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Rob [Brzezinski, the Vikings' vice president of football operations] does a great job of all those projection-type things," a relaxed Childress said while sitting in his Winter Park office. "I really wouldn't want to comment on [individuals] but, yeah, you're looking at the guys that are next, next, next.


Hmmmmmm, that means Bryz does make decisions huh?


Not a bad article considering the source.
Where the hell in that article does it say anything about Rob making decisions on a player?
: Childress says I want this guy and Rob starts the negotiations. The only decisions there are monetary.
Been along time since I went to school and I sucked at English, however, I guess its how you interpret the comment "does a great job of all those projection-type things,".

Isn't the word "Does" a Verb or something like that which equates to someone taking action or making a decision?
Yes it means Rob handles the projections and monetary value of players not deciding who stays on the team. That would be Childress.
I can live with that.
As to your comment on the Chiller, what if the Chiller wants a guy and his monetary demands are to high?
Does he still get him or does Bryz win out?
They would probably have to discuss it.
Chiller probably picks the guys he wants (with help from scouting staff of course)
He goes to Bryz, and says "HIM!"
then Bryz will contact his agent, see what kind of contract they're looking at, then likely have a meeting deciding if the money and the talent are worth signing him.
Obviously if Childress wants a guy, for example, a sleeper TE, with alright speed, and potential catching ability, but no real starting experience, he'll say "I want him"
Shianc..i mean this example's agent will say "well, we want this much" and Bryz will say, hmmm... thats more than we wanted to give, but Brad's the boss... here you go.

Thats how i see it anyway lol
But that kindof negates the process I layed out in a few articles yesterday were the VP of Player Personnel (Rick) and the scouts that work for him (not the Chiller) work all year to get a few candidates at each position for the coaching staff to review.

Out of those candidates the staff, scouts, coaches, medical, PR then rank them accordingly and that are the list of players they go after.

Having said that, I am sure that if the TE's coach convinces the Chiller that a TE (as you say) is the next best thing to sliced bread, the Chiller might lobby for that cat to be prioritized at the top of the TE list.
Doesn't mean they will get him though......

FA's can get snatched by other teams if they go higher than Bryz will spend.
Rooks can get drafted ahead of us resulting in us taking the second TE on the list (developed by everyone).