"mountainviking" wrote:
Here we go again...complete with trades!!!!!

1. DET

Jason Smith OT
It all starts up front and DET has neglected OL for years.
2. STL

Eugene Monroe OT
Spagnoulo wants to go D, but Pace pushes them to OT.
3. KC

Aaron Curry LB
He can play LB in 3-4 or 4-3.
Safe pick, first year upgrade
4. SEA

Matt Stafford QB
Matt could use some time with Matt.
Want OL, but better value at QB?
5. CLE
Brian Orakpo
Pass rushing OLB to replace McGinest.
6. CIN

Mike Oher OT
They need help bad…30th in sacks allowed in 08!
Sure, they could go with Andre, but at this point they can’t afford another problem.
Go with the good guy story instead.
7. OAK
Jeremy Maclin WR
This is where Raji should go, but Undead Al doesn’t like to do what he should.
Instead of addressing their biggest weakness with the BPA, they go for the playmaker with speed.
8. JAX
Consistent production at WR…JAX fans go, “What???”
If he weren’t available, somebody might move up for Raji.
9. GB
Peria Jerry LDE/DT They’ve got Picket and Jolly at NT, but not much behind the oft injured Jenkins and Harrell on the ends.
PJ makes them more physical up front and Aaron Kampman even more dangerous.
10. SF

Tyson Jackson
I know, Raji is BPA, but Jackson has the build to play LDE in their 3-4 and while they got 40+ tkls each out of both of their DTs, they only got 40 tkls and 3.5 sacks total out of LDE last season.
11. BUF
Everette Brown DE
26th in sacks and 20th vs. run means they need help up front, and seemingly mostly at DE, (LDE if Schobel is healthy, RDE otherwise)
12. DEN
BJ Raji
I think he could still go higher.
Broncos should be stoked, but seeing what JMc has done so far, he’ll probably go for Knowshon Moreno instead.
Could he get Dirty with Sanchez?
To me Cassell is not a WC QB.
13. WAS
Andre Smith
They really do need some OL help…they’ve been buried by injuries and old age.
Andre the giant will remind them of the hogs.

If they’re not sold on Campbell, Sanchez is a WCO QB who might be hard for the new coach to pass on.
14. NO
Malcolm Jenkins
At least a nickel back, possible starter/depth at both.
15. HOU
Brian Cushing
OK, I’m convinced, their need at OLB out weighs QB value.
16. SD
Robert Ayers
The big boys go early, and he’s a player with size to help out front.
Wanted to go WR but wasn’t quite ready to reach for Harvin.
17. NYJ
Mark Sanchez
They can’t believe he’s there for them.
18. CHI
Eben Britton OT
This guy can play either side while they figure out where they want last year’s top pick, C. Williams.
Both years starters at OT are gone!
19. TB
Vontae Davis
The best DTs are gone and Freeman is a reach.
BPA gives them youth behind Ronde and an upgrade at nickel.
20. *1*trade**DEN
Rey Maualuga MLB
Instant upgrade to MLB and run defense!!
With the FA additions of Dawkins, Goodman, and Hill, DEN now has the cornerstones of a very goof defense.
Pound the rock, play solid D, floop the QB!
21. PHI
Knowshon Moreno RB
A good all purpose back to team with Westbrook and insure them against injury and future negotiations.
22. *2*trade** CLE
Chris “Beanie” Wells RB
A local beast of a RB to help carry the load in Mangini’s run first offense.
He now knows all about protecting questionable QBs with the ground game, and doesn’t think J.Lewis can do it on his own.
23. NE
Aaron Maybin OLB
He edges out Laurinaitis barely because of his speed, and gives Belicheck another dangerous weapon at LB.
Vrabel who?
24. ATL
Clay Mathews OLB
Fits the biggest need given their FA losses.
25. MIA
Percy Harvin WR
A top notch playmaker for Pennington who makes their Wildcat even more dangerous.
26. BAL
Darius H-B WR
The local kid gives the Ravens a real threat at WR.
27. IND
Hakeem Nicks WR
A tough all around WR to replace the old.
Yeah, I keep thinking they’ll draft defense, but they really like to keep Peyton happy I guess.
28. PHI
William Beatty OT
Big enough to add bulk and quick enough to handle speed rushers.
None of their current guys have started at LT, so a slight reach but a huge need.
29. NYG
Darius Butler CB
He improves the nickel and their return game.
With Ward signing elsewhere, Bradshaw will be relied upon to run more.
30. TEN
Ron Brace DT
He’s not Haynesworth but he’s got the size to stop the run.
31. ARI
Brandon Pettigrew TE
They had zero TDs at TE last season.
Good all around player who will help their running game too.
32. PIT
Alphonso Smith CB
I was going to give them Mack or Unger, since they could use help all over the OL, but the thing is, the Steelers don’t draft OL in the first round.
Smith might make their cover D even better.
(They lost McFadden (CB) and Smith (S) in FA.)


DET gives Denver the 20th overall pick, Drew Stanton, and a conditional next year in the 2-5 range based on starts etc.
DEN signs another vet QB (Garcia) and drafts a project later.


CLE gives MIN their 2nd round pick for two years running.
With the 4th pick of the 2nd round the Vikings select Kenny Britt, a tough physical receiver who will help out AP in more ways than one.
With the 54th overall pick, (I’m hoping) we select Max Unger, the versatile OL guy to push Cook immediately and back us up in case Sullivan and/or Herrera have issues at Center.
F’n Sweet!!!

i have two problems with that that stand out like a sore thumb... 1. with Denver's first pick, if they are gonna trade cutler, they will draft either sanchez or stafford at 11 if ur mock holds firm... stupid to do anything otherwise..

2. highly doubt cleveland will trade back up to get beanie.. he could possibly be there in the 2nd round when they pick, or so could donald brown, leshawn Mccoy, or knowshon MOreno...

besides that this is what else stood out for me and just my opinion...

1. TOOOO high for Oher, theyd' go with SMith over Oher.. i can't see him going that high.. more likely pick would be Crabtree/Maclin based solely on value, based on who's available in ur picks..

2. Really really early for Jerry...

all the others are decent picks... i guess.. but the above are what stand out for me... if sanchez drops to 17 i think someone will try and move up with SD bc i'm sure the jets would take him... maybe even us, chicago, and/or Tampa...