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    Re: Louisville RB Michael Bush goes Pro

    "tjohnson" wrote:
    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    Not a very smart move IMHO.
    He broke his leg this year and didn't play very much.
    If he gets drafted this year, it will be very late in the draft because teams aren't going to take a risk on someone who is still rehabbing his broken leg.

    He should have played one more season in college, and then entered the draft healthy.
    theres no way this guy is taken "very late in the draft". if willis mcgahee was taken in the FIRST ROUND after a very serious knee injury, then bush (a player regarded by many as one of the best RB's in college football at the start of the year and a potential heisman winner) will absolutely be taken in the 2nd-3rd rounds at the absolute latest.

    just to serve as comparison, antonio cromartie was taken 19th overall last year by san diego and basically was just drafted b/c of his potential, speed, and size w/ little attention paid to coverage ability or talent as a cornerback. the comparison may be a stretch b/c cromartie wasn't injured, but a guy taken that high based on potential alone means a guy like bush, who plays an even more important position and has even more upside will certainly be highly regarded in this spring's draft. i wouldn't be shocked at all if someone took a shot at him in the first round.

    There is a huge difference between McGahee and Bush's situation.

    McGahee was hurt in a bowl game after putting up a huge season and was clearly the best running back in college when he got hurt.

    McGahee 2002 season stats

    rushed 282 times for 1,753 yards (6.2 avg.) and 28 touchdowns

    McGahee was taken 23rd in the 2003 draft a few months after being hurt, if he had not gotten hurt he probably would have been the 1st overall pick.

    Bush was hurt in the 1st game of the season and I don't see him being taken in the 1st round of the draft, but he should go 2nd round.

    I would not mind seeing the Viking's draft!

    1st round
    Calvin Johnson

    2nd round
    Michael Bush

    That would add some instant offense to the Vikes.
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    Re: Louisville RB Michael Bush goes Pro

    If he does well at the combine his stock will rise quickly.
    But I wonder how well he will do or if he will even be able to participate in the combine if he isn't even running yet.
    Isn't the combine only six weeks away?
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    Re: Louisville RB Michael Bush goes Pro

    "NodakPaul" wrote:

    Bush is no McGahee though, and even McGahee was was a HUGE risk in the draft.
    Bush will be a good RB, but he is still showing effects from a broken leg 4 months ago.
    he might not be as good as a healthy McGahee was at Miami, but he was still regarded as a top 10 pick at the start of this season. all he did was break a leg. yeah that sucks but its easier to come back from that (and is far less risky) than McGahee's situation, where there was significant damage to ligaments and tendons, not just a broken bone

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