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NO NO NO NO...Shaun King is a bust. I watched him on the AZ Cards and he sucked. Poor decision making. No thanks. Trust me if the AZ Cards and Lions cut you that should tell you something.
exactly!! If he can't even stay on a crappy team that needs a QB, then why would we even look at this guy!?!?!
Um, one really good reason we wouldn't look at him is because he signed with the Dolphins 5 days ago. :grin:

Colts sign free agent QB Shaun King
Are you sure it was the Dolphins? :razz:
Yep! I'm sure it was the Colts! :grin:

I had AWZeus' post in my mind when I was posting the link.
:shock: I didn't know that you swung that way, singer! :razz:
You are a sick man.

No wonder you're a lawyer.