Looking for some help from my fellow Vikings Fans.

I didn't do so well in last years draft pool we run at the shop.
Mostly because I don't follow college ball enough (Gophers don't get much coverage down here in VA) to know all the prospects.

Here are the rules for scoring points in our pool:

a. Team picking in that position (trades are big here)
b. Position picked
c. Player picked
d. You have to submit the first two rounds.

For example in my Mock I have the Raiders picking Jamarcus at number one.
If in fact they did do that then I would get 3 points, however, if they pick Calvin Johnson I would only get 1 point.
Got the team right, but missed position and player.

Were I was missed most of my points last year was I would get the team and position but missed the player.
Again, don't follow the college players much.

With that said, here is what I have for the first round based mostly on team needs and a bunch of time spent on each teams web page(s) and alot of chat rooms.

;D I think that CJ could fall to us in this scenario

#1 Oakland (2-14)-JaMarcus Russell QB LSU
They are in the driver’s seat for this draft, however, they also have huge cap problems and need to restructure or let go some of their key players.

Andrew Walter hasn’t been effective enough during his time on the field to solidify his claim to the quarterback position come next season.
They also have a pretty young OL and could use some help at RB and WR depending on what happens with Moss and Porter.

Oakland can go any position with this pick, to include trading out of it, but if Oakland wants to start winning, they need a franchise quarterback and judging by what all expert accounts say, Russell fits the mold that Big Al likes.

#2 Detroit (3-13)-Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
Detroit needs help at OL, QB and CB, in that order, so I really thought about Joe Thomas here as McMillen needs to do something sooner rather than later.

Still don’t know how he still has his job.

Tough call to decide what he will do (current need/future of team) so I threw the QB situation (Kitna/McCowan) into the mix as a number one priority and have come to the conclusion that they are not the long term solution in Detroit.
McCown’s best season by quarterback rating was in 2005 when he posted a 74.9 rating. He’s shown flashes of being a strong quarterback, but has not been consistent enough to prove he deserves the starting job. With that said, the lions look to the future sooner rather than later in the draft.

#3 Cleveland (4-12)-Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
The biggest problem for the Browns was the injuries to the offensive line. With center LeCharles Bentley apparently out for the duration of next season bolstering the protection up the middle becomes a priority. Joe Andruzzi and Cosey Coleman played decently this season, but too many sacks have been allowed and the running attack has been sub-par.
A lot of discussions on other boards by experts and browns fans have them picking Adrian Peterson here but I an not sure that a RB or their QB will be very effective with out a solid front line.

#4 Tampa Bay (4-12)-Gaines Adams DE Clemson
The Bucs are getting really old on defense. LB Derrick Brooks is closing in on his mid-thirties and getting paid a hefty sum, while Shelton Quarles is even older and will be thirty-six next season. It would be wise to begin preparing a young linebacker heading into next season for extra support and depth.
At defensive end, the Bucs could loose veteran in Simeon Rice, and the team would be wise to put some youth behind him as well. The cornerback position also presents concerns. Ronde Barber is in his thirties, and the Bucs picked up former Raider and Texan Phillip Buchanon because of their need. With the future a concern on defense, Tampa Bay will use their draft choices to add as much young depth as possible.

The other major need on offense is depth behind Joey Galloway at wide receiver. Galloway probably doesn’t have much left in the tank at thirty-five, and receivers Michael Clayton and Ike Hilliard have not produced as was hoped. With 2006 third round draft pick Maurice Stovall on the bench, the team could test the market and bring in a veteran free agent receiver—like Drew Bennett—to get the job done and compliment Galloway.

Mostly because I want CJ to fall to the Vikes as well as team need, I am going to go with Def as my pick here.
Rationale is that
no matter what position on the line, the Bucs need a defensive force. Why not get the best defensive player in Gaines Adams who would pile up huge sacks for a team that missed Warren Sapp's intensity.

#5 Arizona (5-11)-Leon Hall CB Michigan
This is one that puzzles me a bit.
With Thomas, the only player that can help their biggest need (OL) off the board and Calvin Johnson still on the board, will the Cards trade out here to someone who needs a WR (i.e. Pats with two first round picks)?

Rolle and Green are is doing a good job but Macklin hasn’t been what the Cardinals had hoped and the position lacks depth. The safety position will also need to be considered during Arizona’s off-season plans, since Wilson and our boy Robert Griffith (age) have had troubles in coverage at times stopping the bigger faster wide receivers.

If they keep this pick I have them fixing their 3rd need (Secondary) here.

#6 Washington (5-11)-Alan Branch DT Michigan
Washington sure needs a lot of help on the defensive side of the ball, (ie. DE, CB, and MLB in that order) and don’t have a lot of picks this year.

With that said this is another touchy spot for us to get CJ as I believe they will be looking to shop this pick and get some extra picks.
I haven’t’ worked out the details yet but believe if we don’t switch with the Cards here is were we make our move up to get CJ.

Gonna stay with Wash taking a DT here but eventually I am gonna change this if we don’t get a couple of FA WR’s.

#7 Minnesota (6-10)-Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
I know this is a pipe dream but I am going to stick with CJ here.
Again, I think, if we are gonna do it we will make a push for him at either #5 or #6 to keep other teams from coming up to get him.
For now I will let him fall to us at #7.

If he isn’t there then I see us trading out of this spot if we can to get some additional picks however, not sure who would come up unless a team wanted Adrian Peterson bad enough to come up and get him and fix our WR position with later picks as this position is now pretty deep with quality blue chippers in later rounds.

#8 Houston (6-10)-Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
The Texans really need to address both the OL and DL in that order.
For the third consecutive season, had their quarterback (soon to be gone David Carr) sacked at least forty times. No team can win consistently when they are allowing their leader to be pressured so much and taken down so often.

Add to that the pressure of not taking Reggie Bush last year I have them taking RB at this position and using up whatever cap space and draft picks towards fixing defensive and offensive lines.

Additionally they could look at a QB here depending on what happens in the combine; however, I don’t think anyone will warrant a pick here.

#9 Miami (6-10)- Laron Landy S LSU

Even with Daunte I think Miami would select a QB here if there was one available here.
If Quinn slips as far as some expect he could go here.

With that said, and no Quinn here the Dolphins they will either go for DL help for Jason Taylor or go with some help in the secondary.

Because of injuries in the secondary I have them picking Landry or Nelson here as he seems to fit their overall scheme.

#10 Atlanta (7-9)-Michael Griffin S Texas
Because SS Lawyer Milloy will turn thirty-four next season and FS Chris Crocker may not be entirely suited for the position, the Falcons could go secondary with this pick, but the Falcons could really use a DT if they like one here.

#11 San Francisco (7-9)-Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
Even though the 49’rs have used their top picks on offense the past two years and could use some help on the Defensive side of the ball they can’t pass up on either Bowe or Jarrett here.
I have them picking Bowe on one of my mocks but put Jarrett here. Either one will give Smith better wide receiver than some he's thrown to this season.

#12 Buffalo (7-9)-Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
This is one that is tough also.
They could either go with a DB or DE here.

Cornerback Nate Clements is expected to depart via free agency, London Fletcher-Baker is also not expected to return and add to that that their DT aren’t playing up to par.

#13. St. Louis Rams - Patrick Willis LB Mississippi
St. Louis has a desperate need at LB and DE with a possibility of taking a WR here.
Because dexter Coakley and Brandon Chillar have not played well and Chillar is still developing they should take a LB here.

#14. Carolina Panthers - Reggie Nelson S Florida
The Panthers need help at S, LB, TE and possibly QB.
Because there isn’t really anybody here that fits the QB or TE bill I have them going for the best safety here to add depth to that position and LB is a reach, I have them going for their biggest need.
My rationale here is that even though Minter is in his mid-thirties he has a year or two left to develop Nelson. Together with Shaun Williams they should be set.

#15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Justin Blalock OG Texas
The Steelers need help at OL, WR, LB, and DE.

The first place that the Steelers will work to address is on the offensive line. Blalock can play both G and T.

My rationale here is that age and FA will hit them this year and they will be looking to add depth/fill holes.
Faneca is thirty, C Jeff Hartings will be thirty-five and RT tackle Max Starks will be a FA.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the Vikes try to get Starks by the way.

#16. Green Bay Packers - Marshawn Lynch RB Cal
Ahman Green is getting older.

That is all I want to type about the Puckers.

#17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Lawrence Timmons OLB Florida State
Not sure what to do here as the Jags are not a bad team.
My thinking is that Jacksonville could either go LB here or OL (Levi Brown).
Both units played pretty good last year but are young and need some depth.

#18. Cincinnati Bengals – Brandon Meriweather S Miami
Then Bengals need help at a lot of positions because they are not sure who will be in jail from one game to the next.
;D ;D ;D

Seriously though I have their needs at DB, DL and TE.
They could bring in somebody to learn from Sam Adams and maybe provide some relief/situational versatility alongside Bryan Robinson and improve their rush from within.

#19. Tennessee Titans - Levi Brown OT Penn State
Tennessee needs help at the OL, WR and DL positions.
With Drew Bennett possibly gone
;D(hopefully to our beloved Vikes) ;D they might look for help here but because they already have Brandon Jones, Bobby Wade, and Courtney Roby as a young group of receivers I think the OL is a bigger need at either
the G or T positions.
Rationale is that Mawae will be thirty-six shortly is starting to have some injury problems they will look to help protect their franchise (Vince).
I put Brown in here but think they might find someone else that moves up during the combine.

#20. New York Giants - Michael Bush RB Louisville
Because Tiki is leaving I have the RB as the Giants top concern heading into next season only because I am not so sure that they think Jacobs can carry the load as the number one back. If the team thinks that Jacobs can adequately replace Barber, they will still look to add depth to the position, since there isn’t much left after Jacobs.

Louisville supposedly wanted to switch bush to WR when he first came in.
He has speed, can catch the ball and would provide the Giants with a Tiki like presence.

#21. Denver Broncos - Darrell Revis CB Pitt
I had the biggest holes for the Broncos at S, DT and WR.
Lynch is getting old, and they couldn’t get any push up the middle from their DT’s this year.
With that said, I had completely forgot about the loss of Darrant Williams.
Thanks to one of our fellow PPO’rs I fixed this by putting in a CB.

#22. Dallas Cowboys – Arron Sears G Texas
Dallas is another team the doesn’t have to many pressing needs but should take a look at their OL starting with the G position, the team will look to add talent, depth, and youth. Right guard Marco Rivera will be 35 and Kyle Kosier may not be the permanent answer at left guard. The line has allowed 27 sacks up to this point, suggesting that changes will be made.

#23. Kansas City Chiefs – Demarcus Tyler DT NC State
KC has some holes on the Offensive side of the ball at WR, OL but should look at their other side of the ball problems here (i.e. DT or CB).

I think Allen and Hali seem to be ok at DE and will do better next year if they can land someone who can add some pressure up the middle.

#24. New England Patriots - Aaron Ross CB Texas
The Pats have the most leverage of all teams in this draft, at least in the first round with 2 picks.
They need help at S, LB and WR.

The smart move here would be for me to have them take Ginn, but I think Bellicheck is smart enough to know he is the most overrated player in this draft next to Quinn.
Rodney Harrison has battled injuries the past two seasons, and will turn 37. Although they have James Sanders at the position I think they will try to add some more talent/depth in the draft here.

I don’t want to discount to much their other needs LB (age, Vrabel will be 32, Colvin 30, Bruschi 34, Seau if he returns 38) but Banta-Cain has been solid so I think they can wait and add a LB later not as a potential starter but more for insurance in case on of the old guys goes down.

Even though Caldwell and Jackson did pretty good Brady could lobby for a WR here also if he has any say.
We might see one of the lower level WR’s taken here or with their next pick.

#25. New York Jets – Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame
The Jets did a lot better than I thought they would last year. They added “The Brick” and Mangold on the OL and Coles Cotchery did pretty good at the WR spot.
I think they expected more out of McCareins and Dwight Smith is old.
With that said I think their bigger concern is on the DL.
Abraham’s leaving hurt so I think they will look to replace him here.

#26. Philadelphia Eagles - Earl Everett OLB Florida
The Eagles need help at the LB, S, and OL.

Trotter’s health continues to be a factor driving them to look at this position especially if Gaither and McCOY are not the answer the team is looking for. Also, additional help at the outside linebacker spot will help since the position isn’t as strong as it once was.

Safety is another spot with Dawkins turning thirty-four and little depth on the roster.
I will probably change this pick altogether after the combine.

#27. New Orleans Saints - Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
Here is another team that played better than expected.
They really only need some help at CB and TE, WR.

With Horn leaving I think they will look to steal a WR ahead of the Pats here and take Bowe or Ginn.

#28. New England Patriots (f/SEA) - Paul Posluszny, LB Penn St.
They fix their LB problems here.
Tough and mean.
Only issue is what shape his knee is in.

#29. Baltimore Ravens – Kenny Irons RB Auburn
The Ravens needs are RB, OL and maybe QB.

Lewis is maybe starting to show some wear but did do better after “Bill ick” took over play calling duties.
Although he will probably still start next year there isn’t a bunch of depth there especially with Mike Anderson turning 34.
Iron’s is a project but can run with power and catch the ball.

They could also go OL or QB (McNair still has some life in him) but Bush is just to good to pass up here.

#30. San Diego Chargers – Ted Ginn WR Ohio St
The Super Charges don’t need much help that I can see.
Most of the drafts nicks have them needing WR and OL help.

IMO he slips this far because of his size, he is just too small, and drops too many passes to go higher.

#31. Chicago Bears – Amobi Okoye DT Louisville.
The bears need help on the OL and LB (Briggs will be a FA) but I think they will have to take a look at DT here just in case somebody goes to jail.

Don’t want to talk about them anymore than the Pukers ;D

#32. Indianapolis Colts – Quentin Moses DE Georgia

Congrats to the Colts, Tony Dungy, Marvin and Peyton.
Edgerin Who?

They could go OL or LB here but because of Freeney might only be around for another year as they are going to Franchise him.
They might want to go ahead and pick a DE here.