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    Re: Looking more like a "upgrade" in the draft

    moe williams did an amazing job for us when bennett was the clear cut starter a couple years ago..and that is what i think smith can do for us..the guy can fill that role, and score 8-10 TDs, and his value goes up..suddenly we can get something for him next offseason
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    Re: Looking more like a "upgrade" in the draft

    "olson_10" wrote:
    "V-Unit" wrote:
    "olson_10" wrote:
    "80_was_the_man" wrote:
    Why dont we shop Onterrio and see what we can get for him, maybe another pick, trade up to nab a big LB like Hawk and we can still meet all the other needs. I like Fason, remember we took him and he needs to develope and could very well behind Taylor. He is the same type of back as White and wouldve gotten those chances had the passing attack of UF been as good as USC.

    And I agree with holding off and doing all we can next year to take Quinn who could very well be the number 1 pick.
    we need Smith for short yardage me, hes the only back we have that just gets the ball, and runs straight into the line with his head down..with moe gone, we need somebody who can do that properly..fason was horrible at it because he isnt that kind of runner, smith is though..same type of back as white? i dont think uve ever seen fason or white play have you? white can plow through guys and can be compared to jerome bettis..fason is a finesse runner who likes to bounce outside..nowhere near the same player
    As long as Taylor proves he is somewhat durable he will be fine in short yardage situations running behind Richardson. We will not have to specialize with our RBs this year. The starter will only come out when he needs a rest, or Childress wants a change of pace.

    The Stallion is right. Onterrio is worth nothing trade-wise.
    that is why there is no point in dealing him..the guy is going to play for the absolute minimum amount, so it wouldnt cost us a thing..if you can have just 1 guy playing in goal-line and short yardage situations, its not a problem..taylor isnt a bruiser, so it wouldnt be a problem to have a guy making no money, that is a north-south runner carrying the ball only on 3rd and short
    I don't like the idea of having a back for short yardage situations unless taylor has low endurance or has seen a ton of carries in a particular game. It just isn't neccessary when Taylor can get the job done. It's an exucse to make use of a benchwarmer, or give a rookie experience. Onterrio is not THAT much better, and Fason isn't good at all at short yardage.
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    Re: Looking more like a "upgrade" in the draft

    I'm not so sure we are going to be able to move up enuff. The jets are talking w/ the saints to get the 2 spot. So you have the jets looking for a qb at 2, the titans at 3 and the raiders are rumored to take vince at 7.

    Unless we can get that 2 spot from the saints there won't be a qb available to us. I say trade for Schaub! (BJ and a 2nd rounder) Draft D with our 1st rounder.

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    Re: Looking more like a "upgrade" in the draft

    How about dont trade anything. Draft a LB 1st round (sims or greenway), 2nd round charlie whitehust and leon washington.

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    Re: Looking more like a "upgrade" in the draft

    i agree with the idea that a couple of other people mentioned, which is moving up to get a LB (AJ Hawk maybe?). It would be an interesting move, depending on how the 3 QB's come off the board a guy like Hawk could slip a little bit and it might not cost as much to move up. LB's traditionally don't get picked as high as most of the other impact positions. There have been a few exceptions, I'll admit that. But anyway, that is certainly an option depending on how you read into the McMahon signing. Childress coached him in Philly last year and may think he's capable of being more than just a back-up (I know, it scares me too.) But, a two year deal is not indicative of much faith in McMahon either.

    Of course, it is a deep draft for LB's this year supposedly, so it also makes sense to try and get that QB who you know is THE guy. If he's a one-of-a-kind that you just can't get in any draft. That could be almost any of those top 3 QBs depending on who you talk to.... and it also brings Reggie Bush into the conversation, because he is supposed to be a one-of-a-kind player....

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    Re: Looking more like a "upgrade" in the draft

    "damien927" wrote:
    "Dwags" wrote:
    I personally am hesitant to move up to grab a quarterback, although I wouldn't being against taking one at 17 if one of the three fell that far. However, I would rather build our linebacker and o-line through our first three picks, pray that BJ lasts two years, and then pick up a quarterback in the first round next year (or else pick up a viable free agent quarterback).

    Is anyone uber-familiar enough with the college game to know any big time quarterbacks that will be available in next year's draft? The only one that comes to mind is the Notre Dame QB.
    It usually changes during the year, but Brady Quinn is probably going to be the top QB next year. The QB pool won't be nearly as deep next year though, so we might want to get one this year. I heard that Quinn might be the top pick overall, too expensive.
    I think Pitt's qb will be coming out, and maybe stanton from msu edwards standford. Any of those could play themselves into the first round with a good season. I think Henne gonna be a junior. Usually there's some lastest/greatest mid-major stars who get talked about. There has to be some I missed, but i can't think of anyone from sec/acc offhand. If Quinn repeats his performance he could easily be #1 overall and while nd has a tougher schedule they look even better on paper this year. So hopefully he'll be too far out of reach to consider. As sweet as it would be to have Quinn, i'd rather not own that pick.
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    Re: Looking more like a "upgrade" in the draft

    We need another linebacker and a right tackle. I'm not sold on the idea of trading up to get a QB. I'd look for a free agent next year.

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