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    Re: Lets put two and two together...

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "Redmption" wrote:
    Lets put two and two together...

    Dolphins coach Nick Saban said the team will examine possibly trading running back Ricky Williams if another team expresses interest. But Saban said that scenario applies with any player, although keeping Williams and rookie running back Ronnie Brown could be problematic over the long haul.
    -- Miami Herald

    The chatter is only increasing that Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper will be looking for a new home next season, one far away from Minnesota. The most logical landing spot could be Miami.

    Red's Take:
    Minnesota really needs an every down RB and want a powerhouse runner (Ricky Williams). Dolphins need a QB (Culpepper). Vikings could trade Culpepper for Williams and Dolphins 1st round pick. Then the Vikings would take their two 1st round picks they have and trade with one of the teams who have one of the top 5 picks so they could take Vince Young.
    1. The Dolphins will never give up that much for Pep...too much of a gamble for someone who just had MAJOR reconstructive knee surgery.

    2. Vince Young is staying at Texas for next he isn't going to be available.

    3. We can probably get Sticky Icky for a fourth-rounder...look at the Dillon trade between the Pats and the Bengals.

    4. Pep will not be available next he has no immediate value to any team that needs a QB next season...the Dolphins need a QB immediately, so Pep has no value to them.

    5. No one will make the trade-up deal with us anyway...not unless we give them way more than it's worth...and I don't want another Walker deal with us being the suckers again.

    The best route is to keep Pep and give the Dolphins a fourth-rounder for Ricky...sign him to a moderate contract loaded with incentives and with total protection for if he quits again...the deal becomes in essence, the same gamble that we took in drafting Onterrio...if it doesn't pan out, we only lose a big deal!
    Looks like Cajun wants an ada boy too.

    Great Post Caje!

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    Re: Lets put two and two together...

    I still say, if someone will make a fair trade for Daunte, we take it no matter if we THINK he is a great QB or not. He has issues.

    Do I think trading up for a Vince Young is wise? He had a heck of a game last night, but how far does he take you in the pros and for how many seasons before he gets hurt?

    Not a dumb question when considering running QBs. There have been very few that have been great QBs. Look at Vick, great gamer, but the Falcons suck when he isn't on the field due to injury. And when teams DO contain him, he is pretty much ineffective.

    I do think VY has the potential to be a much better Vick though. I would still rather see a good pocket passer. Again, he showed he can do that too.

    How about Lendale Whilte for a running back though? Very impressive pounder. Just what the vikes need to completment Moore or Smith if he returns.

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