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    McKinnie get it over with!

    [size=20pt]Judge continues McKinnie case[/size]

    IMO, all the continuances in McKinnie's case is potentially hurting the Vikes.

    It would be great if McK can slide on the whole thing, but that isn't going to happen.
    Goodell is going to come down big time on him... 4 games at least given his history.

    The thing is, since this isn't decided, McK is taking away reps from his replacement who will need to gel with the line more than McK needs to.

    Now the next trial date is Sept 24th, 3 games into the season, not a good time to get suspended and leave a backup to step in.

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    Re: McKinnie get it over with!

    That article was posted 4 days ago......

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    Re: McKinnie get it over with!

    Netiquette rules.
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    Breaking news or hot topics are more likely to have been covered; please add to existing thread.
    Got a unique take?
    Then by all means post a new thread.
    check, use the [size=13pt] PP.O Search Function[/size]
    We have some members here that are quick and really on top of things when news happens; so you have to be pretty quick to beat them on a story.
    Your best bet is to check

    Also, it helps to title your thread the same as the title of the article.

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