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"VikemanX84" wrote:
I already said why I think Ricky Williams should be considered a bust despite having a couple really good years.

Kevin Jones had a terrific second half of his rookie year but that is all.
He had under 700 yards rushing the last two seasons.
He hasn't been consistent at all and has been down right horrible the last two seasons.

WRs: Randy Moss, Torry Holt, David Boston* (hasn't done much recently but 2000-01 he was considered elite and had a good year in '03), Plaxico Burress, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Donte Stallworth, Javon Walker, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Williams, Lee Evans, Michael Clayton (2 off years but was rookie of the year so you can't consider him a bust yet).
I actually counted Chad Johnson as a first rounder the first time through, my bad.

(*Before you get on me about not listing Boston as a bust and listing Ricky Williams as one, go back and read my reasons for Ricky Williams.
If Ricky hadn't completely destroyed the Dolphins franchise I wouldn't have considered him a bust)

Now, in a statistics you would do a T-test to find out if there is a significant difference between WR and RB bust rates.
RB bust rate would be: 50% from 1998-2004 and WRs would be about 57% (rounding up).
Some of you might take issue with 2 or 3 guys though, since this is subjective, so I'll do a test for both 57% and for 63%.

With WRs at 57% we get T-Score of .27 and from that we can easily conclude that there is no significant difference. With WRs at 63% we get a T-Score of .50 which also leads us to the
no significant difference conclusion.

How did Ricky Williams "completely destroy" the Dolphins franchise?
They have Ronnie Brown, who is a more than adequate replacement.

With THAT logic, Randy Moss is a bust, since his leaving the Vikings "completely destroyed" our WR corps.

Once again, just more proof that you can get any result you want by properly manipulating the criteria!

As for Boston, he is WAY more of a bust than Ricky...he will NEVER make it back...while Ricky will be playing somewhere next season just as long as he leaves the weed alone.

As for Clayton, I'm not seeing his name on this list:


Keep in mind, I'm not disagreeing that we don't NEED a WR...but am saying that if that WR pick ISN'T Calvin Johnson, then I don't want the second choice at WR.
I still advocate picking the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE in the first round...regardless of position...over time, this will give you several GREAT players which in turn will make your whole team better.
Wohoo, my bad.
I don't know where I got that he was rookie of the year.
We can take him off the list then, I suppose.

Remember when the Dolphins were contending for the playoffs and posting a couple winning records.
Then, with high aspirations heading into the season Ricky Williams retires when they don't have time to find a replacement and they start sucking because the key to their offense and really their team had left them high and dry.
Maybe I'm remembering that wrong, though, too.
Randy leaving didn't really have that affect on our team.

We can disagree on whether these 2 guys deserve to be considered busts or not. But it isn't going to make much of a difference.
WRs are not significantly more likely to be busts than other positions.