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    Marrdro's 7 Round Mock Draft

    Well I finally got through all 7 rounds. Not sure whats wrong with me, typically by the time, I've gone through all 7 rounds and made several adjustments.

    Anyway, here goes. A few things to consider as you critique/comment/provide input:

    a. I tried to stay with one source for info this time instead of using multiple sites for player profiles, team needs, player visits, FA signings etc. as I plugged players into the teams picks.

    b. Although I believe BPA is the right way to draft and what most teams will do, for this draft I use a mix of BPA and Team Need to do this.

    Let me explain. When a team is ready to pick, I look at the next 10 players based on thier draft projection. If for instance there is/are a 1-QB, 3-WR's, 2-DT, 2-CB, 1-DE, and 1-OL there for the taking I will look at the teams needs to see what is the biggest need. For this drill, lets say the team needed a LDE but the DE there is a RDE. I wouldn't necessarily plug that cat in. I would then look to thier second biggest need.

    c. Player projections/profiles. As I said, I tried to stay with one site for this effort. Here is the link to the player projections and thier profiles that I used.

    CBS Sports - Player Projections

    d. Team Needs. As with player projections, here is the link to team needs link.

    CBS Sports - Team Needs

    e. FA Moves. Although I really liked the way that CBS did thier page this year, they really didn't have a good place to go find what teams were doing in FA. For that I used the following link.

    KFFL - NFL Free Agent Tracker

    Having said all of that, here is what I'm looking for, if you so choose to participate/comment:

    Your thoughts on the picks.
    a. Even though I will reply, I really don't care to see comments along the lines of "No way (Insert Favorite Collegiate Players Name Here) slips that far". You might be right, he might not, however, based on the formula/process of BPA/Team Needs I used, he just might.

    If you really believe he won't, feel free to give me who you believe he will be taken by and why. If it makes sense I might just move him to that team/spot.

    b. Same thing goes for the typical response of "No way (Insert Team Here) takes (Insert player/position here)" comment. Again, I will reply but it will be to ask you for the rationale behind that statement.

    Rationale for picks
    To keep this short, I am not going to put in my rationale for each and every pick. If you ask I will give you my thoughts behind the pick.

    Again, I am looking for input and am open to anything, however, without the details I probably won't change the pick.

    Last but not least, for all you mockers of mocks......Any/all input from you will be well recieved. In the end this is supposed to be fun. :P
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re:Marrdro's 7 Round Mock Draft

    Round 1
    1. St. Louis (1-15) Sam Bradford QB
    2. Detroit (2-14) Russell Okung OT
    3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Ndamukong Suh DT
    4. Washington (4-12) Brian Bulaga OT
    5. Kansas City (4-12) Gerald McCoy DT
    6. Seattle (5-11) Trent Williams OT
    7. Cleveland (5-11) Eric Berry S
    8. Oakland (5-11) Anthony Davis OT
    9. Buffalo (6-10) Jimmy Clausen QB
    10. Jacksonville (7-9) Joe Haden CB
    11. Denver - from Chicago (7-9) Rolando McClain ILB
    12. Miami (7-9) Sergio Kindle OLB
    13. San Francisco (8-8) Taylor Mays S
    14. Seattle - from Denver (8-8) C.J. Spiller RB
    15. New York Giants (8-8) Derrick Morgan DE
    16. Tennessee (8-8) Dan Williams DT
    17. San Francisco - from Carolina (8-8) Bruce Campbell OT
    18. Pittsburgh (9-7) Mike Iupati OG
    19. Atlanta (9-7) Brandon Graham OLB/DE
    20. Houston (9-7) Kyle Wilson CB
    21. Cincinnati (10-6) Jermaine Gresham TE
    22. New England (10-6) Jason Pierre-Paul DE
    23. Green Bay (11-5) Sean Weatherspoon OLB
    24. Philadelphia (11-5) Everson Griffen DE
    25. Baltimore (9-7) Earl Thomas CB/S
    26. Arizona (10-6) Jerry Hughes DE/OLB
    27. Dallas (11-5) Charles Brown OT
    28. San Diego (13-3) Terrence Cody DT
    29. New York Jets (9-7) Dez Bryant WR
    30. Minnesota (12-4) Brian Price DT
    31. Indianapolis (14-2) Maurkice Pouncey OC
    32. New Orleans (13-3) Jared Odrick DT
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re:Marrdro's 7 Round Mock Draft

    Round 2
    1. St. Louis (1-15) Golden Tate WR
    2. Detroit (2-14) Ryan Mathews RB
    3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Demaryius Thomas WR
    4. Kansas City (4-12) Brandon Spikes ILB
    5. Washington (4-12) Nate Allen S
    6. Cleveland (5-11) Colt McCoy QB
    7. Oakland (5-11) Torrell Troup DT
    8. San Diego (13-3) - from Seattle (5-11) Patrick Robinson CB
    9. Buffalo (6-10) Brandon LaFell WR
    10. Tampa Bay - from Chicago (7-9) Devin McCourty CB
    11. Denver - from Miami (7-9) Arrelious Benn WR
    12. New England - from Jacksonville (7-9) Daryl Washington OLB
    13. Denver (8-8) Jon Asamoah OG
    14. New York Giants (8-8) Kareem Jackson CB
    15. New England - from Tennessee (8-8) Jahvid Best RB
    16. Carolina (8-8) Cam Thomas DT
    17. San Francisco (8-8) Major Wright FS
    18. Kansas City - from Atlanta (9-7) Chad Jones S
    19. Houston (9-7) Toby Gerhart RB
    20. Pittsburgh (9-7) Carlos Dunlap DE
    21. New England (10-6) Sean Lee ILB
    22. Cincinnati (10-6) Donovan Warren FS
    23. Philadelphia (11-5) Koa Misi OLB
    24. Green Bay (11-5) Jonathan Dwyer RB
    25. Baltimore (9-7) Lamarr Houston DT
    26. Arizona (10-6) Chris Cook CB
    27. Dallas (11-5) Morgan Burnett FS
    28. Seattle (5-11) - From San Diego (13-3) Alex Carrington DE
    29. New York Jets (9-7) Tyson Alualu DT
    30. Minnesota (12-4) Dominique Franks CB
    31. Indianapolis (14-2) Corey Wootton DE
    32. New Orleans (13-3) Ricky Sapp OLB
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re:Marrdro's 7 Round Mock Draft

    Round 3
    1. St. Louis (1-15) Rob Gronkowski TE
    2. Detroit (2-14) Reshad Jones SS
    3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Jermaine Cunningham DE
    4. Washington (4-12) Exercised Supplemental Pick
    4. Kansas City (4-12) Rodger Saffold OT
    5. Oakland (5-11) Damian Williams WR
    6. Philadelphia - from Seattle (5-11) Matt Tennant OC
    7. Cleveland (5-11) Daniel Te'o-Nesheim DE
    8. Buffalo (6-10) Geno Atkins DT
    9. Miami (7-9) Brandon Ghee CB
    10. Jacksonville (7-9) Tim Tebow QB
    11. Chicago (7-9) Vladimir Ducasse OT
    12. New York Giants (8-8) Donald Butler ILB
    13. Tennessee (8-8) Brandon Lang DE
    14. Carolina (8-8) Eric Norwood OLB
    15. San Francisco (8-8) Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB
    16. Denver (8-8) Jimmy Graham TE
    17. Houston (9-7) Kam Chancellor FS
    18. Pittsburgh (9-7) John Jerry OT
    19. Atlanta (9-7) Dexter McCluster WR/RB
    20. Cincinnati (10-6) Darrell Stuckey SS
    21. Cleveland - from Oakland via New England (10-6) Jerome Murphy CB
    22. Green Bay (11-5) Carlton Mitchell WR
    23. Philadelphia (11-5) Amari Spievey CB
    24. Arizona - from Baltimore (9-7) Javier Arenas CB
    25. Arizona (10-6) Jamar Chaney ILB
    26. Dallas (11-5) C.J. Wilson DE
    27. San Diego (13-3) Ben Tate RB
    28. Cleveland - from New York Jets (9-7) Eric Decker WR
    29. Minnesota (12-4) Navorro Bowman OLB
    30. Indianapolis (14-2) T.J. Ward SS
    31. New Orleans (13-3) Austen Lane DE
    32. Cincinnati (Compensatory) Mike Neal DT
    33. Tennesse (Compensatory) Kevin Thomas CB
    34. Atlanta (Compensatory) Thaddeus Gibson OLB
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    Re:Marrdro's 7 Round Mock Draft

    Round 4
    1. St. Louis (1-15) Perrish Cox CB
    2. Detroit (2-14) Walter McFadden CB
    3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Mike Johnson OG
    4. Kansas City (4-12) Taylor Price WR
    5. Washington (4-12) Montario Hardesty RB
    6. Seattle (5-11) Alterraun Verner CB
    7. Cleveland (5-11) J.D. Walton OC
    8. Oakland (5-11) Joe McKnight RB
    9. Buffalo (6-10) Jason Worilds DE
    10. Jacksonville (7-9) Jacoby Ford WR
    11. Chicago (7-9) Marshwan Gilyard WR
    12. Miami (7-9) Myron Lewis FS
    13. Tennessee (8-8) Blair White WR
    14. Carolina (8-8) Riley Cooper WR
    15. San Francisco (8-8) Perry Riley OLB
    16. Denver (8-8) Robert Johnson FS
    17. New York Giants (8-8) Dorin Dickerson TE
    18. Pittsburgh (9-7) Lonyae Miller RB
    19. Atlanta (9-7) Anothony McCoy TE
    20. Houston (9-7) Arthur Jones DT
    21. New England (10-6) Dennis Pitta TE
    22. Cincinnati (10-6) Dan LeFevour QB
    23. Philadelphia (11-5) Anthony Dixon RB
    24. Green Bay (11-5) Ed Wang OT
    25. Arizona - from Baltimore (9-7) Aaron Hernandez TE
    26. New York Jets - from Arizona (10-6) Dekoda Watson OLB
    27. Dallas (11-5) Mitch Petrus OG
    28. San Diego (13-3) Selvish Capers OT
    29. Philadelphia - from New York Jets (9-7) Zane Beadles OG
    30. Minnesota (12-4) John Skelton QB
    31. Indianapolis (14-2) Kyle Calloway OT
    32. New Orleans (13-3) Tony Moeaki TE
    33. Cincinnati (Compensatory) Greg Hardy DE
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    Re:Marrdro's 7 Round Mock Draft

    Round 5
    1. St. Louis (1-15) Lindsey Witten DE
    2. Detroit (2-14) Jeff Owens DT
    3. Cleveland - from Tampa Bay (3-13) Jeromy Miles FS
    4. Washington (4-12) Andre Roberts WR
    5. Kansas City (4-12) Ed Dickson TE
    6. Cleveland (5-11) Linval Joseph DT
    7. Oakland (5-11) Jonathan Crompton QB
    8. Seattle (5-11) Larry Asante SS
    9. Buffalo (6-10) Sam Young OT
    10. Chicago (7-9) Trevor Lindley CB
    11. Kansas City - from Miami (7-9) Eric Olsen OG
    12. Jacksonville (7-9) Rennie Curran OLB
    13. Kansas City - from Carolina (8-8) Josh Moore CB
    14. San Francisco (8-8) Tony Pike QB
    15. Cleveland - from Detroit via Denver (8-8) Walter Thurmond III CB
    16. New York Giants (8-8) Jordan Shipley WR
    17. Tennessee (8-8) O'Brien Schofield OLB
    18. Atlanta (9-7) Marshall Newhouse OG
    19. Houston (9-7) Al Woods DT
    20. Pittsburgh (9-7) A.J. Jefferson CB
    21. Cincinnati* (10-6) George Johnson DE
    22. Tampa Bay - from New England* (10-6) Zach Robinson QB
    23. Green Bay* (11-5) Syd'Quan Thompson CB
    24. New York Jets - from Philadelphia* (11-5) Terrell Skinner FS
    25. Baltimore* (9-7) Garrett Graham TE
    26. Baltimore - from Arizona* (10-6) Phillip Dillard ILB
    27. Oakland - from New England via Denver and Dallas* (11-5) Clifton Geathers DE
    28. San Diego* (13-3) Jarrett Brown QB
    29. Cleveland - from New York Jets* (9-7) Joe Webb WR/QB
    30. Minnesota* (12-4) Pat Angerer ILB
    31. Indianapolis* (14-2) Brian Jackson CB
    32. St Louis - from Philadelphia via New Orleans* (13-3) A.J. Edds OLB
    33. Pittsburg (Compensatory) Dezmon Briscoe WR
    34. Atlanta (Compensatory) Jason Fox OT
    35. Pittsburg (Compensatory) D'Anthony Smith DT
    36. Minnesota (Compensatory) James Starks RB
    37. San Diego (Compensatory) Andrew Quarless TE
    38. Green Bay (Compensatory) Ted Larsen OC
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    Re:Marrdro's 7 Round Mock Draft

    Round 6
    1. St. Louis (1-15) Tony Washington OT
    2. Atlanta - from Detroit (2-14) Jamar Wall CB
    3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Myron Rolle SS
    4. Miami - from Kansas City (4-12) Michael Hoomanawanui TE
    5. Miami - from Washington (4-12) Travis Goethel ILB
    6. Carolina - from Oakland (5-11) Jevan Snead QB
    7. Seattle (5-11) Harry Coleman SS
    8. Cleveland (5-11) Joique Bell RB
    9. Buffalo (6-10) Kevin Basped DE
    10. Miami (7-9) Shawn Lauvao OG
    11. Jacksonville (7-9) Kurt Coleman SS
    12. Chicago (7-9) Ciron Black OG
    13. San Francisco (8-8) Jeremy Williams WR
    14. Denver (8-8) Levi Brown QB
    15. New York Giants (8-8) Arthur Moats OLB
    16. Tennessee (8-8) John Estes OC
    17. Cleveland - from Carolina (8-8) Dennis Landolt OT
    18. Houston (9-7) Corey Peters DT
    19. Pittsburgh (9-7) Joe Hawley OC
    20. Atlanta (9-7) Kevin Haslam OT
    21. New England* (10-6) Charles Scott RB
    22. Cincinnati* (10-6) Kevin Conner OLB
    23. Buffalo - from Philadelphia* (11-5) Willie Young DE
    24. Green Bay* (11-5) Shann Schillinger FS
    25. Baltimore* (9-7) Darian Stewart SS
    26. Arizona* (10-6) Derek Hardman OT
    27. Dallas* (11-5) Darryl Sharpton ILB
    28. Houston - from San Diego* (13-3) George Selvie DE
    29. New York Jets* (9-7) Rahim Alem DE/OLB
    30. Minnesota* (12-4) Charlie Tanner OG
    31. Philadelphia - from Indianapolis* (14-2) Earl Mitchell DT
    32. New Orleans* (13-3) Nick Polk FS
    33. Carolina (Compensatory) James Ruffin DE
    34. Jacksonville (Compensatory) Micah Johnson ILB
    35. Carolina (Compensatory) Feni Onobun TE
    36. New England (Compensatory) Nolan Carroll CB
    37. San Fransisco (Compensatory) LeGarrette Blount RB
    38. Tennesse (Compensatory) Nate Byham TE
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    Re:Marrdro's 7 Round Mock Draft

    Round 7
    1. St. Louis (1-15) Brandon Carter OG
    2. Buffalo - from Detroit (2-14) Hall Davis DE
    3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Roddrick Muckelroy OLB
    4. Washington (4-12) Patrick Stoudamire CB
    5. Miami - from Kansas City (4-12) Mike Kafka QB
    6. Seattle (5-11) Nate Collins DT
    7. Detroit - from Cleveland (5-11) Marcus Easley WR
    8. Oakland (5-11) Chris Scott OG
    9. Buffalo (6-10) Barry Church SS
    10. Tampa Bay - from Jacksonville (7-9) Thomas Welch OT
    11. Chicago (7-9) Andre Dixon RB
    12. Miami (7-9) Chris Marinelli OT
    13. Denver (8-8) Kendrick Lewis FS
    14. New York Giants (8-8) Andre Anderson RB
    15. Tennessee (8-8) Colin Peek TE
    16. Carolina (8-8) Shelley Smith OG
    17. San Francisco (8-8) Jeff Byers C/OG
    18. Pittsburgh (9-7) Sean Canfield QB
    19. St. Louis - from Atlanta (9-7) Deji Karim RB
    20. Houston (9-7) Chris DeGeare OG
    21. Cincinnati* (10-6) Shay Hodge WR
    22. New England* (10-6) Tim Hiller QB
    23. Green Bay* (11-5) Kion Wilson ILB
    24. New England - from Philadelphia* (11-5) Quentin Scott FS
    25. Tampa Bay - from Baltimore* (9-7) Kieth Toston RB
    26. Arizona* (10-6) David Gettis WR
    27. Dallas* (11-5) Kyle McCarthy SS
    28. San Diego* (13-3) David Reed WR
    29. New York Jets* (9-7) Vince Oghobaase DT
    30. Minnesota* (12-4) Chris Maragos FS
    31. Indianapolis* (14-2) Travis Ivey DT
    32. New Orleans* (13-3) Chris Brown RB
    33. Indianapolis (Compensatory) Will Barker OT
    34. Tennessee (Compensatory) Armanti Edwards QB
    35. Pittsburgh (Compensatory) Josh Hull ILB
    36. Philadelphia (Compensatory) Chris Marinelli OT
    37. Philadelphia (Compensatory) Thomas Austin OG
    38. Seattle (Compensatory) Freddie Barnes WR
    39. Indianapolis (Compensatory) Dexter Davis OLB
    40. New England (Compensatory) Ekom Udofia DT
    41. New England (Compensatory) Reggie Stephens OG
    42. Carolina (Compensatory) Stephan Virgil CB
    43. New England (Compensatory) Justin Woodall SS
    44. Oakland (Compensatory) Robert Vaughn FS
    45. Miami (Compensatory) Ryan Stamper OLB
    46. Tampa Bay (Compensatory) Caz Piurowski TE
    47. St. Louis (Compensatory) Reggie Carter OLB
    48. Detroit (Compensatory) Sergio Render OG
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    Re:Marrdro's 7 Round Mock Draft

    Info on the Vikes selections.....All from our good friends at CBS Sports. (Key note, did I mention how much I liked thier site this year?)

    CBS Sports

    1-30. Minnesota (12-4) Brian Price DT
    Pass rush: Flashes a quick initial burst to slide through gaps and create havoc in the backfield. Varies his speed and surprises pass blockers with his burst and variety of hand techniques, including a classic rip and swim. Excellent use of leverage and strength for the bull rush. Can push the pass blocker deep into the pocket and disengage to make the play. Only adequate balance and agility to change direction. Has to do a better job protecting his knees against cut blocks. Spends too much time on the ground. Possesses very good short-area quickness, but taps out quickly and can become a lumbering bear if he has to chase the quarterback. Short arms and will struggle to disengage once the tackle locks him out. Marginal height and effort to get his hands up in the passing lanes, knocking down only one pass a year.

    Run defense: Tough to move off the line of scrimmage with his low center of gravity and great strength. Creates a pile in the middle and can make the play without making the tackle. Anchors well against the double team and has the quick feet to split it and make the tackle. Good use of hands to shed. Locates the ball quickly, but is inconsistent with his balance to re-direct in time to make the play. Spends too much time on the ground. Adequate hustle in pursuit laterally, but tires quickly and provides little in terms of chasing downfield.

    Explosion: Arguably his greatest asset. Has an explosive burst to penetrate through the gap. Good explosive jolt with his hands to knock a blocker backward.

    Strength: Good use of strength in his upper and lower body to push the pocket as a bull rusher. Good lower-body strength to anchor in short-yardage situations. Good strength for the drag-down tackle while still engaged with a blocker.

    Tackling: Good strength for the drag-down tackle while still engaged, but makes many of his stops by lunging at ballcarriers at the line of scrimmage. Has very good short-area quickness, but lacks the balance to break down in space consistently against elusive ballcarriers. Too often beats blocks to get into the backfield only to be eluded by ballcarriers.

    Intangibles: Grew up in notorious South Central Los Angeles and attended Crenshaw High School. Has dealt with personal tragedy -- two of his brothers were shot and killed. Was forced to sit out the first three games of his freshman season due to paperwork issues with the NCAA.
    2-30. Minnesota (12-4) Dominique Franks CB
    Read & React: Good recognition of routes. Can read his man and is aware of others on his side of the field. Reads the quarterback's eyes well when in zone. Easily diagnoses quick screens and reverses.

    Man Coverage: Fast and low backpedal, flexible with a smooth hip turn. Nice change-of-direction skills, able to stick with receivers on crossing routes and down the sideline. Stays aware of his man when quarterback scrambles, but will be quick to attack. Willing to pop receiver at four or five yards to knock him off his route when playing off the line. Could be more consistent using his hands on the line, but is generally effective.

    Zone Coverage: Good awareness in zone, able to come off his man and clamp down underneath route to limit the gain or make a big play. Has the speed to catch up with the deep route. Had miscommunication with safeties on coverage handoffs throughout his career, leading to more big plays than you'd expect from a richly talented secondary.

    Closing/Recovery: Excellent plant and drive and recovery speed, closes on the ball in the air very quickly in zone and man. Baits quarterbacks to throw the out pattern, which he can easily knock away with long arms and strong hands. Has dropped would-be interceptions.

    Run Support: Rarely asked to support the run at OU. Effective as a cut-down tackler, a technique that might not work against bigger backs in the NFL. Forces plays inside when on an island. Larger receivers can force him out of the play and Franks must use his hands better to get off blocks.

    Tackling: Has the requisite height and upper-body strength for the position. Reliable tackling his receiver after the catch, wraps up most any ballcarrier with his length and aggressiveness. Will throw down or plant his man if able, and let him know about it afterwards. Has the size and speed to chase down open ballcarriers and drag them to the ground, but is not strong enough to avoid stiff arms from larger backs and receivers.

    Intangibles: Good character and work ethic, no major issues with coaches or teammates. Should get a shot as a returner. Does not have great elusiveness on punt returns but works as the safety return man in the red zone, runs strong and makes difficult catches. Lacks great vision on kickoff returns.
    3-29. Minnesota (12-4) Navorro Bowman OLB
    Read & React: Smart, with a great nose for the ball. Reacts quickly to inside or stretch runs, recognizes misdirection plays and screens, and collapses on receivers in a hurry when dropped into coverage. Will bite on play-action at times because of his aggressive nature and quickness.

    Run defense: Excellent chase and hustle against the run, closes on the ball quickly from sideline-to-sideline. Changes direction well, breaks down in space and attacks the ball. Attacks run plays so fast it looks as though he's on a run blitz even when that's not the case. Knifes through traffic and sidesteps fullback blocks inside as well as any linebacker in the draft. Flows through trash and finds the ball when lined up between the tackles. Has the upper-body strength to punch and prevent a lineman latching onto him in space, but must become more consistent getting off tight end blocks on the line and at the second level. Gets engulfed by better tackles at the point of attack.

    Pass defense: Cognizant defender in zone coverage. Quick and fluid in his drop -- gets deep enough to prevent first downs. Gives up no extra yardage when receivers catch a ball in his area or when he sniffs out a screen. Good hands for the interception and can make a play after the catch with fine speed, vision and elusiveness for a defensive player. Can leap to knock down passes to receivers behind him or when rushing the quarterback. Runs with receivers and tight ends down the seam, although his lack of height puts him at a disadvantage.

    Tackling: Rare tackling ability in space. Breaks down and is extremely difficult to elude once he's in the area. Drops his hips and plants the ballcarrier whenever possible. Strong arms and hands. Creates turnovers by getting his hands on the ball or wrapping arms around the ballcarrier. Uses hustle and aggression to overcome his limited reach.

    Pass Rush/Blitz: Tough to stop when coming off the edge because of his closing speed, flexibility to turn the corner and determination. Agile enough to avoid running back and tight end blocks when blitzing and is capable of bull rushing or powering through the shoulder of interior linemen up the middle. Hits with a purpose when he sniffs out a quarterback rollout or bootleg.

    Intangibles: Missed three games with a groin injury in 2009. Well-liked teammate with a high football IQ. Character concerns could hurt his draft stock. Lost his father (blood clot) and high school coach (car accident) within about six months during the 2008 season. Father of Navorro, Jr., born in the summer of 2009. Graduated in December with a degree in Crime, Law and Justice.
    4-30. Minnesota (12-4) John Skelton QB
    Accuracy: Accurate enough to give his receiver a chance to make a play after the catch whether on a quick screen, out route, slant, fade or throw down the seam. Leads his man on slants and deep throws. Will aim the ball and feather it in instead of letting it loose.

    Arm Strength: Throws 45-50-yard passes with little effort, but he rarely takes full advantage of his arm strength. Ball gets from hash to opposite sideline in a hurry when he steps into the throw. Good trajectory on deep passes, and the ball doesn't hang up. Inconsistent spiral, though the ball still has fair pace when it wobbles.

    Setup/Release: Prototypical size and stands tall in the pocket. Waits patiently for routes to develop. Mostly in the shotgun when passing but will go under center on run plays and the occasional play-action. Release speed is not an issue whether in the pocket or on the run. Relies on his arm strength too much; will throw off back foot and into traffic. Throws from different arm angles and usually well-balanced. Could sell the ball fake more in play-action.

    Reading Defenses: Knows the second and third progression, and is willing to throw underneath route if deep receiver is covered up. Will pick apart a defense if given time. Looks to the quick screen before checking out deep throw. Will not look off the safety or creeping corner consistently, resulting in interceptions. Trusts his receivers too much, throwing jump balls when unnecessary.

    On the Move: Mobile for his size and able to throw accurately on the run in either direction. Squares his shoulders when throwing on the run. Will evade sacks from FCS defenders, but unclear whether he'll do so against better competition. Doesn't always get his eyes downfield when pressured in the pocket but does when outside. Mobility leads him to leave the pocket too quickly at times. Agile enough to get first downs when scrambling or running the read option, but not quick enough to run for more than a few yards and lacks elusiveness in the open field. Lowers his head for a first down if sideline isn't available and can slide if possible. Good size for the sneak.

    Intangibles: Two-year captain who leads his offense on and off the field. Quiet with the media but vocal on the field. Has the work ethic and intelligence to become an NFL starter.
    5-30. Minnesota* (12-4) Pat Angerer ILB
    Read & React: Has a nose for the ball on run plays. Reads the quarterback's eyes in coverage, and is quick to get to the ball in the air. Not easily fooled by misdirection and has the speed to recover after a false step.

    Run defense: Can go sideline-to-sideline and down the field to chase the ball from the middle. Despite being undersized playing inside, he will take on linemen and disengage from blocks to make the play. Quick enough to avoid some blocks but he gets planted into the ground too often and does not change direction quickly enough to catch elite runners. Gets a bit nosy inside at times, finding it tough to get through trash if the play bounces outside. Needs defensive linemen to tie up blockers and keep him free to be effective.

    Pass defense: Able to drop quickly to the first-down marker and find a receiver, even after play-action. Good ball awareness in zone coverage; always on the nearest receiver. Very adept at making the interception and will make difficult catches. Lines up against slot receivers, but it's a mismatch if they have any speed or elusiveness.

    Tackling: Hustle player who fights through blocks to get in on plays. Will bring his hips and feet to stack up running backs in the hole if kept clean. Typically not an explosive tackler, but is reliable as a catch-and-drag man in the open field. Teams will expect him to be a leader on special teams. Gets a large percentage of his tackle statistics by being the second defender to get to the ball.

    Pass Rush/Blitz: Not asked to blitz much, but has the straight-line speed to be effective. Will struggle to beat blocks if linemen pick him up. Can beat cut blocks in space; should be able to defeat them in the backfield.

    Intangibles: Ultra-competitive and hard-working. Got through multiple injuries in his sophomore year to become one of the team's top defenders. Team captain and 2009 co-MVP, filled the leadership void as a senior.
    5-36. Minnesota (Compensatory) James Starks RB
    Inside: Tall, lanky runner who looks like a former quarterback - but doesn't run like one. Shifty runner with good vision through traffic. Lowers his pads to power through defenders when he smells the first down or goal line. Usually falls forward for the extra yard. Will stutter-step to avoid initial tackler in the hole. Secure with the ball inside.

    Outside: Perfect for offense using zone or stretch plays. Lets blocks develop and picks out holes or cut-back lanes to explode through. Long strider who lacks lateral quickness, but will explode vertically once in the open field. Carries the ball in his right hand and doesn't switch when running left. Adequate at getting the corner within the offense, but doesn't change directions fast enough to reverse a play on his own.

    Breaking tackles: Will go through arm tackles and runs with some lean, but has troubles keeping his feet (looks a bit out of control at times). Keeps feet moving after first contact at the second level, but struggles to push the pile in the middle. Must show his shoulder injury has not lessened his effectiveness as a power runner.

    Blocking: Not very physical. Liability as a pass protector, although it's not for a lack of effort. Likes to hit defenders but is just not strong enough to anchor or sustain against them. Hesitates to pick up linebackers on plays where the pocket is moving. Doesn't pick up defenders to aid teammates on the second level.

    Receiving: Well-practiced receiver who physically looks the part. Used on swing passes, circle routes and in the slot from motion. Snatches the ball with his hands, adjusting to low and high throws. Will hold the ball loosely when trying to make a move in the open field. Some elusiveness after the catch, but is better running north-south than east-west. May be tried as a kickoff returner at the next level.

    Intangibles: No major character issues. Soft-spoken young man who is well-liked by coaches, teachers and teammates. Gives more credit to his linemen than himself. Successful rehab of knee and shoulder injuries will gives scouts reason to like his work ethic.
    6-30. Minnesota* (12-4) Charlie Tanner OG
    Latest News
    04/01/2010 - PRO DAY RESULTS: 79 scouts and coaches representing 30 teams (the Rams and Lions were the only two not represented), including three head coaches, came together to watch. G Charlie Tanner (6-3 7/8, 305) ran 5.20 and 5.12 in the 40. Tanner posted a 36-inch vertical jump, a 9-foot, 3-inch broad jump and a 4.38-second short shuttle ??? all numbers that would have put him in the top-10 amongst offensive linemen at the combine. His vertical jump would have beaten out Oklahoma T Trent Williams' top mark of 34 1/2 inches, while his 4.38-second short shuttle would have shattered the best mark at the combine ??? a time of 4.51 second set by Arizona State OL Shawn Lauvao. Combined with a 5.20 and 5.12 in the 40, Tanner certainly helped his stock Wednesday. - Gil Brandt,
    7-30. Minnesota* (12-4) Chris Maragos FS
    Latest News
    03/18/2010 - PRO DAY RESULTS: One of the benefits of pro day is that it allows an unheralded prospect to get on the map with an outstanding workout. That is precisely what took place at Wisconsin's pro day on Thursday. DB Chris Maragos (5-foot-10 1/2, 200 pounds) performed so well that he may just find himself getting drafted in the late rounds come April. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.50 and 4.47 seconds, had a 36-inch vertical jump, a 10-foot broad jump and did 15 repetitions in the bench press at 225 pounds. Where Maragos really made his mark was in the agility drills. Quickness is a vital attribute for defensive backs, and Maragos showed he has what it takes athletically. His 6.55-second three-cone drill and 3.98-second short shuttle would have been the best times at the NFL Scouting Combine for any position. He also did position drills. - Gil Brandt,
    CBS Sports
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re:Marrdro's 7 Round Mock Draft

    LOL this is going to be fun. DT?!

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