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    Re: Minnesota contacts Atlanta

    "According to multiple sources out of Atlanta, the Falcons have virtually no interest whatsoever in trading their valuable backup quarterback."


    " reported Thursday that the Vikings were among the handful of teams that contacted the Atlanta Falcons about quarterback Matt Schaub and were "rebuffed."

    Schaub's agent, David Dunn, declined comment."

    Culpepper says good-bye to Vikings, who are searching for QB

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Minnesota contacts Atlanta

    I heard something like that on ESPN too..

    They are not shopping him.. They want a valuable back up.. And it would take alot to get him if they actually wanted to trade him..

    Just draft Omar Jacobs to develop behind Brad

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    Re: Minnesota contacts Atlanta

    neal is a RG

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    Re: Minnesota contacts Atlanta

    I definatly think giving up our 1st rounder would be worth it. He is already in a West Coast System. He is young (24), and has done well in his chances. I think that any QB you get in the draft you are getting that unknown. He has been in the NFL for a couple of years, is adjusted to the lifestyle and the gameplay. Is his upside as large as a couple of the QB's in the draft, no. But are those draft picks a proven commodity, no. The only guy in the draft (at QB) that I feel is a surefire success is Leinart (especially if he gets hooked up with Norm Chow). All the others I could see as having a chance to be equivelent to Ryan Leaf or Akili Smith.
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