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Thread: Mock Drafts

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    Mock Drafts

    Those of you that like looking at mock drafts here is a good website.

    2006 Nfl Mock Drafts

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    Re: Mock Drafts

    thanks, great mocks

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    Re: Mock Drafts

    "#17. Jay Cutler QB The Vikings are in full-scale rebuilding mode, but Cutler knows about playing on bad teams in adverse situations."

    Does that bother anyone else??? not the pick but the comment!!!

    First of all I dunno if Cutler will fall that far... and I know this is from

    But the only thing about what they said for us picking him that is true is that we are rebuilding our team... But we are rebuilding to be immediate contenders with new coaches not to be a team that will hopefully be good 5 years from now... and Cultler would not be join a team in a adverse situation... we disposed of a lot of that!!! Whomever wrote that is a Butt dart!!!

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    Re: Mock Drafts

    Pretty crazy how the predictions for Minnesota seem to be the most inconsistent of any team. There seems to be a consensus that it'll be a LB or a RB, but as far as who exactly??? That's a crapshoot. I say LB, but if for some reason DeAngelo Williams is avaliable, we should take him.

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    Re: Mock Drafts

    that linebacker layton they have us picking sounds awsome
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    Re: Mock Drafts

    we need a little help at LB. trade up a few slots and grab aj hawk from osu or maybe take chad greenway at 17. abdul hodge is another good LB from iowa and will most likey be there in round two..
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