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A holdout is the consumate selfish act by ANY player. People are quick to point out players that are outperforming their contracts, but what about the ones who don't? What about the ones who fail to live up to their contract? I mentioned Jovan Walker a long time back, what has HE done since holding out?
Just noticed you've brought up Javon Walker a few times, and I think he's the wrong guy to go after on this.

Walker had a great season in 2004 (89 catches, 1300+ yards, 12 TDs) and the following spring demanded a new contract, threatening to retire rather than play if he didn't get traded. His quarterback called him out on it (link-some interesting quotes from Favre in retrospect) and Walker showed up to training camp on time (link). In week one he was rewarded for following the advice of his teammates by blowing out his ACL and missing the rest of the season (link).

What's amazing is how much money he's made coming off that injury. He was traded to Denver for the 2006 season and $40 million deal. After a few years and more injury problems (started only 5 games in 2007) he somehow managed to get a $55 million contract from Oakland. He hasn't collected all of that money from the Broncos and the Raiders because he has been cut each time, but he is certainly not doing too badly.

So I'm not saying to feel bad for the guy. He's a grown man making his own decisions with professional representation and he's made a lot of money. But he's a guy that didn't miss any training camp and suffered a bad injury after deciding to be a team player - one of the most important reasons for players to be selfish and hold out.

I'm sure there are plenty of guys whose stories fit in with your bigger point, but I don't think Javon Walker is one of them.
ACtually, despite his financial rewards, Jovan fits my point perfectly.

Jovan held out initially deswpite having only one really solid season under his belt - and the fact that favre made him look good didn't hurt. Favre called him out, and Walker came back only to be hurt...

Now, some will argue that the injury proved Walker's point...but I disagree. Isn't injury something that everyone in the NFL runs the risk of every single day? And does that mean that after a single game of excellence you should now hold out because you might be "entering the sweet spot of productivity"?

No, it doesn't justify the actions taken. Walker was under contract...period. And the following season, after rehabing, he threw another tantrum and was finally traded. Many in Wisconsin blame Drew Rosenhaus for the entire debacle. But Jovan made his bed and was sent packing to Denver where, despite a big money contract, he never really produced.

Then, on to Oakland and another big contract...which he failed to live up to.

And THAT is the point. Just because you DEMAND more money - even if you receive it - doesn't mean you're WORTH it. Jovan Walker has yet to replicate his big that because HE fell off? Or is it because Favre made him look good?

Who knows?

I can't see how you can use this point. The guy shut up and played and got a torn ACl for his efforts. Not all stories end as fortune as his. Most guys are cut and never heard from again.

If the owners can cut you and void a contract, a player has the right to withhold their services. How can you bitch about players but you have owners that cut PRODUCTIVE and HEALTHY players that are PERFORMING because the contracts they signed now pay them too much money. So you tell me, I am performing above expectations and because you are foolish enough to not be able to balance their payroll budget, you have the right to cut me and void our contract when I am upholding my end of the bargain? ....I guess in this world only the players are greedy and the owners can barely feed their families because of the greddy agent.... Wait, I hear the Wilf's private jet taking off now.