"VikingsTw" wrote:
I absolutly agree V4L, there's no reason to be disapointed or not exited that we have attained top CFL talent.

Onatolu is a guy that played at Ohaha Nebraska, a smaller college, unlike the one that Rufus Alexander went to in Oklahoma. Onatolu was an undersized LB but played big in college and so far in CFL has looked like a man amongst boys. In taking a look at the footage there is reason to be exited, he's an extremely athletic, strong and fast athlete, he can hit like a mack truck for his size, the talent is obvious, wether you can see it or not is up to the individual. When you take into consideration our lack of specail teams coverage and then you see a guy like this man handling his league, it makes you wonder if he couldn't have that impact for our specail teams.

I see Onatolu making a serious push at a roster spot, by way of specail teams, he knows thats his ticket to surviving. From whats in these videos there is good indication that he can make an impact. CFL is not for bumbs, a guy that can stick out in that league as a force and is still very young has serious potential to fullfill his dreams in the NFL. I for one am exited about the effort in addressing some of the personal on specail teams. Getting Heath Farwell back is also another huge step in the right direction.

The Vikings recently tried to sign a top CFL WR to a contract but he opted to stay in the lower league, that was his confidence level showing its true colors. I have visited Onatolu's ex-teams message boards, he was coming off a great season and was a FA, the fans all had him pegged as a player that was an absolute must to resign. Onatolu showing his confidence in moving foward to the bigger stage shows me he's ready to compete on a higher level.
Onatolu has been pretty impressive on special teams, I think we did find a semi steal from the CFL and like you said he should get better cause he's a young guy. Also played good in Preseason as a LB on Defense.