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Thread: The money trail

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    The money trail

    [size=13pt]The money trail[/size]
    February 21st, 2008 – 1:17 PM by Kevin Seifert

    Checking in from an undisclosed Twin Cities living room, we feel obliged to point out a subtlety of the NFL salary cap that annually confuses fans (and reporters). Namely, how did the Vikings go from having $14.8 million in salary cap space earlier this week to nearly $30 million today — a figure confirmed by VP of Player Personnel Rick Spielman at the scouting combine?

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    Re: The money trail

    I think that this will do it.

    Bryzcheapski will officially be on the shortest of short lists to move up the chain and be targeted as a GM for a struggling team.

    Sure hope someone is taking notes or the Wilf ownership is ready to cough up some of thier big bucks to keep this guy around.
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