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    Re: Mock Draft Choices

    18th spot is a little rough.
    I believe Malcolm Kelly will be there.
    Hoping anyway.
    You all know that we need WR.
    I trust that Brad will make a good decision.
    I loved our draft last year.
    It looks like we are going to be missing a lot of faces next year.

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    Re: Mock Draft Choices

    "C" wrote:
    "jkjuggalo" wrote:
    "PurpleHornsOfDestruction" wrote:
    For you guys who chose the receiver. hahahahahaha. You crack me up. i'd be willing to bet any of you we won't draft a WR first round. I would never take one first round if I were a coach but Childress won't either. If we get a receiver it will be in Free Agency or later round. we got two rookies who will be something someday. If we daft a receiver that doesn't help us at all. It'll help us when Rice and Allison become great. If you think that they'll be an instant impact. haha The only receiver that was an instant impact in the first round was Randy Moss. If we get one we'll get a established vet. If there is something wrong with our receiver corp its that we dont have a legitimate #1. A rookie will not be a legitimate #1. It won't help us. We'll have the same problem. Youth but not enough greatness and the same crappy receiver corp. He won't draft one. We won't take one first round. I can't see us taking one. We have enough youth at that position. maybe later in the draft. i can't even see second or 3rd round but definitely not first. Just take my word for it. Everything you would watn from him won't come instantly. And if you want it later we already got it later. Rice and Allison are for the future. What we need is the now because those guys aren't there yet. And drafting another guy he wont be there either until Rice and Allison is there. If we get a receiver it'll need to be in Free Agency. Maybe Berrian is my choice.
    Dwayne Bowe made a big impact for the Chiefs this year.
    I seem to recall him catching the TD pass that beat us as a matter of fact.
    To say that Moss is the only rookie first round WR to make an impact is just silly.
    Then there was that Colston fellow, a seventh rounder, that kind of led his team in receiving TD's as a rookie.
    To say that the Vikings would not draft a WR in the first round because they can't make an immediate impact is false IMO.
    Our team's biggest and most obvious need is the WR position.
    Why would they not take one in the first if they have a good value on such a pick?
    Dwayne Bowe was an impact on a
    4-12 team compared to Moss's impact on a 15-1 team (with much variance in stats as well). That's just a silly comparison... don't mean to be a jerk or anything... but it's the truth.
    This is true, but the point I was trying to make is that a first round WR (or a later round) can indeed make an impact in a team's passing game.
    This is precisely what the Vikings need, so I don't understand why they would ignore that position in the first round.
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: Mock Draft Choices

    "jkjuggalo" wrote:
    This is true, but the point I was trying to make is that a first round WR (or a later round) can indeed make an impact in a team's passing game.
    This is precisely what the Vikings need, so I don't understand why they would ignore that position in the first round.
    True also, however, I think we can spend a 1st round pick on a NEED position... I don't like 1st round WR's historically. A lot of busts on that list.

    Sydney Rice was a second round receiver. He may be my favorite Vikings WR since Moss.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re: Mock Draft Choices

    I choose other because Fred Davis wasnt on the list.

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    Re: Mock Draft Choices

    I think we should and might trade away this pick for a stud DE, CB, WR or QB.

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    Re: Mock Draft Choices

    BPA. If that means a WR so be it. Same as last year. BPA

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    Re: Mock Draft Choices

    So Malcolm Kelly was pretty much non-existent in the 1st half and he didn't play in the 2nd half, he must have been injured..They didn't say.

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    Re: Mock Draft Choices

    I'm kind of curious how different the draft boards are going to look after all the bowl games.
    They always shift so much over one game for each player who's evaluated.
    One bowl win or loss can make the difference of being considered "the guy" or considered a failure, it'll be interesting to see what guys slip down to the Vikings slot.

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    Re: Mock Draft Choices

    If we draft a WR at #17 and their not at least the #3 receiver going into the season (with our receiving corps), we drafted the wrong player...

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: Mock Draft Choices

    "aaeyers" wrote:
    This morning I decided to type up a mock draft just to pass the time, but when I got down to the Vikings pick, there were some interesting choices, and I had no idea what to do. I tried to do every teams pick on the best combination of need and BPA (leaning a little more on the side of the teams need). I thought it looked passable, but please comment.

    So when I got to the 17th pick, Adarius Bowman, Calais Campbell, and Reggie Smith were all still available, and those are our three biggest areas of need. Of course there are many other people still available, but in my mind those would be our top three choices. Who would you choose?

    1 Miami - Glenn Dorsey DT
    2 St. Louis - Jake Long OT
    3 Oakland - Darren McFadden RB
    4 Atlanta - Andre Woodson QB
    5 Kansas City - Ryan Clady OT
    6 NY Jets - Chris Long DE
    7 New England - Malcolm Jenkins CB
    8 Baltimore - Matt Ryan QB
    9 Cincinnati - James Laurinitis LB
    10 New Orleans - Kenny Phillips S
    11 Buffalo - Malcolm Kelly WR
    12 Denver - Sedrick Ellis DT
    13 Carolina - Vernon Gholston DE
    14 Chicago - Brian Brohm QB
    15 Detroit - Sam Baker OT
    16 Arizona - Mike Jenkins CB

    Minnesota - ??

    Available: Adarius Bowman, Calais Campbell, Reggie Smith
    This seems fun. I'll give it a try

    1 Miami - Glenn Dorsey DT, LSU (Its a obvious choice. There's a lot of problems with that defense and so you always start and the foundation of the defense. At the line. The whole defense looks a lot better when the D-line looks great. So start with this great versatile D-Tackle. People may think they'll go QB but they said that they passed up Quinn because they thought the guy they have was better and the future of that franchise.)

    2 St. Louis - Jake Long OT, Mich (That O-line has been a mess and the only problem that potential elite offense.)

    3 Oakland -
    Sedrick Ellis DT, USC (They won't take Darren McFadden. Justin Fargas looked spectacular in part of the 5th ranked running attack. He's a rookie. They won't take a running back. Fargas is too good and they have needs else where. They have possibly the worst Defensive tackles in the league. And they lost their number one with Warren Saap retiring. They hve a poor run stopping ability. They will most likely take Sederic Ellis if Dorsey isn't there.)

    4 Atlanta - Brian Brohm QB, Louisville (They like Redman but I think it is quite obvious they will go quarterback and Brohm is an amazing quarterback. They need a quarterback unless you think they'll go with Harrington or Leftwhich. I don't like Woodson. He reminds me too much of Leftwhich. Not great mechanics and one of the slowest releases I've seen. I think he'll be a bust taken later.)

    5 Kansas City - Ryan Clady OT, Boise St. (The big problem with that offense is O-line. That will help the struggling Larry Johnson and Kolby Smith. The O-line helps both the run and the passing game of an offense which is what this team needs. Just look at Cleveland. When both aspects of the offense is crap get a O-lineman. Joe Thomas didn't let one sack all year and helped that running attack a whole lot.)

    6 NY Jets - Chris Long DE, Virginia (They have horrid pass rush. The key to a good pass defense is a good pass rush. That's the big thing wrong with that defense. The offense is fine. It doens't need Mcfadden with their guy Leon Washington developing behind Thomas Jones. They already drafted D-Brickashaw Ferguson with like the 7th pick or something two years ago so not O-Tackle. I'd say go defense and the only stndout problem with that defense is Chris Long.)

    7 New England - James Laurinitis ILB, Ohio St. (They are good everywhere so they'll draft for youth. I'm almost positive they'll go linebacker. Here's all their middle linebackers. Junior Seau like 80 (exaggeration obviousy. He's 38 That guy has got to be on steroids.)
    Tedy Bruschi 33. Larry Izzo 33. He's their only backup. So none of their inside linebackers are under 33. They'll draft inside linebacker I'm certain.)

    8 Baltimore - Darren McFadden RB, Arkansas (How can you pass him up this late. He's BPA. he dropped this far because of his last games performance struggling but no body really needed him. They already have a two back tandem, young guys and or stars. Willis McGahee is average and alone. Plus he's getting to the age that he's going down hill. I think they'll do what we did last year in running a two back set. You may say quarterback but Baltimore said they really liked what Troy Smith showed them in the last few games. As much as I didn't liked him they think he could be something which implies they won't draft a running back. I think they'll pull a us. Thinking we should draft the second best quarterback because we needed it but end up drafting what we already have keeping with the guy the media doesn't like at the time at quarterback and having one of the best running back tandems in the league with a already legit starter and a rookie sensation. I still think they should draft a linebacker. They are old there. Ray Lewis is like 90 or something (again exaggeration but he'll be gone really really soon).)

    9 Cincinnati - Dan Connor OLB, Penn State. (That defense really needs a leader. The leader of Penn State's defense this year. Has some off the field problems but Marvin Lewis is known for not giving a hoot about off the field problems. He doesn't care. Look at Johnathan Joseph. He was suspended a few games in 2005 for prank calling former coaches. It is a good defense. Young and well but what's wrong is the heart and soul of that defense. the linebacking corp and someone to bring that defense together. I think Connor can do that.)

    10 New Orleans - Malcolm Jenkins CB, Ohio St.(The New Orleans Saints situation at corner is so bad that Kevin Kaesviharn, who should be starting at free safety, is starting at corner. Jason David appears to be a free agent disappointment. Jason Craft and Fred Thomas also have not performed well for them at all. There situation is a mess. They need one guy to organize that mess by having a number one to not worry so much about that number two. This guy is the best corner in the draft anyhow.)

    11 Buffalo - DeSean Jackson WR, California (They got Lee Evans but nothing after that. Trent Edwards needs a better second option the Peerless Price or Roscoe Parrish. He is the BPA and it fits the needs. This guy runs a unofficial 4.2. He has burner speed and adjusts his body very well to the ball. Believe it or not his 4.2 speed is one of the least praised part of this receiver. if not him them Malcolm Kelly. He started off slow but got going later in the season putting up great number. the only problem is his size is similar to Ted Ginns. He reminds me a lot of Santana Moss when he is in a great season.)

    12 Denver - Rey Maualuga ILB, USC (Worst against the run. That defense is good but need someone to bring it all together. The heart of a defense is it's linebacking corp and the quarterback of it is it's middle linebacker. Maualuga has great size and blazing speed. A great combination of run stuffing and the speed to be a great coverage man. Will help that run defense and whole defense to be one of the best. I think this guy is the missing component.)

    13 Carolina - Sam Baker OT, USC (When you have to start 4 or 5 different quarterbacks in one season due to injury and your quarterback can't make plays because he only has 2 and 1/2 seconds to throw you know the O-line needs help. The run offense and pass offense both sucked this season and how do you improve both. Get a O-lineman. They need help at O-line. Give the QB more time. Get some whole in the run and you got a offense. Julius Peppers anyone. A absolute star in the NFL. One of the best in the league. It's still possible but I don't think they will go D-End. They might go quarterback. Jake Delholme has been getting old and isn't that great. They might but I'm going to say O-Tackle.)

    14 Chicago - Andre Woodson QB, Kentucky (I wouldn't be surprised if they go Malcolm Kelly especially if they let go Bennard Berrian or O-Tackle but I'll give them a QB because I think that's the more obvious choice. I don't like Andre Woodson but I think Chicago likes him. They like his type of quarterbacks. You know. Bad ones
    ;D . I think he'll be a bust or turn into Leftwich but I definitely see him going to Chicago. He is one of the most accurate QBs in the draft. His completion percentage is mind-bottling. In my opinion his footwork is poor and his release is too slow which will call for a bust but people still love him. And I've predicted busts that were busts and taken earlier.

    15 Detroit - Gosder Cherilus OT, BC (Possibly the best pass protector in the draft. Protected the blindside of Matt Ryan. Some say Jeff Otah is better but I have Cherilus rated better. They will go O-Tackle. Jon Kitna was sacked more then any other quarterback in the NFL. Their O-line was a mess and that can be a top 3 offense with a better O-line. I have a little hunch that because Mike Martz was fired and the offensive mind of that team is gone and Marinelli is a defensive guy. They might go defense maybe Kenny Phillips.

    16 Arizona - Calais Campell, DE, Miami (They like Roderick Hood but they still might go Corner. I want them to go Jonathan Stewart RB out of Oregon and have that two running back set especially if that leaves Campell to us. Im almost sure they will since "The Edge" struggled on his own and is aging but I'm more sure about Calais Campell. In their two losses at the end of the season to Hasselbeck and Brees they let 48-of-63, 587 yards and six touchdowns. That's only 15 incompletions in two weeks! Pathetic! They had horrid pass rush in those games giving Hasselbeck and Brees all the time in the world. This will help that horrid pass rush a lot.

    Minnesota - ??

    1st Choice:

    Matt Ryan QB, BC

    2nd Choice:

    Vernon Gholston DE, Ohio State or Derrick Harvey DE, Florida (He could be a steal. A star who beat Jake Long on several occasions in their meet)

    3rd Choice:

    Jeff Otah OT, Pittsburgh


    Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma (I love his hands. We won't take a receiver first round. We got our future. we need for now and this guy will be more future.)

    Kenny Phillips, SS, Miami (All you guys want this guy. Where will we put him!?! We already have a solid starter in Dwight Smith. Darren Sharper. He'll sit on the bench for 3 years until Sharper retires. I doubt we'll take him. I don't know why you all have this idea that we need a safety so badly now. We need someone to take over for sharper in a few years.

    Mike Jenkins CB, South Florida (We wont. We got two young corners and a established vet. If we get a corner it'll be in free agency but not draft one. Otherwise in 2 years we'll end up with 3 stars at corner.)

    My guess is we'll take Vernon Ghostul or Derrick Hardey because we need a dominant star at D-end. It'll make Robison and James and Ray Edwards look a whole lot better, i think we will take D-end for good reason too. Even if I want Matt Ryan Childress is too stubborn to give up on Jackson just yet. Just one more year of failure and both of them will be gone.

    I'll get criticized yes because no one will look at everyone else but just my choice for us but i dont care. i think D-end is a good choice. Think we drafted awesome last year. We have the same needs as last year. BPA is great and all but need must be considered otherwise we have the same needs next year like last year.
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