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Thread: Marcus Vick

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    Re: marcus vick yah or nah

    I say no. He is a very good talent, but he isn't right in the head. He is pretty messed up.

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    Re: marcus vick yah or nah

    "Prophet" wrote:
    I wouldn't want him on the team if he paid the Vikings to play for the team.

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    Re: Marcus Vick

    If Vick is still around late on the 2nd day of the draft(say in the 6th round),TAKE HIM!But don't take a gamble on him on the 1st day.
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    Re: Marcus Vick

    POSTED 11:55 p.m. EST, January 25, 2006
    Mike Florio

    The Associated Press reports that Falcons quarterback Michael Vick believes Virginia Tech overreacted when it booted his little brother Marcus off of the football team earlier this month, after he stomped on the back of the leg of Louisville defensive end Elvis Dumervil during the Gator Bowl.

    "Sometimes your emotions just take over," Vick said Wednesday night. "I know Marcus. He's not the kind of kid that's going to do something like that on purpose."

    What the hell does that mean? That it was an accident? Didn't Marcus already float that lead balloon?

    (Editor's note: Nowhere in the article does Michael Vick actually say that the folks at Tech overreacted. By why let something like, you know, the truth get in the way of a more compelling hook?)

    Michael also thinks that Marcus won't be convicted of showing a firearm to three people outside of a Virginia McDonald's days after Marcus got the Hokie heave-ho.

    "He didn't do anything wrong," Michael said. "The world will all know when the truth comes out."

    For now, the brothers Vick are bunking together in Michael's Duluth (Georgia) residence. Our guess is that Michael will try to persuade the Falcons to burn a draft pick on Marcus, possibly in order to save Marcus from the embarrassment of not being drafted at all.

    But maybe, just maybe, the Falcons are starting to pay less attention to Vick. For example, the quarterback was surprised when the team fired his position coach, Mike Johnson, on January 4.

    "It hurts me to see him go," Vick said. "I wish we could've kept him around. I don't know why he's gone, but that decision was made, and it's just something I've got to deal with."

    Vick also had no input in the decision to hire Johnson's replacement, Bill Musgrave. Per the report, Vick wished that the team had consulted with him before making the hire.

    "I think it would've been appropriate, but it's all good," Vick said. "I can't make those decisions. That's why they coach."

    Man, do we respect the late John Butler for deciding to trade out of the No. 1 spot in the draft in 2001. Butler, who at the time was the G.M. of the Chargers, sent the pick to the Falcons, snagged LaDainian Tomlinson a few picks later, and then nabbed quarterback Drew Brees in the second round.

    In so doing, Butler kept a major turd out of the organization. Although Falcons owner Arthur Blank remains, by all appearances, smitten with Vick and his local revenue potential, it looks like the coaching staff, at a minimum, intends to show Vick zero deference. Whether that compels Mike to try to get a new coaching staff put in place remains to be seen; for now, it looks like the monster that Blank created could be meeting his match in the form of Jim Mora.

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    Re: Marcus Vick

    I like the way they describe Marcus "showing a firearm to three people outside of a McDonald's" nice way to spin that he pulled a hand-gun on 3 people and threatened them with it!
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    Re: Marcus Vick

    I sorta wanna take a shot at him in later rounds.. Give him minimum and give him a chance.. If he fucks up he is gone no worries after that

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