

    Great post..I agree with everything you say about our current team. As far as the draft, I'm still a Harvin first guy and I'm glad you mentioned Ron Brace.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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    Re: Mr. A's Awesome, Astounding, Amaranthine, Amazing Analysis: 2009 Edition.

    "marstc09" wrote:
    Good stuff bro. Not a fan of Phonso I see.
    I kind of neglected the corners. I may add a few tonight. I left out Vontae Davis as well.

    Edit: I added 2 more corners.

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    Re: Mr. A's Awesome, Astounding, Amaranthine, Amazing Analysis: 2009 Edition.

    FYI sir, our 6th round pick was traded for Kelly Holcomb.

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