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    Re: McNabb may be coming to Minnesota next year

    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    "vikesfargo" wrote:
    I'm slightly familiar with Philly sports fans, and I love you guys. Compared to you guys, nobody loves their teams more, and the only nit I would pick is that sometimes you guys briefly lose perspective.

    McNabb is in the top three QBs active in the NFL, along with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

    McNabb has been hurt for the past several seasons. He missed 13 games in the last two years.

    If I were the Eagles head coach, I would want to keep McNabb as my QB (already done). Secondarily, in light of the injuries McNabb has had, I would want a capable backup QB ready to go. Currently, the Eagles have Kelly Holcomb. Holcomb is not a good QB and not even a good backup QB.

    Kevin Kolb is a classic "career backup quarterback." He played the run and shoot in college. His high stats won't easily translate into the NFL. He can get it done, but he isn't going to ride in and take over the QB position for the Eagles or any other team.

    My prediction: the Eagles keep Kolb as the #3 QB this year, and groom him to be the #2 QB the following year and into the future. If McNabb ever does get hurt and can't play again, the Eagles will have the pieces in place to not miss a step.

    On ESPN, Jaworski talked about how he felt when the Eagles drafted his eventual replacement in the 2nd round. I love Jaws as a player and analyst, but in this case, he was never the quarterback that McNabb is and continues to be.

    As for the theory that McNabb has permanent, severe injuries that will limit his effectiveness for the rest of his career, I really doubt it. McNabb isn't done tearing up the NFL. He will get at least one ring.

    If McNabb really is injured like that though and he's not good enough for the Eagles anymore, then he's not good enough for the Vikings either. With all due respect, we don't need or want your castoffs. (Thanks for Randall Cunningham, though. He had his best year for us and was league MVP in the year we should have won the Super Bowl (not winning the NFC championship game was not his fault (I blame Billick)).

    It would take alot of convincing to make me believe that McNabb was in the top 8 QB's before he got hurt let alone after major knee surgery.

    IME he is pretty much going to be done in the NFL except a few more Chunky commercials.
    you guys are all crazy.
    mcnabb was having an mvp season last year before he got hurt.
    they werne't playing defense for crap when he was in there.
    once garcia came in they changed philosophy and ran the ball more and played a less aggressive defense which helped.
    but mcnabb has gone to 3 nfc championships and a super bowl, with not much other help, but somehow this guy is a bum to most of you.
    i'm not saying i want him, i'm just saying don't hate cuz it's not warranted.

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    Re: McNabb may be coming to Minnesota next year

    Gotta back ragz on this one.
    McNabb is a pretty damn good QB.
    Not the best out there, but certainly not the worst!
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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